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Wildfire - Target has all buffs purged and cannot gain any more until this debuff expires. In addition, they have reduced DEF, take Burn damage each turn for 3 turns and have a chance to spread this debuff on death.

Type: debuff - Category: Damage over Time, Status Effect

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Wildfire Icon.png Wildfire is a variant of the Burned Icon.png Burned debuff, it has the same properties as Burned, but in addition it removes all buffs and prevents the application of any new Buffs as long as the target suffers from Wildfire Icon.png Wildfire. There is also a chance that the Wildfire spreads to allies when the target dies.

Ferno token 0.png Ferno has the Reckless Pyromania Icon.png Reckless Pyromania trait that causes any Burned debuff spread even more.

See Burned for more details.


The following heroes are Wildfire:

Wildfire Breath Icon.png Wildfire Breath (Special Attack): Armor-Piercing Ranged Fire attack with a chance to inflict Wildfire Burn. Purges all debuffs on Ferno.
Dive Bomb Icon.png Dive Bomb (Special Attack): Melee Physical Bite attack with a chance to inflict Wildfire Burn. Flying allies then each attack a random enemy.
Spitfire Icon.png Wildfire Puff (Basic Attack): A Basic Ranged Spirit attack with a chance to inflict Wildfire Burn on CRIT.

Feel the Burn Icon.png Feel the Burn (Basic Attack): Melee Physical attack against all enemies for [50% ATK] base damage with a chance to apply a random Burn debuff (Burned, Wildfire, Demonfire, or Soulfire burned) to targeted enemy, and [0/50/100]% base chance to apply a random Burn to the rest. The % depends on the rank (I-III) of this trait.

Epic Heroes with Wildfire:

Pressure Cooker 2.0.png Pressure Cooker 2.0 (Epic): Chance to attack all enemies for 2x damage with a chance to apply a random burn (Burned, Wildfire, Demonfire, Soulfire) on all enemies and Wound the target. Deals additional damage based on Pressure.

Dragonlord's Mantle.png Dragonlord's Mantle (Epic): Chance to do a Ranged Nature for 3x damage and inflict Wildfire Burn. If the target was killed, inflicts Wildfire Burn on all enemies.