Primal Spirit

Primal Spirit

Crafted material, tier 2, belongs to the Spirit materials in the game.

How to craft Primal Spirit?

The material Primal Spirit needs various other materials to be crafted. The list on the left shows the ingredient list as displayed in the game. Higher tier materials often require other lesser tier crafted materials which on the other hand require other crafted materials and raw materials. A click on [show/hide] reveals the whole ingredient tree. For tier 2 (and higher) materials the list on the right shows all the needed raw materials to craft the required crafted materials and finally Primal Spirit, including gems and gold.

Broken down and sumed up to::
Gold 14500x Gold
Gems 5x Gems
Ebony 1x Ebony
Feral Tome 1x Feral Tome
Fresh Earth 2x Fresh Earth
Grave Iron 2x Grave Iron
Green Ivy 1x Green Ivy
Mandrake Root 1x Mandrake Root
Mushroom 3x Mushroom
Natural Crystal 3x Natural Crystal
Pure Gold 1x Pure Gold
Pyre Embers 3x Pyre Embers
Quartz Crystal 1x Quartz Crystal
Silver 1x Silver
Spring Water 1x Spring Water

Where to get Primal Spirit?

There are no known sources of Primal Spirit.

What is it used for?

The following items need Primal Spirit to crafted or upgraded. Nothing

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