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The information on this page is no longer in the game.
Major Bradox

Major Bradox UNIQUE

Also known as:

  • Private Bradox
  • Lieutenant Bradox
  • Major Bradox
Stars 5
Element Water
Type Human
Class Warrior
Speed Slow


Level Attack Defence Health Skill
1 152 163 453 120
50 743 1289 2222 588


Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Skull Cracker III Active 3 Attack an enemy 3 times
Bulwark III Active 4 Greatly boost DEF for team
Aegis Shield III Active 5 Shield that blocks the next attack on an ally
Chilling Touch Passive Chance to chill on basic attacks


Stage Dungeon Name
8-3 The Second Wave


Larva Sprite Monarch
Level Cost
35 1 2 1