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Dungeon Example


My Dungeon

This option is unlocked at Player Level 10. My Dungeon is also the place where Dungeon Raids can be started.

Once a day, a chest within your dungeon will produce an amount of Honor Icon honor, Gems gems, and Gold gold based off of your ranking. However, when players begin to raid your dungeon, and succeed in doing so, you may lose some gold and honor.

Your chest is protected by Heroes you choose as defenders. In the case that your chest is raided successfully, the amount of Honor Icon honor and Gold gold taken are nearly equivalent to how much you would often take from others when you raid them.

Protecting Your Chest

Although you can defend your chest with your defenders, you may also use hammers to protect your chest, preventing the loss of honor scrolls and gold. However, you will still lose trophies.


The strength of your defending team calculates the gold multiplier. It increases the rate of gold production and the maximum gold that your chest can store.

See Dungeon Raid for details on battle play and selection.

Honor Shop

Honor Shop1

The Honor Shop is another Shop found in My Dungeon (unlocked at Player Level 10).

An adventurer can use Honor Scrolls to purchase goodies through the honor shop. The shop contains the following items:

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