Health Surge Icon

Max Health, often abbreviated as HP for Hit Points, defines how much damage the Hero can take. It's the number of Hit Points the hero has when they are uninjured. In this case, the Health Bar is full and green because it reflects 100% health.

Current Health is the green part of the health bar and a percentage of Max Health. Injuries are the red part of the health bar. Any damage reduces the Current Health. 1 damage causes 1 hit point to be lost. There are also some Effects and Special Attacks that cause Bog Blessing Icon Health Loss and reduce the Current Health by a percentage.

ThaliaPortrait Small If the current health is 0, the hero is dead. That's pretty bad, Boss!

To contiune the fight with a dead hero, you must revive the fallen hero, otherwise they won't be of much help. Only very few Heroes have the power to overcome death. See Angelic Resurrection Icon Resurrection for details. The Unbreakable Heart Icon Unbreakable Heart buff, the Trait with the same name that Icebloom token 0 Icebloom has and that is added by Runes, and some some other buffs like Ethereal Icon Ethereal Spirit, can keep the Current Health at 1 regardless of the damage dealt. Usually, this works only once in the Raid or the dungeon run.

Current Health can be restored by Heal Ally Icon Heal, Leech Icon Lifesteal, or Regeneration Icon Regeneration. Constructs, except Living Stone Icon Living Stone constructs, cannot be healed. They must be IFF Targeting Icon Repaired.

Max Health can be increased by Health Boost Icon Max HP Boost and decreased by Kiss of Death Icon Unhealable Damage.

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