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The information on this page is no longer in the game.
Igorok 2

Igorok the Unkillable LEGENDARY

Also known as:

  • Igorok
  • Igorok the Unkillable
Stars 6
Element Water
Type Beast
Class Guardian
Speed Slow


Level Attack Defence Health Skill
1 169 154 529 140
60 1177 1120 8308 675
60 1019 1645 3193 844


Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Artic Rush II (M) Active 5 Heavy damage with chance to freeze
Reflecting Shield Active 5 Reflecting part of damage taken back to attacker
Temper Tantrum (M) Active 8 Attack all enemies with chance to chill
Shatter Passive Chance for an extra attack on a frozen enemy
Freeze Resist III Passive Large boost to freeze resistance
Field Dressing III Passive Regenerate health every turn
Aurora Breath III (M) Active 5 Heavy damage with chance to freeze
Follow Up Passive Chance to attack a second time if the target is frozen


Stage Dungeon Name
5 - 10 Reflection Halls
- Unreal Summon


Larva Sprite Monarch
Level Cost