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Repair - Recovers HP for the target (Construct) ally. Pure Constructs cannot be healed and heal potions don't work on them. They must be repaired. Repair works on Construct and Living Stone allies as well.

Type: effect - Category: Health

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Pure Constructs cannot be Heal Ally Icon.png healed in the conventional way, but must be IFF Targeting Icon.png repaired. This affects all Constructs with the trait Construct Icon.png Construct.

IFF Targeting Icon.png Repair is the only way to restore the Current Health of Constructs, because neither Heal Potion Icon.png Healing Potions, Leech Icon.png Lifesteal nor Rune.png Healing Runes, nor Heal itself works on Constructs. Normal Regeneration Icon.png Regeneration is also ineffective. But there are exceptional Constructs. These are the so-called Living Stone Icon.png Living Stones, which have a Trait with the same name. These stone heroes can be both IFF Targeting Icon.png repaired and Heal Ally Icon.png healed.

Another important point is that any ability that has a healing component will not work with pure constructs. For this reason, Zen token 0.png Zen, for example, cannot use Enlightenment Icon.png Enlightenment to accelerate Constructs.

Constructs can also be infested by Doom Icon.png Doom. This is the only known Debuff that makes a repair impossible.

Bauble token 0.png Bauble is probably the best mechanic here, as he can repair a single construct ally with his Basic Attack or IFF Targeting Icon.png repair and Heal Ally Icon.png heal all allies at once with his Positive Charge Icon.png Positive Charge.

The Furnace token 0.png The Furnace has the ability to give all Constructs, pure and Living Stones, a self repair trait. The repair effect works passively and increases with the number of Constructs in the team.

Last but not least, Dagrund token.png Dagrund Blacksmoke with his Dwarven EMT Icon.png Dwarven EMT can also heal all Constructs and increase their Max Health at the same time. Increasing Max Health works normally for all constructs through other effects, see Health Boost Icon.png Max HP Boost for more.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Repair:

IFF Targeting Icon.png IFF Targeting (Basic Attack): Melee physical attack on target enemy, OR heals target friendly construct, OR target ally gains a class-specific buff (Tanks get DEF+, Healers get CRIT+ and SKL+, Casters get +1 ENERGY, all others get ATK+.)
Positive Charge Icon.png Positive Charge (Special Attack): Heals or repairs and adds electric skin to all allies.

Dwarven EMT Icon.png Dwarven EMT (Special Attack): Heals or Repairs target ally, boosts the ally's Max HP and grants the ally Haste.

Volatile Components Icon.png Some Assembly Required (Trait): At the end of each turn, Construct allies (and self) repair 5% health per allied Construct. All Constructs gain 'Volatile Components' trait (see Bauble for details).