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Retaliation Immune - Immune to retaliation, revenge, and any counter attacks.

Type: immunity - Category: Protection, Defense

See also: | Team Energy Vault Icon.png Exhaustion Immune | Flying in the Face Icon.png Retaliation Immune

Flying in the Face Icon.png Retaliation Immunity protects the hero or even the whole team from Retaliation Icon.png Revenge Attacks from Slow Icon.png Slow Heroes, counter attacks from Aria token 0.png Aria and other vengeful heroes like Hansuke Undying token 0.png Hansuke Undying.

To be Flying in the Face Icon.png Retaliation Immune is also very helpful in Boss Mode Icon.png Boss Mode and Age of Chaos Mode Icon.png Age of Chaos dungeons because there are a lot of bad-tempered and angry enemies, who retaliate against attacks on themselves and their allies.


The following heroes that have an ability that Retaliation Immune:

Reckoning of the Wicked Icon.png Reckoning of the Wicked (Trait): Self and Demon allies ignore Taunt and Provoke, and cannot be Retaliated against.

Reptilian Retaliation Icon.png Reptilian Retaliation (Trait): Self and allies do not trigger enemy Revenge attacks.

Whispering Terror Icon.png Whispering Terror (Trait): Allied Warriors are immune to fear and cannot be retaliated against.

Monstrous Presence Icon.png Monstrous Presence (Trait): Monsters take reduced damage from debuffed characters (-10% per debuff), and cannot be retaliated against.

Flying in the Face Icon.png Flying in the Face (Trait): Cannot be Retaliated against.

Spellseeker Weapons Icon.png Spellseeker Weapons (Trait): Allies Melee attacks have a chance to purge a buff on basic attack and can’t be retaliated against by Melee attackers.

Murky Shield Icon.png Murky Shield (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Dark attack that grants self Murky Shield, becoming Paralysis and Silence Immune for 3 turns. Enemies cannot Revenge while Murky Shield is activated.