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Fast Spirit Healer 
Legendary Hero


Element: Nature.png Nature
30% vs Water.png Water units
-25% vs Fire.png Fire units

Excess Tokens:
1 Token → 300 Aether

Mire token 0.png
People see lights out in the swamp. The ones that follow... they don't make it back.
Abilities & Traits
Bog Light Icon.pngVerdant Vitality Icon.png & Ethereal Icon.pngFast Icon.pngHardened Spirit Icon.png
Attack Speed Fast
Attack Range Ranged
Damage Nature/Spirit
Epic Bog Torch
Buddy Synergy None
Combat Style Swing Red Icon.png Gauge 5.png Embarrassing Jab Icon.png
ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG
Damage Intensify Burn Icon.png Gauge 6.png (6/9)
Toughness Hearty Taunt Icon.png Gauge 5.png (5/9)
Team Support IFF Targeting Icon.png Gauge 8.png (8/9)
Crowd Control Crowd Control Icon.png Gauge 6.png (6/9)
Synergy Lead By Example Icon.png Gauge 5.png (5/9)
See Hero Rating for more details about this.

Statistics Total Bonus1 Traits2 Epic Base
Attack (ATK) +108% +130% -20% -
Defense (DEF) +212% +130% - +20%
Skill (SKL) +290% +130% +20% +30% 0
Max Health (HP) +212% +130% - +20%
Crit Chance (CRIT) 5% +0% - - 5%
Crit Multiplier 200% - - - 200%
Dodge Chance 0% - - - 0%
Damage Penetration 0% - - - 0%
Damage Reduction 0% - - - 0%
Chaos Damage Reduction 0% - - - 0%

1Bonus (ATK, DEF, SKL, HP) includes Hero Stars (★★★★★★) and Hero Rarity.
2Stats affecting Traits: Fast Icon.png Fast

Fire.png Fire
Burned Icon.png Burned
Nature.png Nature
Poisoned Icon.png Poisoned
Wounded Icon.png Wounded
Water.png Water
Frozen Icon.png Frozen
Chilled Icon.png Chilled
Cryosleep Icon.png Cryosleep
Frostbitten Icon.png Frostbitten
Light.png Light 0%
Electrical Storm Icon.png Lightning
Shocked Icon.png Shocked
Paralysis Icon.png Paralysis
Dark.png Dark
Diseased Icon.png Diseased
Banished Icon.png Banished
Wand Icon.png Spirit
Feared Icon.png Feared
Stoned.png Stoned
Possession Icon.png Possessed
Marked for Death Icon.png Marked

Abilities (Active) Traits (Passive)
Bog Light Icon.png Bog Light Ethereal Icon.png Ethereal
Verdant Vitality Icon.png Verdant Vitality Fast Icon.png Fast
Bog Blessing Icon.png Bog Blessing Hardened Spirit Icon.png Hardened Spirit
Nature's Reclamation Icon.png Nature's Reclamation Shard of Darkness Icon.png Shard of Darkness
Turn a Blind Eye Icon.png Turn a Blind Eye
Armor's Bane Icon.png Armor's Bane
Immunize Icon.png Immunize

First Ascension
Mire token 1.png
Second Ascension
Mire token 2.png
Abilities & Traits

Bog Blessing Icon.png & Shard of Darkness Icon.pngTurn a Blind Eye Icon.png

Abilities & Traits

Nature's Reclamation Icon.png & Armor's Bane Icon.pngImmunize Icon.png

Required Hero Stars and Evos

Evo Cost Index: 3880

Evo Cost Index: 8160

Epic Mire
Mire token 2.png
Effect: Chance to do 3x damage, add Foresight, +1 Energy, and cleanse 1 debuff from all allies.

Release Date: June 23, 2020

Epic Part 2 Part 3
Bog Torch.png Swamped Wood.png Cursed Candle.png
Bog Torch Swamped Wood Cursed Candle
If you have Mire at level 50 or higher and fully ascended,
you can make this hero Epic.

Doing this raises it's Skill/Max Health/Defense by a set percentage,
as well as adding a special effect to it's Basic Attack.
Check Epic Heroes for more information.

Mire token 0.png Mire tokens: Portal Summon Gem.png Heroic Summon Hourglass.png Events

There are no Dungeons in which Mire tokens are available.

Rune Slots: Rune slot Nature.pngRune slot Nature.pngRune slot Water.pngRune slot Light.pngRune slot Dark.png (standard)
Mire has the standard rune slots for a Nature.png Nature hero.
Nature.png Nature Nature.png Nature Water.png Water Light.png Light Dark.png Dark
Rune slot Nature.png Rune slot Nature.png Rune slot Water.png Rune slot Light.png Rune slot Dark.png
Abilities & Traits: Bog Light Icon.pngVerdant Vitality Icon.pngBog Blessing Icon.pngNature's Reclamation Icon.png & Ethereal Icon.pngFast Icon.pngHardened Spirit Icon.pngShard of Darkness Icon.pngTurn a Blind Eye Icon.pngArmor's Bane Icon.pngImmunize Icon.png

Bog Light
Bog Light Icon.png
Basic Attack (None)

A Basic Ranged Nature attack on target enemy that adds Swamped on hit.
Effects | Swamped Status Icon.png Swamped Status

Verdant Vitality
Verdant Vitality Icon.png
Special Attack (4 turns)

Recovers health split between all allies, applies Cleansing Regeneration to all allies for 3 turns, and all Spirit allies gain another turn of Ethereal Spirit (shield buff).
Effects | Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration | Ethereal Icon.png Ethereal Spirit | Heal Ally Icon.png Heal

Bog Blessing
Bog Blessing Icon.png
Special Attack (3 turns, AoE), requires Mire token 1.png 1st Ascension

Ranged Nature attack on all enemies, healing all allies for a percentage of damage dealt. Lowers SKL, Max Health, and applies Swamped to all enemies hit. Starts Powered.
Effects | Leech Icon.png Lifesteal | Quick Starter Icon.png Starts Powered | Skill Down Icon.png SKL- | Swamped Status Icon.png Swamped Status | Kiss of Death Icon.png Unhealable Damage

Nature's Reclamation
Nature's Reclamation Icon.png
Special Attack (5 turns), requires Mire token 2.png 2nd Ascension

Ranged Spirit attack that drains 1 energy, steals all Buffs, and adds them to the caster. Adds 1 energy and increases DEF of all Spirit and Nature allies for 3 turns.
Effects | Bulwark Icon.png DEF+ | Exhaustion Icon.png Energy Loss | Critical Energy Icon.png Energy Gain | Buff Steal Icon.png Buff Steal

Ethereal Icon.png
Trait (Passive)

Gains 20% Damage Reduction and Ethereal Spirit on the first turn. The shield-like buff prevents that HP drops below 1. This effect cannot be stolen or purged. Shield-Piercing attacks ignore the Ethereal Spirit shield.
Effects | Ethereal Icon.png Ethereal Spirit | Damage Reflection Icon.png Damage Reduction

Fast Icon.png
Trait (Passive)

Attacks first, but Attack is reduced by 20% and Skill is boosted by 20%. (Heroes sharing the same Speed go in order of positioning, left to right, as chosen at the beginning of the battle. See Attack Speed for details.)

Hardened Spirit
Hardened Spirit Icon.png
Trait (Passive)

Takes [60%] less damage from AOE attacks. Skill increases the % value.
Effects | Damage Reflection Icon.png Damage Reduction

Shard of Darkness (I)
Shard of Darkness Icon.png
Trait (Passive)

Mire token 1.png 1st Ascension:
I: Allies start dungeons with 1 stack of Foresight.

Effects | Foresight Icon.png Foresight

Turn a Blind Eye
Turn a Blind Eye Icon.png
Trait (Passive), requires Mire token 1.png 1st Ascension

Immune to Taunt and Provoke.
Effects | Turn a Blind Eye Icon.png Taunt, Provoke and Aversion Immune

Armor's Bane
Armor's Bane Icon.png
Trait (Passive), requires Mire token 2.png 2nd Ascension

Takes reduced damage from Armored enemies and deals 2x damage to Armored enemies.
Effects | Boosted Icon.png Boosted Damage | Damage Reflection Icon.png Damage Reduction

Immunize Icon.png
Trait (Passive), requires Mire token 2.png 2nd Ascension

Each ally healed will gain Impervious (Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Shocked, nor Diseased) for two turns.
Effects | Impervious Icon.png Impervious

Buffs & Debuffs: Boosted Icon.pngBuff Steal Icon.pngCleansing Regeneration Icon.pngDamage Reflection Icon.pngBulwark Icon.pngCritical Energy Icon.pngExhaustion Icon.pngEthereal Icon.pngForesight Icon.pngHeal Ally Icon.pngImpervious Icon.pngLeech Icon.pngQuick Starter Icon.pngSkill Down Icon.pngSwamped Status Icon.pngTurn a Blind Eye Icon.pngKiss of Death Icon.png

Boosted Damage - effect (Damage)
Boosted Icon.png
This hero deals boosted damage against certain targets or under certain circumstances. See the description of the respective Trait or Ability for details. If you see this icon during events, it means that the hero gets a special event buff.

Buff Steal - effect (Status Effect)
Buff Steal Icon.png
This effect instantly steals 1+ buffs from the target.

Cleansing Regeneration - buff (Health/Status Effect)
Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png
Regenerate health over 2 turns and cleanse a debuff at the end of each round.

Damage Reduction - effect (Damage/Damage Reduction)
Damage Reflection Icon.png
The damage suffered is mitigated by certain percent. Damage Reduction is capped at 90% and applied multiplicative.

DEF+ - buff (Defense)
Bulwark Icon.png
Target has boosted DEF.

Energy Gain - effect (Energy)
Critical Energy Icon.png
The hero gains some extra energy, which is required to use their special attacks/abilities.

Energy Loss - effect (Energy/Disable)
Exhaustion Icon.png
The attacked target loses some of the Energy that is required to use their Abilities.

Ethereal Spirit - buff (Shield/Death)
Ethereal Icon.png
Health does not drop below 1 for 1 turn. Cannot be stolen or purged.

Foresight - buff (Status Effect/Protection/Stack)
Foresight Icon.png
Prevents the next debuff applied to a Hero. Lasts until consumed or purged, and cannot be stolen. NOTE: Foresight from Runes stacks with Foresight buff and can't be stolen, copied or purged.

Heal - effect (Health)
Heal Ally Icon.png
Recovers HP for the target ally.

Impervious - buff (Status Effect)
Impervious Icon.png
Like the trait with the same name, the Impervious effect grants a set of immunities. The affected target cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Envenomed, Shocked, nor Diseased.

Lifesteal - effect (Health)
Leech Icon.png
Target heals, or recovers HP, for a % of the damage dealt during an attack.

Starts Powered - effect (Energy)
Quick Starter Icon.png
This Ability has full energy and can be used at the beginning of the battle.

SKL- - debuff (Health/Damage)
Skill Down Icon.png
Target has lowered SKL for 3 turns.

Swamped Status - buff (Health)
Swamped Status Icon.png
Swamped targets heal the attacker when hit.

Taunt, Provoke and Aversion Immune - immunity (Status Effect)
Turn a Blind Eye Icon.png
Ignores Taunt, Provoked, and Aversion and can choose another target to attack or the target with Aversion.

Unhealable Damage - effect (Health/Damage)
Kiss of Death Icon.png
The affected target suffers damage that lowers their Max Health. The Unhealable Damage cumulatively reduces the Max Health to a minimum of 1 if the target does not die beforehand. If the damage is greater than the current health the target dies immedeatly. Since the Max Health and not the current health is affected, the effect is not immediately noticeable because the fill level of the health bar remains at 100% or even increases if it is below 100%. Max Health is reset to the original value when the room is exited.
Immunities & Damage Reduction: Under construction, see above 'Buffs & Debuffs'
Ascensions: Dark Evo.pngInfinity.jpgNature Evo Monarch.pngWater Evo.png (3880) = Mire token 1.png + Bog Blessing Icon.pngShard of Darkness Icon.pngTurn a Blind Eye Icon.png &
Dark Evo.pngNature Evo Monarch.pngRuned.jpgSpirit.jpg (8160) = Mire token 2.png + Nature's Reclamation Icon.pngArmor's Bane Icon.pngImmunize Icon.png
First Ascension Second Ascension
Dark Evo.png Dark Evo 23x Dark Evo.png Dark Evo 42x
Infinity.jpg Infinity Evo 2x Nature Evo Monarch.png Nature Evo Monarch 33x
Nature Evo Monarch.png Nature Evo Monarch 38x Runed.jpg Runed Evo 4x
Water Evo.png Water Evo 15x Spirit.jpg Spirit Evo 8x
Bog Blessing Icon.png Bog Blessing (Special Attack/3 Turns) Nature's Reclamation Icon.png Nature's Reclamation (Special Attack/5 Turns)
Shard of Darkness Icon.png Shard of Darkness (Trait/Passive) Armor's Bane Icon.png Armor's Bane (Trait/Passive)
Turn a Blind Eye Icon.png Turn a Blind Eye (Trait/Passive) Immunize Icon.png Immunize (Trait/Passive)
Synergies of Spirit heroes (Family): Spirits Pact Icon.pngUnbound Stalwart Icon.pngPrimordial Vigor Icon.png
Mire token 0.png Mire can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Spirit Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Spirits Pact Icon.png Spirits Pact (Trait) by Moriko token 0.png Moriko
All healing recieved is shared with Spirit allies.
Unbound Stalwart Icon.png Unbound Stalwart (Trait) by Moriko token 0.png Moriko
If a Spirit ally dies heal all Spirit allies to 100% health.
Primordial Vigor Icon.png Primordial Vigor (Trait) by Archon token 0.png Archon
Starts with +1 Energy for each other Warrior or Spirit ally on the team.
Verdant Vitality Icon.png Verdant Vitality (Special Attack) by Mire token 0.png Mire
Recovers health split between all allies, applies Cleansing Regeneration to all allies for 3 turns, and all Spirit allies gain another turn of Ethereal Spirit (shield buff).
Synergies of Nature heroes (Element): Nature's Fury Icon.pngNature Heart Icon.pngOxidized Sap.pngSpirit of Nature Icon.pngNature-guard.png
Mire token 0.png Mire can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

Nature Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Nature's Fury Icon.png Nature's Fury (Trait) by Rocky token 0.png Rocky the Shiitake
Boosted CRIT Chance for self and Nature allies..
Nature Heart Icon.png Nature Heart (Trait) by Willow token 0.png Willow Swift
+15% Max HP for self and Nature allies.
Oxidized Sap.png Oxidized Team (Trait) by Lily Blossom token 0.png Lily Blossom
Self and Nature allies deal 2x damage to Armored enemies.
Spirit of Nature Icon.png Spirit of Nature (Trait) by Tsume token 0.png Tsume
+15% ATK for self and Nature allies.
Nature-guard.png Nature Guard (Trait) by Julius token icon.png Julius
+15% DEF for self and Nature allies.
Nature's Reclamation Icon.png Nature's Reclamation (Special Attack) by Mire token 0.png Mire
Ranged Spirit attack that drains 1 energy, steals all Buffs, and adds them to the caster. Adds 1 energy and increases DEF of all Spirit and Nature allies for 3 turns.
Synergies of Healer heroes (Class):
Other Synergies of Heroes: Adept Strikes Icon.pngCritical Energy Icon.pngCleansing Aura Icon.pngCloak of Fire Icon.pngEyes of the Beholder Icon.pngFiery Renewal Icon.pngFire Nova Icon.pngFrost-tipped Blades Icon.pngIcy Embrace Icon.pngIFF Targeting Icon.pngImmunize Icon.pngMaster Assassin Icon.pngMend Icon.pngNot Alone Icon.pngSanctified Spell Absorption Icon.pngSanctified Swamp Icon.pngShell Power Icon.pngShielding Soul Icon.pngSpellseeker Weapons Icon.pngSpread the Wealth Icon.pngTeam Energy Vault Icon.pngTeam Precision Icon.pngVenomous Embrace.pngShard of Darkness Icon.pngTempered Soul Icon.pngThe Calm Before Icon.png
Mire token 0.png Mire can get following passive buffs when teamed up with other Heroes:

All Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Adept Strikes Icon.png Adept Strikes (Trait) by Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Allies and self gain Haste after using a single target Melee Physical attack once per round.
Critical Energy Icon.png Critical Energy (Trait) by Indigo token.png Indigo
Grants team +1 Energy on CRITs.
Cleansing Aura Icon.png Cleansing Aura (Trait) by Dagrund token.png Dagrund Blacksmoke,Kelpy Shells token 0.png Kelpy Shells
If the Hero can act at the end of the round, cleanses 1 Debuff on all allies.
Cloak of Fire Icon.png Cloak of Fire (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Allies gain immunity to burn and take 50% less damage from fire attacks.
Eyes of the Beholder Icon.png Eyes of the Beholder (Special Attack) by Iris token 0.png Iris
Buffs team +ATK, then does a Ranged Dark attack on enemies.
Fiery Renewal Icon.png Fiery Renewal (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Whenever a Burn debuff is applied to an enemy, all allies gain +5% max health.
Fire Nova Icon.png Fire Nova (Special Attack) by Ignus.png Ignus the Mad
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies, with Rage adding an additional chance to Burn. Grants team Burning Touch (chance to Burn on Basic attacks).
Frost-tipped Blades Icon.png Frost-Tipped Blades (Trait) by Takumi token.png Samurai Takumi
Grants the team a chance to Chill on Melee Physical attacks.
Icy Embrace Icon.png Icy Embrace (Trait) by Icebloom token 0.png Icebloom
All allies heal [25/35/50]% of their maximum health when inflicted with Frozen. Enemy and ally skills inflicting Frozen on allies will trigger this effect. The gained health depends on rank (I-III) of this trait.
IFF Targeting Icon.png IFF Targeting (Basic Attack) by Bauble token 0.png Bauble
Melee physical attack on target enemy, OR heals target friendly construct, OR target ally gains a class-specific buff (Tanks get DEF+, Healers get CRIT+ and SKL+, Casters get +1 ENERGY, all others get ATK+.)
Immunize Icon.png Immunize (Trait) by Mire token 0.png Mire,Zen token 0.png Zen
Each ally healed will gain Impervious (Cannot be Poisoned, Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Shocked, nor Diseased) for two turns.
Master Assassin Icon.png Master Assassin (Trait) by Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond
Self and allied single target abilities deal 100% more Damage on CRITs.
Mend Icon.png Mend (Trait) by NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub
Heal Team for [50% ATK] on CRIT. Triggers when landing a critical hit from a basic attack.
Not Alone Icon.png Not Alone (Trait) by Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper,Lumin the Radiant token 0.png Lumin the Radiant
This hero gains +10% Damage Reduction for each other living ally.
Sanctified Spell Absorption Icon.png Sanctified Spell Absorption (Trait) by Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Allies take significantly reduced damage from non-Physical (-60%) and Chaos attacks (-20%).
Sanctified Swamp Icon.png Sanctified Swamp (Trait) by Grettle token 0.png Grettle
All allies take 50% reduced Chaos Damage.
Shell Power Icon.png Shell Power (Trait) by Grondar token 0.png Grondar
Allied Heroes gain Shell protection (allies cannot be Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Paralyzed or Shocked).
Shielding Soul Icon.png Shielding Soul (Trait) by Dagrund token.png Dagrund Blacksmoke
When killed, remaining allies gain an Aegis Shield.
Spellseeker Weapons Icon.png Spellseeker Weapons (Trait) by Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Allies Melee attacks have a chance to purge a buff on basic attack and can’t be retaliated against by Melee attackers.
Spread the Wealth Icon.png Spread the Wealth (Trait) by Augustus the paladin token 0.png Augustus
When at full HP, this Hero heals the team for a % of his HP every turn.
Team Energy Vault Icon.png Team Energy Vault (Trait) by Ekko token.png Ekko
Self and allies are immune to Exhaustion (=Energy Loss that is caused by use of abilities). Note: Passive traits like epic Malice "All Hope is Lost" can still drain energy.
Team Precision Icon.png Team Precision (Trait) by Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus
Boosted CRIT damage for all allies. CRIT Multiplier is increased by [50%], percentage increases slightly with SKL.
Venomous Embrace.png Venomous Embrace (Trait) by Cobressa token 0.png Cobressa
Heals allies when Venom is applied on the enemies by Cobressa. The heal amount increases with the rank (I/II) of this trait. Enemies immune to Venom prevent the heal effect.
Shard of Darkness Icon.png Shard of Darkness (Trait) by Craw token 0.png Craw,Mire token 0.png Mire
Allies start dungeons with [1/2/3] stacks of Foresight.
Tempered Soul Icon.png Tempered Soul (Trait) by Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper
All allies and self gain an additional [5%/10%/15%] Chaos Damage Reduction (max 50%), depending on the rank of this trait (I/II/III). Skill increases the percent value.
The Calm Before Icon.png The Calm Before (Special Attack) by Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei
Silences all enemies and Buffs allies' Damage. This Hero gains stacks of Storm Power equal to the number of Light or Honorbound Heroes on the team. Starts Powered. (The Empowered Buff to applied to all allies and the caster to double (2x) their damage.)
Counters: Fiery Soul Icon.pngWill of the Wisp Icon.png
Mire token 0.png Mire can be countered by making use of the following traits and special attacks:

Spirit Heroes are vulnerable to:

Fiery Soul Icon.png Fiery Soul (Trait) by Solaris token 0.png Solaris
Immune to Spirit and Fire damage. High resistance (75%) to Burn debuffs, Fear Immune, Possess Immune, Mark Immune, and Stone Immune.
Will of the Wisp Icon.png Will of the Wisp (Trait) by Ekko token.png Ekko
Immune to Spirit, Lightning, and Light attacks. High resistance (75%) to Paralysis. [Light allies start Dungeons with +1 extra energy]. The text in [brackets] is of rank II of this trait (I/II).

Notes and Tips

Mire token 0.png Mire joined on November 29, 2019 during day 4 of the Fantastic Feasts 2019 event. The Spirit from the marsh is the 97th Hero in the game.

  • Unlike Ekko token.png Ekko and Shade token 0.png Shade, Mire token 0.png Mire is not Fear Immune.png Fear Immune. As a result, even though he is safe under the Ethereal Icon.png Ethereal Spirit shield and cannot die, he may flee the battle if he is Feared Icon.png Feared and his health is low.
  • Beware, Arcane Bolts Icon.png Shield-piercing attacks ignore the Ethereal Icon.png Ethereal Spirit shield and can kill Mire token 0.png Mire.
  • Mire token 0.png Mire cannot Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse Debuffs immediately with this Special Abilities but with help of the Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration Buff.
  • One advantage of this is that Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration can easily remove debuffs like Wounded Icon.png Wounded and Nerve Damage Icon.png Nerve Damage, as it first removes the heal blocking debuff and then can heal the target hero. For comparison: Other healers' Abilities like Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine's Cauterize Icon.png Cauterize that heal first and then cleanse a debuff are blocked by Wounded Icon.png Wounded and Nerve Damage Icon.png Nerve Damage Debuffs, since the heal component (which is blocked by the debuff) prevents use of the ability at all.
  • One disadvantage, however, is that Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration is a Buff that can be prevented by Null-Magic Icon.png Null-Magic or stolen (Buff Steal Icon.png Buff Steal). Especially an active Spirit Link Icon.png Spirit Link established by Shade token 0.png Shade cannot be removed by Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration because it's just transferred to Shade and the link stays active.


A Healer Rune (x% heal at the end of the round) or a Vamiric Rune (heals x% of the damage dealt) triggers Mire token 0.png Mire's Immunize Icon.png Immunize and adds Impervious Icon.png Impervious buff to Mire every time he heals.


  • Mire token 0.png Mire has a similar model to Shade token 0.png Shade  here’s why :

It’s dark. Thunderstorms can be heard in the distance as A shadowy figure  approaches the temple of Doom.  Levitating against hells mighty gravity that would crush any who dared to step in that evil lurking forsaken plAce, the figure is illuminated by those hellish purple torches, that every so often float on the walls. Fast and silently, moving like a fleeting shadow, it goes door after door, deeper into the maze of those catacombs, it arrives to the room of power. Being locked by ancient magic, the doors stand tall and mighty as bones are piled up,  after  those fast or lucky enough to get this far, only to get blocked by thy passage.

Whispers echo as the figure uses its dark spells of unknown origin to break the magic keeping the doors in place,  for any other creature this would be impossible; but this was no  ordinary creature.

Noisy metallic noises accompanied by a marching sound can be heard at the distanced - Guards and hellish creatures rush to the sealed doors, noisy metallic noises from those who  once used them mighty armors and fallen to temple, now trapped forever as servants to it, rush to purify thy intruder.

With the final words of the chanting nearly complete, the intruder quickly gets swarmed and surrounded with no where to go. Dogging arrows as it finishes, one last chanting and the spell is complete.

A Huge blast destroys the sealed ancient doors, sent to ground nearly making a new dungeon on the floor when they fell down. The room tho giant is nearly empty having one single red glowing crystal in the middle that had a faint glow coming from the ceiling. From within the dust and smoke two glowing purplish dots can be seen within the mist, entering the fainted room whose only light came from the mysterious centered object. As the entity  approaches the crystal an angry deep fiery voice echooes trough the dungeon


The intruder didn’t even flinched as he finally touched the crystal and removed it from its throne Sealing it in his bag of eternium he sceams “FOOL YOU HAD THE POWER TO BECOME THE BIGGEST ANTEDILUVIAN FORCE OF DESTRUCTION YET YOU GREW FEAR WITHIN YOU, NOW I WILL SHOW YOU THE POWER OF- “

A vortex pops up besides the intruder, as the faint red glow of the room turns into fiery red blazing light, following footsteps noise, Emperor ZulkOdd appears behind the paralized spirit figure 

“YOU REALLY THOUGH YOU COULD TAKE IT FOR YOURSELF SHADE??” - Emperor laughs with fiery fierce 


ZULKODD casts the forbidden spell, as hands come from the ground grabbing Shade in place and dragging down 

“ NOOO!!! I WONT!! YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!!” Shade tried to use his powers to spirit link zulkodd but it was too late, the crystal hAd drawn all his power and left him depleted, vulnerable. As the hands get to hard to fight, Shade takes one last look to thy Magesty that quickly grabbed his staff as he was dragged down to the void.

In another land, far far from that wretched dammed place, it was just a normal day for Jumbeaux, as he was strolling down his swamp trying to enjoy the evenings sun remains, when a huge thunder blast rushed from the skies to a nearby place. Curious about the nature of the thunder, Shrek as he was Also known, Jumbeaux, decided to investigate.

As he approached the location he was met by a dying Shade, barely moving and badly burned by and never seen before fire that water could not put down. 

Jumbeaux took  him to the swamp , bathing him in special mud to help the burns to dissolve. Time went by and one day Shade woke up barely seeing what was going on he sees a big figure that tells him “EAT “ so he complies, despite never having to eat before, shade in a flinch created a mouth in his spectral body to be able to eat.

From that day on Jumbeaux would treat Shade with a mix of his own power and the mud he would gather from the Mystical Swamp plains where he lived, that also geanted him power all those centuries ago. 

One day Jumbeaux went to check on him and found a empty bed. After being somewhat worried where would is guest be he found him outside looking at the sky, enjoying the sunset colors. Approaching him he explains ever and tells his guest about how they met.

“I do remember somethings.. its blurry and very ... dark...its...its..” 

“Not worth to worry about maaan” - Jumbeaux immediately said in a calming deep voice -

“Worry not about the what was of the past, worry yes about the now and where you want your future!!”

Those words shine inside Shade as he was filled with this new sensation overwhelming him. It was so strong light started emanating from within him and there was a quick blast of light.

After this blast Jumbeaux noticed something different

“Woah your eyes man... they changed”

His once purplish fainted eyes now turned into a bright glowing green

“Yes” retorted him in a new toned deep smoothing voice, much alike Jumbeaux 

“I can feel all this power within me, around me. I feel connected to it. I... I ... am finally awake”

“I have the same power, you feel it right? That is the power of life and all that surrounds us. It will never quit you, as it is binding to you. “

“Yes... i can feel it” - looking at the last rays of sun that were fleeting the sky . “I will protect this land and this source “

“It is very brave of you, and i do Admire you, but Nature needs to protectors, it always finds a way itself... “ being interrupted by his guest

“interesting... i do understand what you say. Mire” 

“Hum come again?”


And that my friends, is the story of Mire

  • He is the second hero capable of applying Swamped Status Icon.png Swamped Status, the first was Jumbeaux token 0.png Jumbeaux