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The data was converted to a Lua script: Module:Dungeons/data. The structure is unchanged.


This template carries the information for all dungeons found in the campaign. The information is structured with the following format:

| Dungeon number     = {{#switch:  {{{2}}}
 | name              = Name of the dungeon
 | stamina           = Stamina required to enter
 | recommended level = Level of the heroes
 | team size         = Number of heroes allowed
 | experience gained = XP gained for the heroes
 | rooms             = Number of rooms including the boss level, minus treasure rooms.
 | enemies           = Total number of enemies minus Evos and rare miniboss spawns
 | area type         = Background scenery of the level
 | token             = Type of hero token that will drop
 | evos              = Type of evos that will drop
 | boss              = The boss at the end
 | image             = The uploaded image of dungeon level.
 | thalia            = The quotes and tips found from the name plate of the level.

To add dungeon data, copy the entire section above and add it to the subsequent level beneath it. Modify the information according to the screen shot taken. For multiple entries per line, add a backslash / as the delimiter. To use any of the information found here, type in the following code: {{Dungeons|Numerical level|Submenu}}.

In the below case, typing in {{Dungeons|1-1|token}} will produce the result Phemus.

| 1-1                = {{#switch:  {{{2}}}
 | name              = Voiceless Hunters
 | stamina           = 5
 | recommended level = 4
 | team size         = 2
 | experience gained = 17
 | rooms             = 3
 | enemies           = 6
 | area type         = Forest
 | token             = Phemus
 | evos              = Nature Evo Larva/Nature Evo
 | boss              = Chompy/Chompy's minions
 | image             = 1-1.PNG

To add this material to other data bases, use the value found in the "Dungeon Number." For the example above, use 1-1 for databases.

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