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Paralysis Immune Icon.png

Paralysis Immune - Can't be paralyzed.

Type: immunity - Category: Status Effect

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The following heroes are Paralysis Immune:

Shell Power Icon.png Shell Power (Trait): Allied Heroes gain Shell protection (allies cannot be Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Paralyzed or Shocked).

Ride the Lightning Icon.png Ride the Lightning (Trait): Immune to Lightning, Shock, Silence, and Paralysis. Whenever another ally Shocks or Paralyses an ememy, or hits with lightning attack, this hero will make a follow-up Basic Attack on that enemy.

Murky Shield Icon.png Murky Shield (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Dark attack that grants self Murky Shield, becoming Paralysis and Silence Immune for 3 turns. Enemies cannot Revenge while Murky Shield is activated.