High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin changes

  • Lead By Example Icon Lead By Example only allows Dwarf allies to make a follow up attack. Before the update all allies made a follow up attack. His Epic adds this mechanics again.
  • Valkin's Epic attack now does 2x damage and adds Haste Icon Haste to all dwarf allies. A Haste buff for all allies, and a DEF buff have been removed.
  • Valkin's Epic Passive has been changed from Dwarven High King Icon Epic Dwarven High King to Lead By Example Icon Epic Lead By Example which allows all allies to make a follow up attack when Valkin attacks. The change basically removed the +25% ATK und DEF boost for allies, and +50% ATK und DEF boost for dwarf allies.

Emperor Zulkodd token 0 Emperor Zulkodd changes

  • Infernal Inferno Icon Infernal Inferno base damage has been increased.
  • Incite Doom Icon Incite Doom base damage has been increased.
  • Diabolical Fervor Icon Diabolical Fervor now only needs one allied demon to work. Prior to the update two allied demons were needed.
  • Lord of the Pit Icon Lord of the Pit now is triggered by the death of an allied Demon OR Fire Hero (the Fire ally part has been added.)

Shieldmaiden Astrid token 0 Shieldmaiden Astrid changes

  • Added the Honorbound tag.
  • Removed the Tank tag. Astrid is now just a Warrior.
  • Boomerang Shield Icon Boomerang Shield is now a ranged physical attack on all enemies with a 100% chance to apply Off-Balance Icon Off-Balance on all enemies hit. Cooldown has been reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Embarrassing Jab Icon Embarrassing Jab is now Crippling Advance Icon Crippling Advance - A melee physical attack on target with a 100% chance to Paralyze on hit. Ability starts powered and has a cooldown of 3.
  • Derision Icon Derision is now Impaling Barrage Icon Impaling Barrage - 3 armour-piercing melee physical attacks on target enemy. If an enemy is killed by this ability, Astrid gains Haste Icon Haste
  • Astrid no longer has Demon Hunter Icon Demon Hunter , Cloth Guardian Icon Cloth Guardian and Choking Provoke Icon Choking Provoke passives.
  • She now has the Bushido Icon Honorbound trait.
  • She now has Phalanx Formation Icon Phalanx Formation which gives allies 5% defence for each Warrior or Honorbound hero on the team.
  • She now has Valkyrie Valor Icon Valkyrie Valor which, if there is a Legendary Fire Warrior on the team (Emperor Zulkodd token 0 Emperor Zulkodd or Archon token 0 Archon) Astrid becomes fast and warrior and honorbound allies start the dungeon with an Aegis Shield.
  • Just a Scratch Icon Just a Scratch has been modified so it adds non-expiring stacks that raise Astrid's damage by 20% and has a max of 10 stacks.

Other changes

  • Ethereal Icon Ethereal is no longer a "sprit armor". That is, it no longer provides a permanent 25% Damage Reduction from Physical attacks (like Armored Icon Armored ), and is no longer affected by Bauble's Overclocked Icon Overclocked and other synergies for Armored Icon Armored heroes. Instead, it gives a 20% damage reduction from all attacks. It still prevents health dropping below 1 on the first turn.
  • all Spirits have now the Ethereal Icon Ethereal trait (including Shade)
  • The 'Bushido' trait is now called Bushido Icon Honorbound . It functions no differently.
  • Text added to clarify that Agnon token 0 Agnon's Graniteform Icon Graniteform is meant to remove/prevent buffs.
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