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The Portal allows you to summon Heroes and tokens using gold or gems. There are two kinds of different summons. The summon depends on what you sacrifice the Portal.

Frequently there are Heroes featured in Portal Events, which give you better chances to get that featured Hero.

ThaliaPortrait Small {{{1}}}

This quote of Thalia refers to Bovus token 0 Bovus El Doro, legendary heroes like IGOROK token 0 IGOROK, The Furnace token 0 The Furnace, Zomm token Lord Zomm, Cruel king token Cruel King Bramble, and event heroes like Zen token 0 Zen, Hansuke Undying token 0 Hansuke Undying and Kai Makani token 0 Kai Makani, just to name a few.

Note: There is the chance to unlock a Hero for most summons. If you have already summoned that Hero you will get Hero tokens as a replacement. The amount of tokens depends on the rarity of the Hero.

Great Summon Portal

Great Summon - sacrifice gold

Great Summon

Portal Summon Gold

The Portal in use

Common Items and Hero Tokens.

Costs: 1 summon = 10,000 gold; 10x = 90,000 gold; free 1x/day and as quest reward available. If you save your daily free summons until you have 10 of them, you will have the option of taking a free 10x summon instead.

Gold Chest Gold chests (5x Hero tokens of a random Bronze Hero)

Silver chest iconSilver chests (common rewards)

Fire Evo Larva Evo Larvae (all colors)
Water Evo Evos (all colors)
Nature Evo Monarch Evo Monarchs (all colors)
Heal Potion Icon Health Potions
Energy Potion Icon Energy Potions
Revive Potion Revive Potions
Potion 20XP Icon 20 XP Potions
Potion 100XP Icon 100 XP Potions
Loot Key Loots Keys

Wooden chests (common rewards)

ThaliaPortrait Small
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Heroic Portal

Heroic Summon - sacrifice gems

Heroic Summon

Portal Summon Gem

Some of the rarest Heroes. Hero or Token Guaranteed!

Costs: 1x summon = 300 gems, 10x = 2,700 gems

Gold ChestAncient chest icon Rare rewards

The number right next to the Hero's name specifies the amount of tokens gained from repeated unlocks. See Hero Unlocks below for details. (The list is subject to change, see the Portal description in-game for the current list of Hero tokens and full unlocks)

Silver chest icon Common Rewards

  • Gold
  • Honor Scrolls
  • Evo Monarchs, Rare Celestial Evos (Gold chest)
  • XP Potions (5000 XP)
  • Energy Potions
  • Orb Orbs
  • Aether tokens

Heroes not obtainable by Portal Summon

The following Heroes are not obtainable by a Portal Summon. They are either rewards, or are available only during events or at specific places.

Aria token 0 Aria (Aether Shop/Event)

Hero Unlocks

Icebloom Unlocked

Hero unlocks are a rare phenomenon that gives adventurers a chance to acquire the hero without having to fulfill the token requirement. Heroes that are unlocked through summons are instantly at the unascended rank and base star ranking (which ranges based on the rarity and the token requirement to summon it) and at level 1 (unless modified by VIP benefits). Any tokens that were collected prior to the unlock will transfer over and add towards the upgrade of its next star ranking. For this game mechanic, any hero in your roster that haven't been unlocked already will have a chance to unlock in the portal summon, provided that the portal has that hero as a "full unlock" potential.

Subsequent hero unlocks will instead reward you with a higher amount of tokens compared to regular chests. The following list provides the number of tokens gained from repeated unlocks:

Note: A few Heroes may be not listed here because their amount of tokens is unknown. Check the Portal summons above to see if the Hero is available in Portal Summons.

Notes, Tips and Tricks

  • when you reach Player Level 20 the Heroic Summon drops better XP Potions

Full unlock

  • Portal Events often have a guaranteed unlock for the featured hero when a x10 Heroic Summon for 2700 gems is done. Also 10 saved free Heroic Summons can be used to do x10 Summons at once and unlock that hero.
  • a full unlock of a hero instantly unlocks and summons that hero
  • once a hero is summoned and in your collection a full unlock in portal will get you Hero tokens as a replacement. The amount of tokens depends on the rarity and base stars of the Hero (up to 35 tokens for a ★★★ Hero)
  • hero tokens gained before a full unlock are added. Example: you have collected 40 Alexandros tokens and get a lucky full unlock. So you will get Alexandros unlocked (he is a ★★★ Hero) and 40 of 100 tokens for the ★★★★ upgrade
  • because the first unlock of a ★★★ hero is worth 100 tokens it's a good idea to try a full unlock in the Portal first if you have collected enough tokens, e.g. during an event.
  • not every hero has the chance of a full unlock. Please read the portal description in-game to check which Heroes have a full unlock chance.

Value for Gems and Gold, and Summons for Free

  • You can save 10 free x1 Great/Heroic Summons to get one free x10 Great/Heroic Summon. Free Heroic Summons can be earned by completing event quest lines and crown quests, and for a good rank at the Guild Tournament.
  • Save 2700 gems for a x10 Heroic Summon. You will get one free Heroic Summon (valued at 300 gems) and you will get a Hero (random selected) OR an increased amount of tokens (as a replacement for a full unlock if that hero is already unlocked). 
  • Spend 100,000 gold for a x10 Great Summon. That way you get at least 5 gold chests, that means 5 Hero tokens guaranteed and a chance for even more.
  • Portal Events have increased chances for a full unlock and tokens, or even a guaranteed unlock for x10 summons (use the button for 10 summons at once). Use this knowledge to your advantage so that you can increase the chance of earning a hero unlock with your gems.

Getting Bovus

  • Bovus token 0 Bovus El Doro tokens have a higher chance to appear in Great Summon than the other Heroes.
  • You need to spend about 50-70 millons of gold to upgrade Bovus to ★★★★★.
  • As a side effect you will have upgraded all other Heroes available for a Great Summon as well.


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