This page shows the effects of Ultimate Skins. For the category page, see Category:Ultimate Skin.

Ultimate Skins change not only the appearance of a hero, but also add a trait that changes the game mechanic of that hero. All Ultimate Skins are available for Aether Tokens 65,000 Aether in the Aether Shop.

Ultimate Skins
Skin Hero Effect
Grove Guardian Lily token
Grove Guardian Lily
Lily Blossom token 2
Lily Blossom
Oak Form
Oak Form Icon

Starts dungeons in Oak Form, reducing damage taken (-90%) and debuff immune until her first turn. Can't be stolen, copied, or purged. If Lily would be killed for the first time, enters Oak Form instead and heals 25% of the Max Health.

LongJohnsuke token
Hansuke Undying token 2
Hansuke Undying
Frozen Focus
Frozen Focus Icon

Gives Hansuke Undying Freeze Immunity and 100% chance to parry the first attack on him. (Skin Trait)

Plaguemancer Mortis token
Plaguemancer Mortis
Pontifex token 2
Pontifex Mortis
Potent Plague
Pontent Plague Icon

Spreads Diseased on all enemies, regardless of resistance or immunities at the start of battle, and the first time Pontifex Mortis dies in battle (it will not activate if he is resurrected and dies again).

Slasher Drakk token
Slasher Drakk
Drakk the Warlord token 2
Drakk the Warlord
Undying Fury
Undying Fury Icon

Drakk cannot be healed when health drops below 13 and deals boosted (2x) damage.

Storm-Forged Dhaegon token
Storm-Forged Dhaegon
Dhaegon token 2
Dhaegon Stonecrusher
Mantle of the Storm
Mantle of the Storm Icon

Starts dungeon with Mantle of the Storm, taking no damage from ranged attacks for a turn. If this hero would be killed for the first time, heals 100% of their Max Health instead, and regains Mantle of the Storm.

Note: Slasher Drakk: The 13 hit points are a reference to Friday the 13th.

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