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Max HP Boost - Target's Max HP is boosted.

Type: effect - Category: Health

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Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost means that the maximum health, so called Max Health, of the target hero is increased by a certain percentage. As a result, they can take significantly more hits. The effect is not a Buff, it has no icon, and can't be purged. It happens instantly.

Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost does not extend the hero's health bar because the bar always represents the 100% value and the current Health is a certain percentage of it.
If the hero does not have full health, his health visually drops because the current value has now become smaller in proportion to the increased maximum health. Don't worry, this is only obvious, in fact the hero still has more hit points as before.
If the hero has full health, the Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost effect does not change anything visually. But the character has more hit points than before.

Max Health Boost can be used multiple times, but the boost is limited to a total of +100%, or in other words: the character can have twice as many hit points. Healers feel the effects of the Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost in the fact that their healing arts seem to be waning. However, this is only because the ally now has more health and can therefore withstand much more damage which the healer needs to heal. See Heal Ally Icon Heal for an in-depth insight into the healing arts.
Rune Healer Runes are a good choice for Heroes with a large health pool, as these Runes heal a percentage (up to 10%, and 2x of that in CRIT Heals), but not just a fixed amount of health.

Kiss of Death Icon Unhealable Damage is the opposite of Max Health Boost. It reduces the Max Health. Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost persists for the entire dungeon run or Raid, while the effect of Kiss of Death Icon Unhealable Damage is removed when leaving the room.

It's also worth noting that Plant Heroes can also temporarily increase their hit points through Plant Growth Icon Growth, and some Debuffs such as Soulfire Burn Icon Soulfire Burned can cause Kiss of Death Icon Unhealable Damage.


The following heroes can apply Max HP Boost:

Energizing Taunt Icon Energizing Taunt (Special Attack): Taunts, forcing all enemies to target this Hero with attacks, buffs Max HP and gains 2 Energy. Starts Powered.

Warrior's Soul Icon Warrior's Soul (Trait): Warrior allies gain [5%/10%/25%] Attack and Max Health.

Rage Heart Icon Rage Heart (Special Attack): Taunts, forcing all enemies to target this Hero with attacks, and buffs +Max HP. Each stack of Rage further buffs Max HP by 15%. Starts Powered.

Dwarven Vitality Icon Dwarven Vitality (Trait): Self and Dwarf allies' Max HP is boosted by % and Lifesteal a % of the damage dealt.
Dwarven EMT Icon Dwarven EMT (Special Attack): Heals or Repairs target ally, boosts the ally's Max HP and grants the ally Haste.

Fiery Renewal Icon Fiery Renewal (Trait): Whenever a Burn debuff is applied to an enemy, all allies gain +5% max health.

Vengeful Dwarf Icon Vengeful Dwarf (Trait): Whenever an allied Dwarf is killed, this Hero will gain [15%/20%/25%] Attack, Defense, Max Health and will make a basic attack on the enemy who made the killing blow. The percentage value depends on the rank (I-III) the trait.

Wave Rider Icon Wave Rider (Trait): Starts dungeons with +1 Energy and +10% Max Health for EACH other Water ally on the team.

Goblin Alliance Icon Goblin Alliance (Trait): +10% DEF and 10% Max HP for each Goblin or Ogre ally and will jump in front of any single target attack targeting a Goblin ally.

Fillet Zomminions Icon Fillet Zomminions (Special Attack): Snacrifices all allied Zomminions. Self and remaining allies gain +1 Energy and +Max HP, plus +1 Energy and +Max HP for each Zomminion Snacrificed.
Taste for Brains Icon Taste for Brains (Special Attack): Ranged Dark attack that purges all Buffs, heals self and allied Undead and buffs their Max HP. When dealing a killing blow or targeting an enemy corpse, the corpse is removed.

Belief in Fairies Icon Belief in Fairies (Trait): This hero gains 10% Max HP, DEF, and SKL for each other Magical hero in the room, both allies and enemies. The boost accumulates throughout the dungeon.

Gelatinous Mass Icon Gelatinous Mass (Trait): Gain a stack of Gelatinous Mass on hit or when he is hit by a Physical attack. Each stack buffs +10% Max HP and DEF. Stacks cannot be copied or stolen, maximum 5 stacks.

Forgotten Endurance Icon Forgotten Endurance (Trait): When on a team with High King Valkin, this Hero gains +20% DEF and +20% Max HP.

Chroma Shift Icon Chroma Shift (Special Attack): Ranged Physical attack on target, with a chance to apply Venom. 2x damage if target already has Venom. This Hero then shifts to target’s Element, cleanses all debuffs from self, and gains 20% DEF and Max Health until the end of the next round. Cleanses self again when shift expires. Starts powered, but cannot be used while shifted. Cooldown: 6 Turns.

Hearty Taunt Icon Hearty Taunt (Special Attack): Taunts, forcing all enemies to target this Hero with attacks, and buffs +Max HP. Starts Powered.

Epic Heroes with Max HP Boost:
Staff of Horrors Staff of Horrors (Epic): Chance to buff self and allied Undead +Max HP by 20%, deal 2x damage and Disease all enemies. Unlocks Epic From the Grave.

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