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Marked Immune - Can't be Marked. Immune to all types of Mark debuffs.

Type: immunity - Category: Status Effect

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The following heroes are Marked Immune:

Ekko token.png Ekko
Will of the Wisp Icon.png Will of the Wisp (Trait): Immune to Spirit, Lightning, and Light attacks. High resistance (75%) to Paralysis. [Light allies start Dungeons with +1 extra energy]. The text in [brackets] is of rank II of this trait (I/II).

Fiery Soul Icon.png Epic Fiery Soul (Trait): Beasts on this Hero's team have wild and untameable souls, making them Spirit and Fire immune. They take 20% less Chaos damage. (This replaces the 'Fiery Soul' trait once her Epic is unlocked. She keeps her other immunities (such as Fear Immune, etc) from Fiery Soul.)
Fiery Soul Icon.png Fiery Soul (Trait): Immune to Spirit and Fire damage. High resistance (75%) to Burn debuffs, Fear Immune, Possess Immune, Mark Immune, and Stone Immune.