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Sulfurious is a huge red Dragon and the boss of Chapter 16, in the mission Devourer of Flames.

Traits and Abilities

Sulfurious has 4 attacks:

  • Bite - A heavy damage physical attack.
  • Fireball - A ranged attack that can cause burning.
  • Wing Buffet - He flaps his wings and several small red tornadoes attack all characters.
  • Burninate - He charges up (he will look up like he is about to attack but won't) for one turn and shoots a stream of fire at all enemies.

He has all the usual boss immunities (i.e. forget about burning him, freezing him, charming him, poisoning him, or diseasing him), plus his only attributes are fast and attacker. Since there are no "fast hunter" or "PWN attacker" abilities in the game, this limits your options. The good news is: He's a fire enemy and he has a weakness to cold. Some good heroes to use against him are:

Recommended Water Heroes

IGOROK token 0.png IGOROK - Polar Pounding is a great help, Polar Master, however, will not do any extra damage.

Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring - All he does is cold, even if he can't freeze Sulfurios. He can, however, chill him, so delaying his attacks while you use your own is a viable plan. Selwyn is the textbook definition of "fragile", however, so getting him to Sulfurious, let alone keeping him alive during the boss fight, is a challenge.

Takumi token.png Samurai Takumi - Frost Katana (another chill attack) is LETHAL. Bitter Strike is also strong, even if freezing is off the table.

Yorick token 0.png King Yorick - Another support option. He has no cold attacks, but Sulfurious is not immune to Marked for Death.

Yasmin token 0.png Yasmin Bloom - A Water Healer who buffs Water Allies' health with her passive trait. This makes her a very good support to add to a team against Sulfurious.

Stonefist token 0.png Stone Fist - His Fist of Justice ability will weaken Sulfurious significantly, allowing him to take more damage. In addition, he is also Burn immune, making him a very effective taunter versus the fiery dragon.

Icebloom token 0.png Icebloom - Her powerful water attacks deal large amounts of damage. Let it Snow can be used as a back up heal. And a fully ascended Icebloom can give him the slow trait on any attack.

Indigo token.png Indigo - Like Icebloom, does high damage and can also slow Sulfurious if fully ascended.

Shocking Team

Sulfurious is not immune to shock. You can use Ella token 0.png Ella Ametryst's Blood Ritual Icon.png Blood Ritual to buff Ekko token.png Ekko. His Electrical Storm Icon.png Electrical Storm will inflict a lot of damage and each hit will deal a huge additional damage to Sulfurious. A taunting, fire-proof Tank like Stone Fist is recommended.