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Shield-piercing - A shield-piercing attack ignores any magical shield like Aegis Shield, Ethereal, Unbridled Rage, as well as Damage Reflection Shields, Unbreakable Heart and Shrouded. In result an Aegis Shield doesn't collapse, Damage Reflection doesn't hurt the attacker, full damage is dealt to the target, and the target can die.

Type: effect - Category: Shield

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This instant effect has no visual component. Shield-Piercing attacks ignore the shield and deal full damage to the target. Any debuff immunity provided by the shield still takes effect but the damage reduction and death ward is bypassed. All, and all kinds of shields (from Traits and active buffs) are pierced with a single Shield-Piercing attack.

Rune Event Runes can have a Shield-Piercing bonus stat that adds the Shield-Piercing effect to Basic Attacks, and several Special Attacks of a few heroes are Shield-Piercing.

Shield Effect of a Shield-Piercing attack
Aegis Shield Icon Aegis Shield

Invincibility Icon Invincibility
Ethereal Icon Ethereal Spirit

Shield remains intact, but it's ignored and full damage is dealt. Target can die.
Damage Reflection Icon Damage Reflection No damage is reflected back to the attacker
Shrouded Icon Shrouded Shield remains intact, debuffs are blocked but full damage is dealt
Unbreakable Heart Icon Unbreakable Heart

Oak Form Icon Oak Form

Full damage is dealt, target can die because the death ward effect is not activated on a killing blow.

Grondar token 0 Grondar's Slow Poke Icon Slow Poke is similar to the Unbreakable Heart Icon Unbreakable Heart trait. Shield-Piercing attacks deal normal damage and can kill him.

Chaos Damage Icon Chaos Damage has a similar impact as it by-passes all types damage reduction including shields. Only Chaos Reduction Icon Chaos Damage Reduction mitigates Chaos Damage.

Shield-Piercing Attacks

Rune Event Runes with a shield-piercing bonus stat make Basic Attacks penetrating shields. The following heroes can inflict/apply Shield-piercing:

Chaos Missile Icon Chaos Missile (Basic Attack): Basic Ranged Chaos attack on a single target. Chaos Damage is shield and armor-piercing and it cannot be dodged or parried. It ignores the five Elemental Resistances as well as Damage Reduction. But never scores a CRIT.

Cataclysmic Conflagration Icon Cataclysmic Conflagration (Special Attack): Sacrifices self, dealing shield-piercing damage to all enemies with 100% base chance to purge all buffs and add Soulfire Burn to enemies hit. Removes all enemy corpses. Can't be dodged.

Infernal Inferno Icon Infernal Inferno (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Fire attack on all enemies that ignores Damage Reduction and inflicts Demonfire Burn on hit (damage over 2 turns, cannot be cleansed).

Iris token 0 Iris
Windows to the Soul Icon Windows to the Soul (Trait): All attacks are Shield-Piercing and will heal [25%/50%] of damage dealt (% healing increased with Skill). The percentage value depends on the rank (I-II) of the trait.

Storm of the Ancestors Icon Storm of the Ancestors (Special Attack): Shield-piercing ranged lightning attack on all enemies, consumes all stacks of Storm Power, dealing 10% more damage for each Stack of Storm Power. Adds a Buff to all allies that increases their damage to Shocked or Paralyzed targets.

Arcane Bolts Icon Arcane Bolts (Special Attack): Armor-Piercing and Shield-Piercing Ranged Spirit attack on all enemies.

Demolishing Smash Icon Demolishing Smash (Special Attack): Armor-Piercing and Shield-Piercing Melee Physical attack on target that Wounds target enemy. Starts Powered.

Doom Bolt Icon Doom Bolt (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Lightning attack that deals 1.5x damage against Armored tagets. If target dies, the corpse is removed.

Murky Shield Icon Murky Shield (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Dark attack that grants self Murky Shield, becoming Paralysis and Silence Immune for 3 turns. Enemies cannot Revenge while Murky Shield is activated.


There is no immunity for Shield-piercing attacks.

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