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Resurrection - A dead ally is revived and brought back to life with some health.

Type: effect - Category: Death, Health

See also: | Banished Icon.png Banished | Judgement Day Icon.png Remove Corpse | Angelic Resurrection Icon.png Resurrection | Summon Minion Icon.png Summon Minions

Angelic Resurrection Icon.png Resurrection revives a fallen ally and restores some Health. The ability to bring an ally back to life requires the dead body. The corpse must be on the battlefield and not debuffed by Doom Icon.png Doom. It does not work if the body is removed. See Judgement Day Icon.png Remove Corpse for details. Solaris token 0.png Solaris can protect her allies with the Pinion Blast Icon.png Phoenix Feather buff, so the body cannot be removed.

It is remarkable that Solaris token 0.png Solaris and Niveous token 0.png Niveous are reviving themselves again after a short time.

Solaris token 0.png Solaris also brings their family members (allied Beasts) back from the afterlife and can revive all allies at once. Thus she has the best mass resurrection in the game. But also Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine can resurrect several fallen fire heroes at once.

If you put Solaris token 0.png Solaris and Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus into a team, they can resurrect each other almost infinitely often.

Last but not least, it is good to know that Solaris token 0.png Solaris' ability to resurrect depends on the amount of damage inflicted on her allies. All other Healers have cooldown-based abilities.

Other Forms of Resurrection

It's worth to mention that there are more ways to bring allies back. For example, the Possession Icon.png Possessed buff. It lasts 3 rounds and can bring back a dead ally or let a dead enemy fight on your side. But then the body will be gone.

Summon Minion Icon.png Summon Minions brings fallen allies back, even if their body has been removed. But they are no longer what they were before they died.

Pontifex token 0.png Pontifex Mortis can have dead allies participate in his attacks through the power of his Animate Dead Icon.png Animate Dead trait.


The following heroes resurrect or can perform a Resurrection:

Angelic Resurrection Icon.png Angelic Resurrection (Special Attack): Bring an ally back from the dead with a % of their HP, [Haste] and 3 [Energy].

Perpetual Flame Icon.png Perpetual Flame (Special Attack): Resurrects target ally and other Fire allies, then heals the team and also heals them each turn for 3 turns. Starts Powered.

Dragon Power Icon.png Dragon Power (Trait): Resurrects once after death if at least 1 ally is alive. After resurrection, gains 2x damage on all attacks through a sticky buff that cannot be stolen, copied or purged.

Secret to Eternal Life Icon.png Secret to Eternal Life (Trait): Upon death he will bring a dead ally back to life. When on a team with Solaris, revive a second team ally.

Cold Summons Icon.png Cold Summons (Special Attack): Summons a horde of Ice Golems who attack each enemy for [??%] Melee Physical base damage and chance to add Chaos' Bite debuff. Revives any allied Dragons, then replaces dead allies with Ice Golems. Chaos Day modification: powers up minions.
Frostborn Icon.png Epic Frostborn (Trait): This hero stores power over 3 turns. When fully charged (3 stacks), this hero resurrects at the end of the round, exploding and dealing AoE Chaos Damage to all enemies on death. Cleanses Doom from all allies and applies Chaos Day to all allies when resurrecting.
Frostborn Icon.png Frostborn (Trait): This hero stores power over 3 turns. When fully charged (3 stacks), this hero resurrects at the end of the round. Cleanses Doom from all allies when resurrecting.

Fire and Flames Icon.png Fire & Flames (Special Attack): Sacrifices herself. Cooldown is based on how much damage allies receive (Basically, anytime Solaris' allies receive damage it adds to her Fury. Fury is at 100% equivalent to two allies receiving 100% of their health in damage. Example: Hero A loses 50% of their health, Hero B loses 50% of their health, and Hero C dies. 50% + 50% + 100% = 200% health loss = 100% fury amount. Max health reduction is treated as damage. Fury's charge is looking at a hero's original health for that hit. For all subsequent hits, Fury looks at the new max health). Uses one of the following depending on target: IMMOLATING FLAMES (Targeting allies): Revives and heals all allies and applies significant damage reduction for a turn; ENGULFING FIRE (Targeting enemies): Attacks all enemies for [105% ATK] base damage with chance to Burn.
From The Ashes Icon.png From the Ashes (Trait): Passive with counters as cooldown: The Phoenix stores power over 3 turns. When fully charged, Solaris [and all beast allies] resurrect at the end of the round. [Starts Powered.]; This is a ranked trait [I/II]. Description in [square brackets] is for rank II, 'From the Ashes-II'.