What are Titles?


Titles are tags given to players that show their experience with the game and whatnot. For example, if a person has the title "the New Boss" you can either expect them to be a new player, or a person who has never bothered to change their title. However, if you see someone with a title like "On Top of the World," you can expect them to be very experienced with the game.

Titles are visible in the Chat and Leader rankings, and on the Player's profile. On your player profile, you can pick a title.

How do I get Titles?

Titles can be earned when you complete game achievements, during special events (usually for getting 1st place in a competition), or can be representing your PvP ranking, or can be bought forEvent Tickettickets during an event. Whichever title you choose to represent you can be toggled within the main options of the game.

Event Titles

Title "Rage" (30,000 tickets) - Age of Drakk Hero Calendar
Title "The Berserker" (30,000 tickets) - Age of Drakk Hero Calendar
Title "The Slimy" (30,000 tickets) - Fire vs. Nature Event)
Title "Pyromancer" (30,000 tickets) - Fire vs. Nature Event)
Title "Iris' Champion" (#1 ranked player) - Iris Tourney Event
Title "One with the Campions" (#1 ranked guild) - The Grand Tourney Event
Title "The Trophy Lord" (#1 ranked player within top 100 guild) - The Grand Tourney Event
Title "The Shadow Architect" (30,000 tickets) - Agnon(?) Calendar Event
Title "Haunted Boss" - Haunted Halls (Halloween)
Title "Winterfest Warrior" - Winterfest
Title "Chillmaster" (A disciple of the cold) - Fire vs Water event
Title "Honor Seeker" (A warrior that values honor above all else)
Title "Master of Machines" (One who has mastered the mechanical and techonological secrets)
Title "The Monster Hunter" (Don't forget to check under your bed) - Iris? Event


Title "Thalia's Chosen" - Boarhunter Kozar Loot Pass (Skin bundle)

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