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Wicked Totem

Crafted material, tier 1, belongs to the Totem (crafted) materials in the game.

How to craft Wicked Totem?

The material Wicked Totem needs various other materials to be crafted. The list on the left shows the ingredient list as displayed in the game. Higher tier materials often require other lesser tier crafted materials which on the other hand require other crafted materials and raw materials. A click on [show/hide] reveals the whole ingredient tree. For tier 2 (and higher) materials the list on the right shows all the needed raw materials to craft the required crafted materials and finally Wicked Totem, including gems and gold.

Materials needed:

Where to get Wicked Totem?

Wicked Totem can be found in

What is it used for?

The following items need Wicked Totem to crafted or upgraded.

18 Epics

4x for Agnon (Granite Harbinger)
4x for Dagrund Blacksmoke (Veth's Mace)
4x for Ella Ametryst (Skullduggery)
4x for Grog-Gnog (Gift of the Avalanche)
4x for High King Valkin (Hugin and Munin)
4x for Hopper (Horror Shroud)
4x for Icebloom (Maelstrom)
4x for IGOROK (Fists of Fury)
4x for King Yorick (Blade of Bones)
4x for Kobal the Pestilent (Darkheart Wand)
4x for Life Reaper Brom (Elder Scythe)
4x for Lord Zomm (Staff of Horrors)
4x for Samurai Takumi (Kori Katana)
4x for Selwyn the Enduring (Wand of the Winds)
4x for Shade (Nightweaver)
4x for Shadowblade (Duskblade)
4x for Therand Fiddlestrom (Doomsday Grenade)
4x for Yasmin Bloom (Seraph's Aid)

2 Superior Runes

3x for Superior Corruption Rune (Dark)
3x for Superior Survivor Rune (Water)