Off-Balance Icon

Off-Balance - Target has reduced ATK and their attacks have a higher chance to be Dodged.

Type: debuff - Category: Attack

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The following heroes can inflict/apply Off-Balance:

Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack with a chance to Provoke and knock the target Off-Balanced.

Aria token 0 Aria
Dramatic Entrance Icon Dramatic Entrance (Trait): All enemies start the dungeon Off-Balance for the first turn.
Sand in the Eyes Icon Sand in the Eyes (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack that knocks all enemies Off-Balanced. Can't be dodged.

Earthquake Icon Earthquake (Special Attack): Undodgeable Ranged Physical attack with splash damage, enemies hit become Off-Balanced.

Hail of Arrows Icon Hail of Arrows (Special Attack): Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that knocks them Off-Balance and purges all buffs.

Boomerang Shield Icon Boomerang Shield (Special Attack): Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that knocks them Off-Balanced, lowering their ATK and increasing their chance to Miss. Damage from this Special Attack increases with each Ascension.

Debilitating Smog Icon Debilitating Smog (Special Attack): Ranged Fire attack with a chance to knock enemies Off-Balance for a turn.

The Harder They Fall Icon The Harder They Fall (Trait): Chance to knock all enemies Off-Balanced when killed.


Constructs are immune to all debuffs.

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