Treasure room


Treasure rooms spawn randomly during a compaign run. The room is easily distinguished by the formation of your heroes lining up along the back wall of the room as three chests fall down in front of them. The type of rewards gained from the chests are tiered based on rarity. The rewards do not increase as you level up and will thus receive the same reward as a new player or as a veteran player.

Rewards and Lupina token Lupina tokens

Upon choosing a chest, a status will show the type of rarity chosen and the rewards gained.

Treasure Room Great1
  • Good - This reward gives a small amount of gold and hammers.
  • Great - This reward gives a moderate amount of gold, hammers, and a random Evo larvae.
  • Amazing - This reward gives a moderate amount of gold, hammers, a random Evo and a Lupina token Lupina token. When a treasure room is found then there is a 25% chance to get an Amazing chest.


Dungeon levels affected by increased hero token and gold drops in daily events will also double the number of Lupina token Lupina tokens and gold gained.

During Blistering Challenge events similar to Blistering Summit Challenge with Lupina, amazing chests can drop tokens other than Lupina.

A maximum of one treasure room can be spawned in a dungeon level.

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