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Cruel King Bramble, Squinch, Nubnub & Zurk.

Team Members

This team consists of the following members:

Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble Zurk token 0.png Zurk Squinch token 0.png Squinch and NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub

To have Cruel King Bramble on this team is critical because he will enable several passive traits of his Goblin kin.

Synergy and Balance

The passives of the individual team members count as strong buffs for the entire team.

Good to be King Icon.png Good to be King by Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble

  • +ATK and +CRIT for self and Goblin allies.

Critical Goblin Odor Icon.png Critical Goblin Odor by Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble

  • Goblin allies attack a random enemy on CRIT.

Goblin Cheerleader Icon.png Goblin Cheerleader by Zurk token 0.png Zurk

  • Once per round, on CRIT give Goblin allies Haste and +1 Energy.

Royal Crit Fire Icon.png Royal Crit Fire by Squinch token 0.png Squinch

  • When on a team with Cruel King Bramble, attacks Burn on CRIT.

Tribal Heart Icon.png Tribal Heart by NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub

  • +15% Max HP for self and Goblin allies.

Heal to the Chief Icon.png Heal to the King by NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub

  • If on a team with Cruel King Bramble, heals all Goblins [5/10]% each turn. The % heal depends on rank (I/II) of this trait.


Most players start of by using Goblin Dance Party Icon.png Goblin Dance Party by Cruel king token.png Cruel King Brambleto improve the attack (ATK) and the chance to land a critical hit (CRIT) of their Goblins, and try to manage a high CRIT chance for as long as possible. After that it's just unleashing multiple attacks (Some have seen Bramble hitting up to 8 times in a row due Critical Goblin Odor Icon.png Critical Goblin Odor).

Use Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble to keep up morale and make a party! Cheers!

Use Zurk token 0.png Zurk to take out casters, and CRIT, CRIT, CRIT for hasted extra attacks.

Use Squinch token 0.png Squinch to Burn everybody and use Playing with Fire Icon.png Playing with Fire for that extra 1.5x damage boost.

Use NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub to Heal, Heal, Heal. A critical hit is a team heal!


This team will flourish when they critical hit, so based on that you will need to boost the critical chance or skill stat of every member.


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Goblins in PvP

The full Goblin team as decribed above is often used for Dungeons runs in Auto mode, but not for defense of the Seeker's Dungeon because the strength of this team is also its weakness.

Charmed Squinch on rampage

If an attacker uses Ella token 0.png Ella Ametryst's Charm Icon.png Charm on a hero like Squinch token 0.png Squinch it will wreck havoc among your goblin family. This damage by the attacker is greatly improved by setting the Goblin on fire (for example by a Meteor Storm from Nitpick token 0.png Nitpick) or adding Lupina token.png Lupina's Feared Icon.png Feared debuff before the use of charm.

An option is to replace one or two goblins. Kozar Bonebreaker token 0.png Kozar Bonebreaker for example can protect Goblin allies by taking enemy's hits and can give the whole team a big boost in health by his trait Goblin Alliance Icon.png Goblin Alliance.