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The information on this page is no longer in the game.
Scorch Chief Rognog

Scorch Chief Rognog UNIQUE

Also known as:

  • Rognog Blisterbut
  • Scorch General Rognog
  • Scorch Chief Rognog
Stars 5
Element Fire
Type Goblin
Class Mage
Speed Slow


Level Attack Defence Health Skill
1 152 126 498 156
50 743 617 2444 1229


Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Fireball IV (M) Active 4 Huge attack that will burn the enemy
Bull Rush II Active 8 Buff team ATK and attack an enemy
Rending Strike V Active 4 Attack that lowers the enemy's DEF for 3 turns
Tribal Chant II Passive Increase DEF by 10% for all goblin allies
Alpha Strike Passive First hit of each encounter has an extra chance to CRIT
Tribal Spirit Passive Increase ATK by 15% for all goblin allies


Stage Dungeon Name
Event Goblin King Event
- Honorable Summon


Larva Sprite Monarch
Level Cost
15 2 1 36,000
35 1 1 2 64,000