Dungeon Boss Wiki


  • Quick looting will not give you Treasure Room rewards or Lupina token.png Lupina tokens.
  • Try to take out the most dangerous enemy or healers to help get past a tricky part or hard Enemies.
  • In the later Dungeons try to take a healer to help your heroes (NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub is recommended).
  • Missing a day won't restart your daily rewards cycle but you will miss the reward on the day you miss. If you have bought the Daily Gems package make sure you collect your valuable gems each day.


  • While in a dungeon, holding your finger on the screen and then sliding up about half the screen height will bring up the map size and your current location within the dungeon. To turn it off just tap the screen again.
  • Easter Egg: Clicking your Hero within the Heroes profile tab repeatedly will eventually knock out your hero! This also works on the My Dungeon screen with your defenders.


  • Nimriel token 0.png Lady Nimriel's skill Get Over Here Icon.png Get Over Here is an homage to Scorpion's Spear move from Mortal Kombat, in which he exclaims "Get over here!" as he pulls his opponent towards him.
  • Yokozuna token 0.png Yokozuna's name comes from Yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo wrestling. The name literally means 'horizontal rope', which Yokozuna also wears around his stomach.
  • Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw's hero description references his brother Jibber. Jibbers was a hero in the pre-release Alpha version of the game; Howling Mad Jibbers, who was then searching for his brother Jabber.
  • Phemus token 0.png Phemus is named after Polyphemus, a cyclops in greek mythology.
  •  Sun Wukong token 0.png Sun Wukong is named after Sun Wukong from the classic Chinese allegorical tale, "Journey to the West", and several of his abilities stem from this story.
  • Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo is another name for Yama, the Buddhist King of Hell and the judge of the dead.