Pwn Shop items 2019-1

In the PWN Shop, located in The Tower of Pwnage, you can find items to ascend and level up your Heroes. The currency used here is Pwnage Point Pwnage Points which you can earn by beating the floors of the tower. The prices of the shop items range from 250 to 10,000 Pwnage Point Pwnage Points.

ThaliaPortrait Small PRO-TIP: Buy the rare Celestial Evos for 10,0000 if you need to squash them for Evo Essence. You will get 10 Essence from them, twice as much as from the common Celestial Evos for 7,000 Pwnage Points!

The following images show some sample items like offered in the shop. The supply of Water Evo Monarch Evos, especially of the two-colored Valkyrie Celestial Evos, changes daily. So it's worth checking out the shop every day.

Recent Changes

The following images are for documentation purposes only and the items are no longer available in the shop. The images show sample items that existed in the shop before the New Portal Update (Feb-2019). The timers existed to help change out the merchandise.

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