Dungeon Boss Wiki

The following table lists all Heroes with their Basic Attacks and Abilities with the Damage type and Attack Range. Not all Abilities (often refered as S1, S2 and S3) are Special Attacks some of them are just for buffing and healing and do no harm. In this case the columns Damage and Range are empty.

Token Hero Basic Attack Damage Type No. of Targets Ability 1 Damage Type No. of Targets Ability 2 Damage Type No. of Targets Ability 3 Damage Type No. of Targets
Abigail the Brutal Token.png Abigail the Brutal

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Furious Charge Icon.png Furious Charge Physical Melee 1 Dogs of War Icon.png Dogs of War Physical Melee 1 Rage Cage Icon.png Rage Cage Physical Melee 2
Admiral Kreel token 2.png Admiral Kreel

Venomous Swing.png Venomous Swing Physical Melee Raging Rapids.png Raging Rapids Physical Melee 1 Chow Down.png Chow Down Physical Melee 1 Old Faithful.png Old Faithful Ranged 1
Agnon token 2.png Agnon

Swing Icon.png Claw Physical Melee Plummeting Doom Icon.png Plummeting Doom Physical Melee 1 Terrorstorm Icon.png Terrorstorm Lightning Ranged 5 Hardened Assault Icon.png Hardened Assault Physical Melee 2
Alexandros token 2.png Alexandros

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Shield Slam Icon.png Shield Slam Physical Melee Energizing Taunt Icon.png Energizing Taunt Provoking Rampage Icon.png Provoking Rampage Physical Melee
Alrakis Skullkeeper token 2.png Alrakis Skullkeeper

Chaos Missile Icon.png Chaos Missile Chaos Ranged Order from Chaos Icon.png Order from Chaos Dark Ranged 1 Corruption From Within Icon.png Corruption From Within Spirit Ranged 1 Draconic Anger Icon.png Draconic Anger Spirit Ranged 5
Emily token 2.png Archangel Emily

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Angelic Resurrection Icon.png Angelic Resurrection Cleansing Wave Icon.png Cleansing Wave Divine Justice Icon.png Divine Justice Physical Melee 1
Archon token 2.png Archon

Soulrend Icon.png Soulrend Physical Melee Burning Berserk Icon.png Burning Berserk Physical Melee 4 Siphoning Sunder Icon.png Siphoning Sunder Physical Melee 1 Cataclysmic Conflagration Icon.png Cataclysmic Conflagration Ranged 5
Aria token 2.png Aria

Provoking Poke Icon.png Provoking Poke Physical Melee Sand in the Eyes Icon.png Sand in the Eyes Physical Melee 5 Hurricane Flurry Icon.png Hurricane Flurry Physical Melee 5 Primed Twist Icon.png Primed Twist
Augustus the paladin token 2.png Augustus

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Smite Icon.png Smite III Physical Melee 1 Lay on Hands Icon.png Lay on Hands Aegis Wall Icon.png Aegis Wall
Balog token 2.png Balog the Loud

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Thunder Shout Icon.png Cry Havoc Spirit Ranged 5 Rage Heart Icon.png Rage Heart Bull Rush Icon.png Bull Rush Physical Melee 1
Balur token 2.png Balur

Sunfire Blast Icon.png Sunfire Blast Light Ranged 2 Eradicating Firebreath Icon.png Eradicating Firebreath Light Ranged 1 Solar Flare Icon.png Solar Flare Light Ranged 5 Rays of Light Icon.png Rays of Light 5
Bauble token 2.png Bauble

IFF Targeting Icon.png IFF Targeting Physical Melee Unstable Bomb Icon.png Unstable Bomb Physical Ranged 1 Positive Charge Icon.png Positive Charge Questionable Contrails Icon.png Questionable Contrails Ranged
Black Diamond token 2.png Black Diamond

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Blade Storm Icon.png Blade Storm Physical Ranged 5 Assassinate Icon.png Assassinate Physical Melee Assassin's Wrath Icon.png Assassin's Wrath Physical Melee 1
Bovus token 2.png Bovus El Doro

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Stampede Icon.png Stampede Physical Melee 5 Purging Smash Icon.png Purging Cleave Physical Melee 1 Grisly Rampage Icon.png Savage Rampage Physical Melee 2
Nubnub token 2.png Chief NubNub

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Voodoo Chant Icon.png Voodoo Chant Stout Team Icon.png Stout Team Haste Ally Icon.png Haste Ally
Cobressa token 2.png Cobressa

Venomous Claw.png Venomous Claw Physical Melee Acid Spit.png Acid Spit Fire Ranged 5 Serpent Spear.png Serpent Spear Physical Ranged Drop Dead Gorgon.png Drop Dead Gorgon Spirit Ranged
Craw token 2.png Craw

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Dark Designs Icon.png Dark Designs Dark Ranged 5 Immortal Life Icon.png Immortal Life Spirit Melee 1 Future Sight Icon.png Future Sight
Crucible token 2.png Crucible

Heatwave Icon.png Heatwave Fire Ranged Superheated Blaze Icon.png Superheated Blaze Fire Ranged Heated Glare Icon.png Heated Glare Spirit Ranged Spark of Chaos Icon.png Spark of Chaos Fire Ranged 5
Cruel King token 2.png Cruel King Bramble

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Goblin Dance Party Icon.png Goblin Dance Party Overlord's Blitz Icon.png Overlord's Blitz Physical Melee 3 Gimme Gimme Icon.png Gimme Gimme
Dagrund token 2.png Dagrund Blacksmoke

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Energy Rune Icon.png Energy Rune Dwarven Smack Down Icon.png Dwarven Smack Down Physical Melee 1 Dwarven EMT Icon.png Dwarven EMT
Deadeye token 2.png Deadeye

Shoot Icon.png Shoot Physical Ranged Bring it Down Icon.png Bring It Down! Physical Ranged 1 Solar Shot Icon.png Solar Shot Physical Ranged 1 Surgical Volley Icon.png Surgical Volley Physical Ranged 5
Dhaegon token 2.png Dhaegon Stonecrusher

Static Strike Icon.png Static Strike Physical Melee Electrified Whirlwind Icon.png Electrified Whirlwind Lightning Melee 5 Resounding Pounding Icon.png Resounding Pounding Physical Melee 1 Thundersmash Icon.png Thundersmash Physical Melee 1
Drakk the Warlord token 2.png Drakk the Warlord

Rage Swing Icon.png Rage Swing Physical Melee Pillage Icon.png Pillage! Physical Melee 1 Wounding Cleave Icon.png Wounding Cleave Physical Melee 2 Challenge Icon.png Challenge 1
Ekko token 2.png Ekko

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Energize Icon.png Energize Electrical Storm Icon.png Electrical Storm Lightning Ranged 4 Spectroblast Icon.png Spectroblast Spirit Melee 1
Ella token 2.png Ella Ametryst

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Charm Icon.png Charm Spirit Ranged 1 Blood Ritual Icon.png Blood Ritual Kiss of Death Icon.png Kiss of Death Physical Melee 1
Ember Sanguine token 2.png Ember Sanguine

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Fire Mend Icon.png Fire Mend 5 Cauterize Icon.png Cauterize Fire 1 Perpetual Flame Icon.png Perpetual Flame
Emperor Zulkodd token 2.png Emperor Zulkodd

Claws of Chaos Icon.png Claws of Chaos Physical Melee Infernal Inferno Icon.png Infernal Inferno Fire Ranged Incite Doom Icon.png Incite Doom Physical Melee 1 Into the Pit Icon.png Into the Pit 1
Ferno token 2.png Ferno

Spitfire Icon.png Wildfire Puff Spirit Ranged Wildfire Breath Icon.png Wildfire Breath Fire Ranged Dive Bomb Icon.png Dive Bomb Physical Melee Choking Smoke Icon.png Choking Smoke Nature Ranged
General Krexx token 2.png General Krexx

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Tail Strike Icon.png Tail Strike Physical Melee 1 Scale Mail Icon.png Scale Mail Scaling Strikes Icon.png Scaling Strikes Physical Melee
Goretusk token 2.png Goretusk

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Sweeping Charge Icon.png Sweeping Charge Physical Melee Avalanche Icon.png Avalanche Water Ranged Tusk Charge Icon.png Tusk Charge Physical Melee 1
Grettle token 2.png Grettle

Hex Wand Icon.png Hex Wand Spirit Ranged 2 Lil Bunny Icon.png Lil Bunny Nature Ranged 1 Bayou Boogie Icon.png Bayou Boogie Nature Ranged 3 For My Next Trick Icon.png For My Next Trick Nature Ranged 3
Grog Gnog token 2.png Grog-Gnog

Rampaging Swing Icon.png Rampaging Swing Physical Melee 2 Strike Icon.png Strike! Water Melee 5 Snow Day Icon.png Snow Day Water Ranged 5 Frostbreath Icon.png Frostbreath Water Ranged 3
Grondar token 2.png Grondar

Perennial Strike Icon.png Perennial Strike Physical Melee Daunting Gleam Icon.png Daunting Gleam Physical Melee Crystallized Carapace Icon.png Crystallized Carapace Vital Vigilance Icon.png Vital Vigilance
Hagrim Felhorn token 2.png Hagrim Felhorn

Dual Wielding Icon.png Dual Wielding Physical Melee 2 Buzz Saw Icon.png Buzz Saw Physical Melee 1 Jack Hammer Icon.png Jack Hammer Physical Melee 1 Dwarven Fury Icon.png Dwarven Fury 1
Hansuke Undying token 2.png Hansuke Undying

Swing Icon.png Slash Physical Melee 1 Iaijutsu Strike Icon.png Iaijutsu Strike Physical Melee 1 Blade Fury Icon.png Blade Fury Physical Melee 1 Wrath of the Fallen Icon.png Wrath of the Fallen Physical Melee 1
Harbinger token 2.png Harbinger the Terror

Melee Purple.png Crushing Attack Physical Melee Conqueror's Strike Icon.png Conqueror's Strike Dark Melee Conqueror's Charge Icon.png Conqueror's Charge Dark Melee Conqueror's Wrath Icon.png Conqueror's Wrath ??? ???
High King Valkin token 2.png High King Valkin

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 To War Artillery Icon.png To War! (Artillery) Water Ranged 5 Steel Sharpens Steel Icon.png Steel Sharpens Steel Physical Melee 1 To War Infantry Icon.png To War! (Infantry) Physical Melee To War Cavalry Icon.png To War! (Cavalry) Physical Melee Tooth And Nail Icon.png Tooth And Nail Physical Melee 1
Hopper token 2.png Hopper

Bite Icon.png Bite Physical Melee 1 Just a Taste Icon.png Just a Taste Physical Melee 5 Eat and Run Icon.png Eat and Run Physical Melee 1 Soul Devour Icon.png Soul Devour Dark Ranged 1
Icebloom Token 2.png Icebloom

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Let it Snow Icon.png Let it Snow Water Ranged Cryosleep Icon.png Cryosleep Misdirect Icon.png Misdirect
Icepick token 2.png Icepick

Swing Icon.png Claw Physical Melee Hailstorm Icon.png Hailstorm Water Ranged 5 Deal With the Devil Icon.png Deal With the Devil 1 Blood in the Water Icon.png Blood in the Water Physical Melee 1
Ignus token 2.png Ignus the Mad

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Fire Nova Icon.png Fire Nova 5 Heist Icon.png Heist Spirit Ranged Incinerate Icon.png Incinerate Fire Ranged 1
Igorok token 2.png IGOROK

Snowy Smash Icon.png Snowy Smash Physical Melee 1 Polar Pounding Icon.png Polar Pounding Water Ranged 5 Frostbite Taunt Icon.png Frostbite Taunt Melee Arctic Rush Icon.png Arctic Assault Water Melee
Indigo token 2.png Indigo

Shoot Icon.png Shoot Physical Ranged Rapid Fire Icon.png Rapid Fire Physical Ranged Chilling Barrage Icon.png Chilling Barrage Physical Ranged 5 Sloth Shot Icon.png Sloth Shot Physical Ranged 1
Iris token 2.png Iris

Wand Icon.png Optic Blast Spirit Ranged Eyes of the Beholder Icon.png Eyes of the Beholder III Dark Ranged 5 Destructive Deconstruction Icon.png Destructive Deconstruction Dark Ranged 1 Annihilation Beam Icon.png Annihilation Beam Spirit Ranged 1
Jabber.png Jabber Clenchjaw

Swing Icon.png Claw Physical Melee Beast Mode Icon.png Beast Mode Physical Melee Horror Scrape Icon.png Horror Scrape Physical Melee 1 Poison Rampage Icon.png Poison Rampage Physical Melee 2
Jibber token 2.png Jibber Clenchjaw

Swing Icon.png Claw Physical Melee Lightning Fury Icon.png Lightning Fury Physical Melee 5 Disabling Strike Icon.png Disabling Strike Lightning Melee 1 Wild Spark Icon.png Wild Spark Physical ?? Melee ??
Jin Lei token 2.png Jin Lei

Paralyzing Strike Icon.png Paralyzing Strike Light Ranged Storm of the Ancestors Icon.png Storm of the Ancestors Lightning Ranged 5 The Calm Before Icon.png The Calm Before 5 Chain Lightning Icon.png Chain Lightning Lightning Ranged 5
Julius token 2.png Julius

Punch Icon.png Punch Physical Melee Barrel Toss Icon.png Barrel Toss Physical Ranged 5 Monkey See Icon.png Monkey See Physical Melee Astounding Pounding Icon.png Astounding Pounding Physical Melee
Jumbeaux token 2.png Jumbeaux

Swamped Swing Icon.png Swamped Swing Physical Melee Ace Icon.png Ace Nature Ranged 5 Ground Pound Icon.png Ground Pound Swamp Assault Icon.png Swamp Assault Physical Melee 3
Kai Makani token 2.png Kai Makani

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Surf's Up Icon.png Surf's Up! III Water Ranged 5 Call of the Deep Icon.png Call of the Deep Back Splash Icon.png Back Splash Water Melee 5
Kelpy Shells token 2.png Kelpy Shells

Wash Out Icon.png Wash Out Water Ranged 1 Waterlogged Field Icon.png Waterlogged Field Water Ranged 5 Algae Wash Icon.png Algae Wash Growth Swell Icon.png Growth Swell Water Ranged 5
Yorick token 2.png King Yorick

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Marked for Death Icon.png Marked for Death 1 Warding Strike Icon.png Warding Strike Physical Melee 1 Lifeless Breath Icon.png Lifeless Breath Water Ranged 5
Kobal token 2.png Kobal the Pestilent

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Pandemic Swarm Icon.png Pandemic Swarm Dark Ranged 5 Arcane Bolts Icon.png Arcane Bolts Spirit Ranged 5 Contagion Control Icon.png Contagion Control Spirit Ranged 5
Koros token 2.png Koros

Heads or Tails Icon.png Heads or Tails Physical Melee Purging Pyre Icon.png Purging Pyre Fire Ranged 5 Siphoning Rampage Icon.png Siphoning Rampage Physical Melee 3 Stinging Strike Icon.png Stinging Strike Physical Melee
Kozar Bonebreaker token 2.png Kozar Bonebreaker

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Home Run Icon.png Home Run Physical Ranged 5 Pummel Icon.png Pummel 1 Suppression Icon.png Suppressing Smash Physical Melee 5
Nimriel Token 2.png Lady Nimriel

Shoot Icon.png Shoot Physical Ranged Get Over Here Icon.png Get Over Here Physical Ranged Deadly Barrage Icon.png Deadly Barrage 5 Phosphorus Arrow Icon.png Phosphorus Arrow 1
Leonidus token 2.png Leonidus

Swing Icon.png Bite Physical Melee Sun Worship Icon.png Sun Worship Light Ranged 5 The Guardian Icon.png The Guardian Divine Inspiration Icon.png Divine Inspiration
Brom token 2.png Life Reaper Brom

Dread Scythe Icon.png Dread Scythe Physical Melee 1 Doom Blade Icon.png Doom Blade Dark Melee 5 Siphoning Slice Icon.png Siphoning Slice Spirit Melee 1 Essence Reap Icon.png Essence Reap Dark Melee 1
Lily Blossom token 2.png Lily Blossom

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Sapping Vines Icon.png Sapping Vines Ranged Pollen Cloud Icon.png Pollen Cloud Ranged One With Nature.png One With Nature
Zomm token 2.png Lord Zomm

Septic Claw Icon.png Putrid Claw Dark Melee 1 Taste for Brains Icon.png Taste for Brains Dark Ranged 1 Unleash the Legion Icon.png Unleash the Legion Fillet Zomminions Icon.png Fillet Zomminions
Lorelei token 2.png Lorelei

Dust in the Eye Icon.png Dust in the Eye Light Ranged Gift of Flight Icon.png Gift of Flight Light Ranged 5 Magic Prism Icon.png Spirit Link 1 Tricksy Fae Icon.png Tricksy Fae
Lumin the Radiant token 2.png Lumin the Radiant

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Radiant Burst Icon.png Radiant Burst Light Ranged 5 Gamma Flare Icon.png Gamma Flare Spirit Ranged 1 Supernova Icon.png Supernova Light Ranged 5
Lupina token 2.png Lupina

Swing Icon.png Bite Physical Melee Chaos Howl Icon.png Chaos Howl Spirit 5 Fiery Fangs Icon.png Fiery Fangs Fire Melee Burning Rampage Icon.png Burning Rampage Physical Melee 3
Malice Token 2.png Malice

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Theft of Grace Icon.png Theft of Grace III Spirit Melee 1 Malevolent Strike Icon.png Malevolent Strike Physical Melee Envious Rampage Icon.png Envious Rampage Physical Melee
Mangle jaw token 2.png Mangle Jaw

Bite Icon.png Bite Physical Melee 1 Hot Coals Icon.png Hot Coals Fire Ranged 5 Lock Jaw Icon.png Lock Jaw Physical Melee Terror Tooth Icon.png Terror Tooth Physical Melee 2
Marrow token 2.png Marrow

Bite Icon.png Bite Physical Melee 1 Lure Icon.png Lure Lightning Melee 1 Light Nova Icon.png Light Nova Lightning Ranged 5 Invigorate Icon.png Invigorate
Masuta token 2.png Masuta Kira

Swing Icon.png Slash Physical Melee 1 Death Blossom Icon.png Death Blossom Physical Ranged 5 Vibrating Palm Icon.png Vibrating Palm Spirit Ranged Dim Mak Icon.png Dim Mak Ranged 1
Miko the Marvelous token 2.png Miko the Marvelous

Mocking Blow Icon.png Mocking Blow Physical Melee Chaotic Bounce Icon.png Chaotic Bounce Water Ranged 5 Puppet Master Icon.png Puppet Master Physical Melee 1 Take a Break Icon.png Take a Break
Mire token 2.png Mire

Bog Light Icon.png Bog Light Nature Ranged 1 Verdant Vitality Icon.png Verdant Vitality Bog Blessing Icon.png Bog Blessing Nature Ranged 5 Nature's Reclamation Icon.png Nature's Reclamation Spirit Ranged 1
Moriko token 2.png Moriko

Forest Fist Icon.png Forest Fist Physical Melee Sapling Siege Icon.png Sapling Siege ??? Ranged 5 Super Spirit Epic Icon.png Super Epic Attack Elemental Melee Forest Thirsts Icon.png Forest Thirsts Nature Melee 1 Unbridled Loyalty Icon.png Unbridled Loyalty
Nitpick.png Nitpick

Swing Icon.png Claw Physical Melee Meteor Storm Icon.png Meteor Storm Fire Ranged 5 Savage Slash Icon.png Savage Slash Physical Melee 1 Fireball Icon.png Fireball Fire Ranged 1
Niveous token 2.png Niveous

Chaos Missile Icon.png Chaos Missile Chaos Ranged Cold Summons Icon.png Cold Summons Physical Melee 5 Heart of Chaos Icon.png Heart of Chaos Physical Melee 1 Icy Howl Icon.png Icy Howl Water Ranged 5
Overlord token 2.png Overlord Executum

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Vigilance2 Icon.png Vigilance Void Taunt Icon.png Void Taunt Void Strike Icon.png Void Strike
Phemus token 2.png Phemus

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Earthquake Icon.png Earthquake Physical Ranged Demolishing Smash Icon.png Demolishing Smash Physical Melee Wild Rampage Icon.png Wild Rampage Physical Melee 4
Phenol token 2.png Phenol Thoxian

Slam Icon.png Slam Physical Melee Jelly Shot Icon.png Slime Shot Nature Ranged 5 Jiggle Icon.png Jiggle 5 Absorbing Smash Icon.png Absorbing Smash Physical Melee 1
Pignius Maximus Icon.png Pignius Maximus

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Sucker Punch Icon.png Sucker Punch Physical Melee 1 Bestial Roar Icon.png Bestial Roar Burning Taunt Icon.png Burning Taunt Melee
Pontifex token 2.png Pontifex Mortis

Necro Bolt Icon.png Necro Bolt Dark Ranged Chaos Storm Icon.png Chaos Storm Dark Ranged 5 Grave Digger Icon.png Grave Digger Dark Ranged Doom Bolt Icon.png Doom Bolt Lightning Ranged 1
Reyla token 2.png Reyla the Lightbringer

Bright Shot Icon.png Bright Shot Physical Ranged Hail of Arrows Icon.png Hail of Arrows Physical Ranged 5 Commanding Presence Icon.png Commanding Presence Spirit Ranged 1 Ambush Tactics Icon.png Ambush Tactics Physical Ranged 1
Rocky token 2.png Rocky the Shiitake

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Spore Cloud Icon.png Spore Cloud Sonic Screech Icon.png Sonic Screech Spirit Ranged 5 Poison Rampage Icon.png Poison Rampage Physical Melee 2
Rogar token 2.png Rogar Stonecrusher

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Whirlwind Icon.png Whirlwind Physical Melee 5 Skull Cracker Icon.png Skull Cracker Physical Melee 1 Rage Strike Icon.png Rage Strike Physical Melee
Takumi token 2.png Samurai Takumi

Swing Icon.png Slash Physical Melee 1 Frost Katana Icon.png Frost Katana Water Melee 1 Bitter Strike 2 Icon.png Bitter Strike Water Melee 1 Blade Fury Icon.png Blade Fury Physical Melee 1
Selwyn token 2.png Selwyn the Enduring

Wand Icon.png Wand (Water) Water Ranged Northern Gale Icon.png Northern Gale Water Ranged 5 Chilling Blast Icon.png Chilling Blast Water Ranged Frost Barrage Icon.png Frost Barrage Water Ranged
Serenity token 2.png Serenity

Double Daggers Icon.png Double Daggers Physical Melee Void Assault Icon.png Void Assault Physical Melee 4 Spell Rend Icon.png Spell Rend Physical Melee 1 Dispelling Strike Icon.png Dispelling Strike Physical Melee 1
Shade token 2.png Shade

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Haunted Past Icon.png Haunted Past Spirit Melee 1 Spirit Link Icon.png Spirit Link 1 Possession Icon.png Possession
Daeris token 2.png Shadow Queen Daeris

Paranoia Shot Icon.png Paranoia Shot Physical Ranged Purple Rain of Sorrow Icon.png Purple Rain of Sorrows Physical Ranged 5 Debilitating Shot Icon.png Debilitating Shot Vampiric Arrow Barrage Icon.png Vampiric Barrage Physical Ranged 5
Shadowblade Token 2.png Shadowblade

Swing Icon.png Slash Physical Melee 1 From the Shadows Icon.png From the Shadows Physical Melee Vampiric Shurikens Icon.png Vampiric Shurikens Physical Ranged 3 Sickly Slice Icon.png Poisoned Blade Physical Melee
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 2.png Shieldmaiden Astrid

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Boomerang Shield Icon.png Boomerang Shield Physical Ranged 5 Crippling Advance Icon.png Crippling Advance Physical Melee Impaling Barrage Icon.png Impaling Barrage
Sifu token 2.png Sifu Jianzhi

Swing Icon.png Kick Physical Melee Feet of Fury Icon.png Feet of Fury Physical Melee 1 Warrior's Chi Icon.png Warrior's Chi Precise Rampage Icon.png Precise Rampage Chi Melee 3
William token 2.png Sir William

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Bring It On Icon.png Bring It On Guarding Strike Icon.png Guarding Strike Physical Melee 1 Last Stand Icon.png Last Stand Physical Melee
Solaris token 2.png Solaris

Pinion Blast Icon.png Pinion Blast Spirit Ranged Fire Bird Icon.png Fire Bird Fire Ranged Phoenix Rising Icon.png Phoenix Rising Fire and Flames Icon.png Fire & Flames Fire Ranged
Spitfire token 2.png Spitfire

Spitfire Icon.png Demonfire Puff Spirit Ranged Demonfire Bite Icon.png Demonfire Bite Physical Melee Debilitating Smog Icon.png Debilitating Smog Fire Ranged Infernal Blaze Icon.png Infernal Blaze Fire Ranged
Squinch Token 2.png Squinch

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Playing with Fire Icon.png Playing with Fire Fire Melee Burning Chop Icon.png Burning Chop Fire Melee Cheap Shot Icon.png Cheap Shot Physical Melee 1
Stonefist token 2.png Stone Fist

Punch Icon.png Punch Physical Melee Fist of Justice Icon.png Fist of Justice Physical Ranged 1 Water on Rock Icon.png Water on Rock Provoking Punch Icon.png Provoking Punch Physical Melee
Sun Wukong 2.png Sun Wukong

Monkey Swing Icon.png Monkey Swing Physical Melee 1 Whirling Staff Icon.png Whirling Staff Physical Melee 5 Headband Trap Icon.png Headband Trap Physical Ranged 1 Cloud Hop Icon.png Cloud Hop Spirit Melee 5
Sybil token 2.png Sybil

Spectrum Shot Icon.png Spectrum Shot Elemental Ranged Tongue Lash Icon.png Tongue Lash Nature Ranged 5 Make it Rain Icon.png Make It Rain Physical Ranged 5 Chroma Shift Icon.png Chroma Shift Physical Ranged 1
The Furnace token 2.png The Furnace

Feel the Burn Icon.png Feel the Burn Physical Melee 5 Under Pressure Icon.png Under Pressure Fire Ranged Feel the Burn Icon.png Feel the Burn III Physical Melee 5 Stoke the Boiler Icon.png Stoke the Boiler Combustion Icon.png Combustion 3
Fiddlestrom token 2.png Therand Fiddlestrom

Swing Icon.png Throw Wrench/Dynamite/Barrel Physical Ranged Thermal Detonator Icon.png Thermal Detonator Physical Ranged 5 Cheers Mate Icon.png Cheers Mate Physical Melee Swing Icon.png Throw Wrench/Dynamite/Barrel III Physical Ranged Helmet Missiles Icon.png Helmet Missiles Physical Ranged 5
Torchy token 2.png Torchy

Swing Icon.png Bite Physical Melee Bat Out of Hell Icon.png Bat Out of Hell Fire Ranged 1 Lock Jaw Icon.png Lock Jaw Physical Melee Fiery Fangs Icon.png Fiery Fangs Fire Melee
Tsume token 2.png Tsume

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Soul Shred Icon.png Soul Shred Physical Ranged 5 Double Chop Icon.png Double Chop Physical Melee Spreading Panic Icon.png Spreading Panic Physical Melee 2
Thraxx token 2.png Underlord Thraxx

Get Em Icon.png Get 'Em Physical Melee Rough Em Up Icon.png Rough 'Em Up Physical Melee 4 Its Just Business Icon.png It's Just Business Physical Melee 1 Rough Em Up Icon.png An Offer You Can't Refuse Physical Melee 1
Undine token 2.png Undine

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Viperia token 2.png Viperia

Venomous Claw.png Venomous Claw Physical Melee Snakes on the Plains.png Snakes on the Plains III Physical Melee 5 Death Bites.png Death Bites Physical Ranged 5 Reptile Pile.png Reptile Pile Physical Melee
Vulcan token 2.png Vulcan

File:??instigate?? ??instigate?? ??instigate?? ??instigate?? ??instigate?? File:??rage machine?? ??rage machine?? ??rage machine?? ??rage machine?? ??rage machine?? File:??rage cannon?? ??rage cannon?? ??rage cannon?? ??rage cannon?? ??rage cannon?? File:??rage slam?? ??rage slam?? ??rage slam?? ??rage slam?? ??rage slam??
Willow.png Willow Swift

Shoot Icon.png Shoot Physical Ranged Sniper Shot Icon.png Sniper Shot Physical Ranged 1 Evasive Shot Icon.png Evasive Shot Physical Ranged 1 Arrow Barrage Icon.png Arrow Barrage Physical Ranged 5
Yan Luo token 2.png Yan Luo

Mortal Assault Icon.png Mortal Assault Dark Ranged Gloom Cage Icon.png Gloom Cage Dark Ranged Murky Shield Icon.png Murky Shield Dark Ranged Fog of War Icon.png Fog of War Dark Ranged
Yasmin token 2.png Yasmin Bloom

Wand Icon.png Wand Spirit Ranged Mend Icon.png Team Mend Cure Wounds Icon.png Cure Wounds II Aegis Bandage Icon.png Aegis Bandage
Yokozuna token 2.png Yokozuna

Swing Icon.png Belly Flop Physical Melee Sumo Stomp Icon.png Sumo Stomp Physical Ranged 5 Hearty Taunt Icon.png Hearty Taunt Rest Icon.png Rest
Zen token 2.png Zen

Pop and Cover Icon.png Pop and Cover Spirit Ranged Safe Haven Icon.png Safe Haven Meditation Icon.png Group Meditation Enlightenment Icon.png Enlightenment
Zola token 2.png Zola

Venomous Claw.png Venomous Claw Physical Melee Icy Glare Icon.png Icy Glare Water Ranged 5 Snakenado Icon.png Snakenado Water Ranged 5 Serpent Strike Icon.png Serpent Strike Physical Melee
Zurk token 2.png Zurk

Swing Icon.png Swing Physical Melee 1 Dragon Punch Icon.png Dragon Punch Physical Melee 1 Rampage Icon.png Rampage Physical Melee 2 Crush the Nerds Icon.png Crush the Nerds Physical Melee