Willow Swift
Fast Elf Rogue 
Bronze Hero

Willow Swift

Element: Nature Nature
30% vs Water Water units
-25% vs Fire Fire units

Speed: Fast
Aether Conversion Rate: 5

Epic: Swiftwind

Willow token 0
Abilities & Traits
Shoot IconSniper Shot Icon & Agile IconElven Grace IconFast IconNature Heart Icon
Stars Tokens Boost
★☆☆☆☆☆ 10 -
★★☆☆☆☆ 20 +12.5%
★★★☆☆☆ 70 +25%
★★★★☆☆ 100 +40%
★★★★★☆ 150 +60%
★★★★★★ 250 +100%
In return for their safety, the Great Eagles offer their feathers as fletchings for her arrows.

ThaliaPortrait Small
That's Willow Swift! She's deadly with a bow, and only uses ONE eye!

Statistics Max Bonus Traits Epic Base
Attack (ATK) +100% +100% (6★) - -
Defense (DEF) +140% +100% (6★) - +20% 1206
Skill (SKL) +140% +100% (6★) - +20% 1326
Max Health (HP) +160% +100% (6★) - +30% 3609
Crit Chance (CRIT) 38% +33% (SKL) - - 5%
Crit Multiplier 2x - - - 2x
Dodge Chance 0 - - - 0
Damage Penetration 0 - - - 0
Damage Reduction 0 - - - 0
Fire Fire
Burned Icon Burned
Nature Nature
Poisoned Icon Poisoned
Wounded Icon Wounded
Water Water
Frozen Icon Frozen
Chilled Icon Chilled
Cryosleep Icon Cryosleep
Frostbitten Icon Frostbitten
Light Light 0%
Electrical Storm Icon Lightning
Shocked Icon Shocked
Paralysis Icon Paralysis
Dark Dark
Diseased Icon Diseased
Banished Icon Banished
Wand Icon Spirit
Feared Icon Feared
Stoned Stoned
Possession Icon Possessed
Marked for Death Icon Marked

Abilities (Active) Traits (Passive)
Shoot Icon Shoot Agile Icon Agile
Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot Elven Grace Icon Elven Grace
Evasive Shot Icon Evasive Shot Fast Icon Fast
Arrow Barrage Icon Arrow Barrage Nature Heart Icon Nature Heart

First Ascension
Willow token 1
Second Ascension
Abilities & Traits

Evasive Shot Icon & N/A

Abilities & Traits

Arrow Barrage Icon & N/A

Required Stars and Evos
Required Stars and Evos

Epic Willow Swift
Epic Part 2 Part 3
Swiftwind Enchanted Vines Perfect Arrow
Swiftwind Enchanted Vines Perfect Arrow
If you have Willow Swift at level 50 or higher and fully ascended,
you can make this hero Epic.

Doing this raises it's Max Health/Defense/Skill by a set percentage,
as well as adding a special effect to it's Basic Attack.
Effect: Chance to do 2 attacks on a single target dealing 2x damage.
Check Epic Heroes for more information.

Willow token 0 Willow Swift tokens: Normal Mode Icon x8 + Quests Daily Quests Portal Summon Gem Heroic Summon Portal Summon Gold Great Summon
Normal Mode Icon Main Campaign Dungeons: (8)
Chapter Lvl. Energy Icon Rooms Enemies Area Evos Boss
1-2 Tangle of Claws 4 5 3 6 Forest Water Evo Larva JadeHowl
3-2 Permafrost Mines 8 5 4 10 Ice Cave Water Evo Larva Norgen Hillwatch
5-7 Timeless Frost 13 5 4 12 Ice Cave Water Evo LarvaWater Evo Hashima
8-3 The Second Wave 22 5 5 16 Lava Cave Fire Evo LarvaFire Evo Nalthune, Major Bradox
10-1 The Inferno 26 5 3 9 Lava Cave Fire Evo LarvaFire EvoJewelled Insatiable Brogg
14-1 Flooded Camp 35 5 4 14 Forest Nature Evo LarvaNature EvoNature Evo Monarch High Priestess Fiora
16-7 Bone Blight 42 5 5 16 Lava Cave Fire EvoFire Evo MonarchColdfire Utica the Forgotten
20-2 Aurora Glade 54 5 5 20 Forest Nature Evo Monarch Magnus
Rune Slots: Rune slot NatureRune slot NatureRune slot WaterRune slot LightRune slot Dark (standard)
Willow Swift has the standard rune slots for a Nature Nature hero.
Nature Nature Nature Nature Water Water Light Light Dark Dark
Rune slot Nature Rune slot Nature Rune slot Water Rune slot Light Rune slot Dark
Attack range & damage type: Ranged & Physical
Buffs & Debuffs: Agile IconBoosted Icon[[File:|30px|link=]]Damage Reflection IconEvading IconPurging of Sins Icon
Agile Icon Agile (buff):
The target has a 25% chance to Dodge Ranged attacks.
Boosted Icon Boosted Damage (effect):
The target suffers boosted damage from the attack. A fly-out text of a multiplier or percentage paired with the icon of the trait or debuff that caused the extra damage is shown (Damage 1.75x [Mythical Icon], +140% [Feared Icon], etc.).
[[File:|30px|link=]] ():

Damage Reflection Icon Damage Reduction (effect):
The damage suffered is mitigated by certain percent. Damage Reduction is capped at 90% and applied multiplicative.
Evading Icon Evading (buff):
Affected target has an increased Dodge chance for three turns. Additional application refreshes the duration of the effect.
Purging of Sins Icon Purge (effect):
This instant effect removes one or more Buffs from an enemy. A 'poof/vanish' animation indicates the effect. See Cleanse for how to remove Debuffs.
Immunities & Damage Reduction: &
Abilities & Traits: Shoot IconSniper Shot IconEvasive Shot IconArrow Barrage Icon & Agile IconElven Grace IconFast IconNature Heart Icon


Shoot Icon
Basic Attack (None)

A basic Ranged Physical attack doing [32% ATK] base damage. Upgrading increases damage output to [49.5% ATK].

Sniper Shot

Sniper Shot Icon
Special Attack (5 turns)

Ranged Physical attack with a guaranteed CRIT for [75% ATK] base damage and purges 1 buff, ignores Armor. Removes the first buff applied. Does not CRIT against opposing elements. Upgrading increases the damage output of the skill.

Evasive Shot

Evasive Shot Icon
Special Attack (4 turns), requires Willow token 1 1st Ascension

Ranged Physical shot from cover for [117.5% ATK] base damage and a chance to dodge next attacks, ignores Armor. Upgrading increases Dodge chance and base damage.

Arrow Barrage

Arrow Barrage Icon
Special Attack (6 turns), requires Willow 2nd Ascension

A Ranged Physical attack that strikes all enemies once for [60% ATK] base damage. Upgrading increases the damage output.


Agile Icon
Trait (Passive)

Quick feet that give a 25% chance to Dodge Ranged attacks.

Elven Grace

Elven Grace Icon
Trait (Passive)

Takes significantly less damage (-55%) from CRITs and deals 2x damage to Flying enemies.


Fast Icon
Trait (Passive)

Attacks first. (Heroes sharing the same speed trait go in order of positioning, left to right, as chosen at the beginning of the battle. Fast is the opposing trait of Slow. If there is no Fast and no Slow trait then the hero goes in normal speed order.)

Nature Heart

Nature Heart Icon
Trait (Passive)

Increase Health by 15% for all Nature allies.

Ascensions: Light Evo LarvaNature Evo LarvaNature Evo = Willow token 1 + Evasive Shot Icon & Earth SistersLight Evo LarvaNature Evo = Willow + Arrow Barrage Icon
First Ascension Second Ascension
Light Evo Larva Light Evo Larva 2x Earth Sisters Earth Sisters Evo 4x
Nature Evo Larva Nature Evo Larva 5x Light Evo Larva Light Evo Larva 15x
Nature Evo Nature Evo 2x Nature Evo Nature Evo 7x
Evasive Shot Icon Evasive Shot (Special Attack/4 Turns) Arrow Barrage Icon Arrow Barrage (Special Attack/6 Turns)
Synergies of Elf heroes (Family): Elven Shroud Icon
Willow token 0 Willow Swift can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Elf Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Elven Shroud Icon Elven Shroud (Trait) by Daeris token 0 Shadow Queen Daeris
Elf allies gain Shrouded for one turn (takes less damage and immune to all Debuffs).
Synergies of Nature heroes (Element): Nature's Fury IconOxidized SapSpirit of Nature IconNature-guard
Willow token 0 Willow Swift can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Nature Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Nature's Fury Icon Nature's Fury (Trait) by Rocky token 0 Rocky the Shiitake
Increase CRIT chance by [15/25]% for all Nature allies. The boosted CRIT chance increases with the rank (I/II) of this trait.
Nature Heart Icon Nature Heart (Trait) by Willow token 0 Willow Swift
Increase Health by 15% for all Nature allies.
Oxidized Sap Oxidized Team (Trait) by Lily Blossom token 0 Lily Blossom
Nature allies deal 2x Boosted damage to Armored enemies.
Spirit of Nature Icon Spirit of Nature (Trait) by Tsume token 0 Tsume
Increase ATK by 15% for all Nature allies.
Nature-guard Nature Guard (Trait) by Julius token icon Julius
Increase DEF by 15% for all Nature allies.
Synergies of Rogue heroes (Class):
Other Synergies of Heroes: Pyrojectiles IconSun-tipped Arrows IconBring it Down IconCritical Energy IconCleansing Aura IconCloak of Fire IconEyes of the Beholder IconFiery Renewal IconFire Nova IconFrost-tipped Blades IconHonor Guard IconIcy Embrace IconIFF Targeting IconImmunize IconLead By Example IconMaster Assassin IconMaster Healer IconMend IconShielding Soul IconSpread the Wealth IconTeam Energy Vault IconTeam Precision IconVenomous EmbraceShard of Darkness IconThe Calm Before Icon
Willow token 0 Willow Swift can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Ranged Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Pyrojectiles Icon Pyrojectiles (Trait) by Nimriel token 0 Lady Nimriel
Allies’ Ranged Physical attacks have a chance to Burn the enemy.
Sun-tipped Arrows Icon Sun-tipped Arrows (Trait) by Deadeye token 0 Deadeye
Allies' ranged physical attacks have a chance to purge a buff on hit.
Bring it Down Icon Bring It Down! (Special Attack) by Deadeye token 0 Deadeye
Ranged physical attack for [62.5% ATK] base damage that marks the target (mark increases ranged damage dealt to that enemy), and all allies with ranged basic attacks do a follow-up attack against the target.| Willow token 0 Willow Swift can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

All Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Critical Energy Icon Critical Energy (Trait) by Indigo token Indigo
Boosts team energy by +1 on CRIT from an attack. All skills currently on cooldown have their delays reduced by 1 turn.
Cleansing Aura Icon Cleansing Aura (Trait) by Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
Cleanses 1 Debuff on all allies at the start of this Hero's turn.
Cloak of Fire Icon Cloak of Fire (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0 Ember Sanguine
Allies gain immunity to burn and take 50% less damage from fire attacks.
Eyes of the Beholder Icon Eyes of the Beholder (Special Attack) by Iris token 0 Iris
Buffs allies' attack by [20%/30%/50%], then Ranged Dark attack on enemies. The ATK buff and amount of targets depend on the rank (I-III) of this ability.
Fiery Renewal Icon Fiery Renewal (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0 Ember Sanguine
Whenever a Burn debuff is applied to an enemy, all allies gain +5% max health.
Fire Nova Icon Fire Nova (Special Attack) by Ignus Ignus the Mad
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies. Allies gain a chance to burn on basic attacks for 3 turns. Rage adds additional chance to burn.
Frost-tipped Blades Icon Frost-Tipped Blades (Trait) by Takumi token Samurai Takumi
Gives all allies' melee physical attacks a chance to inflict Chill on a hit.
Honor Guard Icon Honor Guard (Trait) by
Will jump in front of a single target death blow attack on an ally.
Icy Embrace Icon Icy Embrace (Trait) by Icebloom token 0 Icebloom
All allies heal [25/35/50]% of their maximum health when inflicted with Frozen. Enemy and ally skills inflicting Frozen on allies will trigger this effect. The gained health depends on rank (I-III) of this trait.
IFF Targeting Icon IFF Targeting (Basic Attack) by Bauble token 0 Bauble
Melee physical attack on target enemy, OR heals target friendly construct, OR target ally gains a class-specific buff (Tanks get DEF+, Healers get CRIT+ and SKL+, Casters get +1 ENERGY, all others get ATK+.)
Immunize Icon Immunize (Trait) by Zen token 0 Zen
Each ally healed will gain Impervious (Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Shocked, nor Diseased) for two turns.
Lead By Example Icon Lead By Example (Trait) by High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin
Allies will follow-up any attack made by this Hero with a basic attack.
Master Assassin Icon Master Assassin (Trait) by Black Diamond token 0 Black Diamond
Allied single target abilities have 100% more Damage on CRITs.
Master Healer Icon Master Healer (Trait) by
Heals all allies 2.5% every turn.
Mend Icon Mend (Trait) by NubNub token 0 Chief NubNub
Heal Team for [50% ATK] on CRIT. Triggers when landing a critical hit from a basic attack.
Shielding Soul Icon Shielding Soul (Trait) by Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
When this Hero is killed, all allies gain an Aegis Shield.
Spread the Wealth Icon Spread the Wealth (Trait) by Augustus the paladin token 0 Augustus
When at full health, this hero heals the entire party for a small portion of their health every round.
Team Energy Vault Icon Team Energy Vault (Trait) by Ekko token Ekko
100% chance (immunity) that the team not will lose Energy from an enemy attack. Energy takes your skills off of cooldown by 1 per turn.
Team Precision Icon Team Precision (Trait) by Pignius token 0 Pignius Maximus
Ally crit damage is increased. All team allies get the trait 'Weak Spot' which increases the CRIT multiplier (x2 becomes x2.5).
Venomous Embrace Venomous Embrace (Trait) by Cobressa token 0 Cobressa
Heals allies [2.5/5]% for each instance of Venom on the enemies. The amount (%) depends on the rank (I/II) the trait.
Shard of Darkness Icon Shard of Darkness (Trait) by Craw token 0 Craw
Allies start the dungeon with Foresight.
The Calm Before Icon The Calm Before (Special Attack) by Jin Lei token 0 Jin Lei
Silences all enemies and Buffs allies' Damage. This Hero gains stacks of Storm Power equal to the number of Light or Honorbound Heroes on the team. Starts Powered. (The Empowered Buff to applied to all allies and the caster to double (2x) their damage.)
Counters: Dwarven Resolve IconPerfect Swing IconMaster of Combat IconProvoking Poke IconToxic Spittle IconAgile IconOverclocked IconCant Touch This IconCyclone Barrier IconFlesh Shredder IconIncite Doom Icon
Willow token 0 Willow Swift can be countered by making use of the following traits and special attacks:

Dodger Heroes are vulnerable to:

Dwarven Resolve Icon Dwarven Resolve (Trait) by
Dagrund token Dagrund Blacksmoke
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon Dhaegon Stonecrusher
Hagrim Felhorn token 0 Hagrim Felhorn
High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin
Rogar token 0 Rogar Stonecrusher
Fiddlestrom token Therand Fiddlestrom
Never misses nor can enemies Dodge attacks and deals bonus damage to enemies with a high chance to dodge.
Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing (Trait) by
Attacks dealt by this hero never misses nor can they be evaded.
Master of Combat Icon Master of Combat (Trait) by
Hansuke Undying token 0 Hansuke Undying
Takumi token Samurai Takumi
Armored Hero that cannot miss nor be dodged. (This trait combines Perfect Swing and Armored.)
Provoking Poke Icon Provoking Poke (Basic Attack) by Aria token 0 Aria
Undodgeable melee physical attack on an enemy that will force/provoke them to attack her next turn.
Toxic Spittle Icon Toxic Spittle (Special Attack) by
Ranged Poison attack for [68% ATK] base damage to a single target with a chance to Poison. Upgrading increases damage output and a higher chance to inflict Poison.
Ranged Heroes are vulnerable to:

Agile Icon Agile (Trait) by
Lupina token Lupina
Mangle jaw token Mangle Jaw
Willow token 0 Willow Swift
Quick feet that give a 25% chance to Dodge Ranged attacks.
Overclocked Icon Overclocked (Trait) by Bauble token 0 Bauble
Armored Allies have a chance to dodge ranged attacks. Lasts for 1 turn. (The buff Overclocked is automatically applied when the dungeon is entered.)
Cant Touch This Icon Can't Touch This (Trait) by Aria token 0 Aria
Extensive Training provides +40% chance to Dodge Ranged attacks and WILL dodge any attacker that is Dazed or Off-Balance.
Cyclone Barrier Icon Cyclone Barrier (Trait) by Selwyn token 0 Selwyn the Enduring
Reflects 50% of ranged attack damage back at the attacker and will cleanse one debuff at the end of each round.
Non-Armored Heroes are vulnerable to:

Flesh Shredder Icon Flesh Shredder (Trait) by
Jabber token 0 Jabber Clenchjaw
Jibber token 0 Jibber Clenchjaw
Mangle jaw token Mangle Jaw
2x Boosted damage vs Non-Armored Targets
Incite Doom Icon Incite Doom (Special Attack) by Emperor Zulkodd token 0 Emperor Zulkodd
3 Melee Physical attacks on target for [60% ATK] base damage. Deals 3x damage to non-armored enemies. If target was killed, all other enemies' health is set to 75% of their current health.
Skins: (2) WillowWillow christmas token
Willow skin default Elf Willow skin

How to Use this Hero

A combination of ascending her and raising her star level will increase the damage output of her attacks, which can ultimately one-shot heroes. Her passive Agile Icon Agile trait allows her to dodge ranged attacks from deadly Heroes like Nimriel token 0 Lady Nimriel.

Skill Breakdown

Willow Swift's primary objective is to deal as much damage as possible in a short period of time. Her Fast Icon Fast passive ability gives her the chance to start first, giving her the advantage of attacking at least once before a retaliation. Her Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot , which ignores armor, deals a significant amount of damage to anyone that isn't Fire based. It can away strip away an enemy buff like Taunt, which could help your party kill off another enemy with very little life. 

Her Evasive Shot Icon Evasive Shot deals a lot of damage too, while giving her an immediate benefit of dodging subsequent attacks. Should she survive her first round of attacks in a PvP defense, then her follow up skill Evasive Shot Icon Evasive Shot will increase significant her survival rate for subsequent attacks. Of course, this ability is very helpful for Boss fights in Dungeons.

Finally, her Arrow Barrage Icon Arrow Barrage is an icing on the cake and is mostly used in larger groups of Enemies. It deals relatively little damage compared to her other single-targeted skills. However, it will quickly dispatch a lot of Water based enemies or enemies with very little health.

Synergy With Other Heroes

She works very well with other heroes using area of effect (AOE) attacks. Black Diamond token 0 Black Diamond is one example with an AOE that works by reducing the entire enemies' team life, and Willow Swift quickly dispatching the rest of them.

In addition, other heroes with passives affecting Nature Heroes such as Tsume's Spirit of Nature Icon Spirit of Nature boost to attack, Rocky's Nature's Fury Icon Nature's Fury boost to CRIT, or Chief NubNub's Stout Team Icon Stout Team skill will greatly enhance the strength of an all-Nature team. Adding Tsume token 0 Tsume will undoubtedly push the damage of Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot to devastating levels, ensuring that she will one-shot a hero. Using Rocky token 0 Rocky the Shiitake will guarantee a critical hit from each of her skills. In addition, her own Nature Heart Icon Nature Heart passive will increase the health of other Nature allies, giving heroes like Bovus and other hard hitting warriors an even greater chance in survival. 

Pairing her up with another hard hitting Fast hero like Shadowblade token 0 Shadowblade will help your team eliminate a hero that is considered dangerous to your team.

Uses in PVP

Willow Swift is a common defender of the game. She not only provides a first turn attack with a Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot , but she also acts as a common target for the AI to take out almost immediately. When used as a defender, keep in mind that her job is to target one hero and unleash her Sniper Shot Icon Sniper Shot . If thinking in terms of exchanging blows within the fight, then her job is successfully completed if she successfully launches off her first attack. Have a reason to add her into your party-pair her up with Shadowblade if your job is to eliminate a specific hero like Yokozuna token 0 Yokozuna or Bovus token 0 Bovus El Doro. If you intend to attack Tsume token 0 Tsume, then make sure that you can eliminate him before his Soul Shred Icon Soul Shred attack.

Notes and Tips

  • Willow Swift is the second hero rewarded for free.
  • Since May 2017 it's revealed that Willow and Indigo are Half-Elves.

Progression Map

Willow Swift card by Kynok et al