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Potions Used in Dungeons

Up to three bottle of these potions total can be packed into a pouch when entering the dungeon. The potions drop as rewards in the Portal, are offered as Daily Rewards and offered in the Shop. In addition, leveling up your player level will earn you special potions like revive potions.

Icon Name Effect
Heal Potion Icon Heal Potion Fully heals a Hero and cleanses all debuffs.
Energy Potion Icon Energy Potion Fully charges a Hero's abilities, allowing the immediate use of any of its active skills and abilities on the same turn.  
Revive Potion Revive Potion Resurrects a dead Hero back to full health.

XP potions

These potions can be applied to a Hero on the Profile (first tab) of the Hero card. There is a cap of 999 for each type of XP potion. Received potions that exceed this cap are lost!

Icon Name Occurrence
Potion 20XP Icon 20 XP Potion Drops as loot in Dungeons and Portal
Potion 100XP Icon 100 XP Potion Reward for quests and boss fights; available in packs of x10 in the Shop for 300k gold or 80 gems.
Potion 400XP Icon 400 XP Potion

Frequently available as limited offer in the Shop for 300 gems (pack of 10); Reward for quests.

Potion 1600XP Icon 1600 XP Potion Reward for quests; shipped in bundles (in-app purchase).
Potion 5000XP Icon 5000 XP Potion Reward for 3 Star Dungeon quests;

Shipped in bundles (in-app purchase). See Shop for details.

Elixir of Life (Continue Potion)

If a battle is lost and all Heroes are defeated, the game offers to use a special potion to continue the battle in the current dungeon. In Epic Dungeons, the use of this potion is not available.

Icon Name Effect
Elixir of Life Elixir of Life

Revives all your Heroes if you are defeated in a dungeon.

You get 1 for free at game start. The potion is offered as in-app purchase when there are no more left.

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