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Shocked - Target deals AOE Lightning damage to self and allies when attacked.

Type: debuff - Category: Damage, Damage over Time

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The status effect is easily seen by the arc lightning surrounding a target. Shocking targets is one of the most efficient and dangerous status effects in clearing out large groups of enemies. Any target that has a Shocked Icon Shocked status effect is treated as a potential threat to its entire party.
By attacking that individual, an area of effect attack of Electrical Storm Icon Lighting damage is dealt to other members in its party.

The amount of damage dealt by Shocked targets depends on the Skill stat of the hero that inflicted the Shock debuff. Damage mitigation such as Magical Icon Magical (reducing the amount of magical damage dealt by 25%) can reduce the damage. While Armored targets take a boosted damage of Shock (1.5x). Especially Ekko token Ekko can deal massive Shock damage with his Epic and Runes that boosts his Skill stat.

In addition, the Shocked effect triggers for every hit that target receives. This means that for attacks that deal multiple strikes to the same target, each hit will trigger the lightning effect hurting the target. Every round the target can also hurt their allies by shocking lightning strikes. For example, Ekko's Electrical Storm deals multiple strikes per target. If the first strike successfully inflicts the Shocked Status, then further strikes from the storm will trigger a cascading effect of lightning AOE. If the entire party is inflicted with the Shocked status, then any further area of attack will trigger mass-wide feedback of lightning AOE from each source. Damage dealt by Burned, Poisoned, or Shocked effects do not trigger additional Shocks.

Heroes that have the ability to inflict Shock are Light Heroes such as Ekko, Sifu Jianzhi, Alexandros and Dhaegon Stonecrusher. Julius' Barrel Toss attack can inflict Shock as a random debuff, too.

Shock Immune Icon Shock Immune heroes can't be Shocked (debuffed) and take no damage from their Shocked allies.


The following heroes can inflict/apply Shocked:

Electrostatic Field Icon Electrostatic Field (Trait): Chance to Shock a random enemy at the start of this Hero's turn.

Unstable Bomb Icon Unstable Bomb (Special Attack): Ranged Physical Attack on target enemy that applies up to 3 random status effects. Cooldown of this special attack is reduced for each status effect missed.

Electrified Whirlwind Icon Electrified Whirlwind (Special Attack): Melee Lightning attack on all enemies with a chance to Shock, reduces the first enemy's energy by 1.
Static Strike Icon Static Strike (Basic Attack): A Basic Melee Physical attack with a 100% base chance to Shock the target.

Ekko token Ekko
Electrical Storm Icon Electrical Storm (Special Attack): Ranged Lightning attack on 3 random enemies (becomes 4 enemies at level 40) that deals 1.5x damage against Armored enemies with a chance to Shock.

Shock Master Icon Shock Master (Trait): Immune to Shock and chance to Shock on CRIT.

Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning (Special Attack): Ranged Lightning attack on all enemies with chance to Shock. Deals damage based on the amount of targets hit. Consumes all stacks of Storm Power, purging Buffs on all enemies hit for each Stack of Storm Power.

Barrel Toss Icon Barrel Toss (Special Attack): Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that inflicts a random Debuff on each enemy hit, then buffs team +DEF.

Shock Master Icon Shock Master (Trait): Immune to Shock and chance to Shock on CRIT.

Electric Feel Icon Electric Feel (Trait): Chance to Shock Melee attackers when hit and chance to Shock on hit.
Light Nova Icon Light Nova (Special Attack): Ranged Light attack on all enemies that grants the team Shocking Touch (chance to Shock on Basic Attacks).

Tinkerer's Tricks Icon Tinkerer's Tricks (Trait): All attacks have a chance to apply one of the following debuffs to each enemy hit: Chilled, Burned, Shocked, Diseased, or Poisoned. Only one of these debuffs will be applied per hit, and is applied to each enemy individually. This means that if you use Helmet Missiles, one enemy could get burned, another could be poisoned, and another might not be debuffed at all (resisted or immune).

Epic Heroes with Shocked:

Ekko token Ekko
Ghost Dynamo Ghost Dynamo (Epic): Chance to do a Ranged Lightning attack for 2x damage, Shock, and steal 2 Energy from the target.

Arc Khakkhara Arc Khakkhara (Epic): Chance to do an epic attack for 3x damage on his target and applies Shocked to all enemies.


The following heroes are immune to Shocked:

Angelic Icon Angelic (Trait): Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Envenomed, Shocked, or Diseased and starts dungeons with an [Aegis Shield].
Impervious Icon Impervious (Trait): Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Envenomed, Shocked, nor Diseased.
Ekko token Ekko
Will of the Wisp Icon Will of the Wisp (Trait): Immune to Spirit, Lightning, and Light attacks. [Light allies start Dungeons with +1 extra energy]. The text in [brackets] is of rank II of this trait (I/II).
Shell Power Icon Shell Power (Trait): Allied Heroes gain Shell protection (allies cannot be Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Paralyzed or Shocked).
Impervious Icon Impervious (Trait): Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Envenomed, Shocked, nor Diseased.
Shock Master Icon Shock Master (Trait): Immune to Shock and chance to Shock on CRIT.
Ride the Lightning Icon Ride the Lightning (Trait): Immune to Lightning, Shock, Silence, and Paralysis. Whenever another ally Shocks or Paralyses an ememy, or hits with lightning attack, this hero will make a follow-up Basic Attack on that enemy.
Shock Master Icon Shock Master (Trait): Immune to Shock and chance to Shock on CRIT.
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