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Haste - Target gains a second action and boosted Dodge Chance until the end of their next turn.

Type: buff - Category: Speed

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By strategically casting Haste on an ally, they gain an additional chance to unleash all of their devastating attacks on the opposing team. The Haste buff is triggered immediately to grant them their second action. In addition, their Dodge chance is increased (dependent on the level of the skill) to help them avoid attacks until they execute their second actions. The haste buff expires after they take their second chance.

If a room is cleared before their turn begins, then the Haste buff persists in the next room.

Rocky token 0.png Rocky the Shiitake and High King Valkin token 0.png High King Valkin's To War Infantry Icon.png To War! (Infantry) can give haste to the entire party, while other heroes like NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub can haste a single ally, and heroes like Nimriel token 0.png Lady Nimriel gain haste for themselves.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Haste:

Angelic Resurrection Icon.png Angelic Resurrection (Special Attack): Bring an ally back from the dead with a % of their HP, [Haste] and 3 [Energy].

Haste Ally Icon.png Haste Ally (Special Attack): Grants an ally a second action on its next turn, plus an evasion buff that grants a [50.5% + 0.5%/lvl] chance to Dodge an attack until the end of its next turn.

Fanning the Flames Icon.png Fanning the Flames (Trait): At 25% Pressure, allies gain 30% DEF. At 50% Pressure, allies gain 25% Damage Reduction. At 75% Pressure, allies gain 20% ATK. At 100% Pressure, allies become Hasted, Pressure drops back down to 60%. The Furnace does not lose Pressure from this.

Dwarven EMT Icon.png Dwarven EMT (Special Attack): Heals or Repairs target ally, boosts the ally's Max HP and grants the ally Haste.

Goblin Hunter Icon.png Goblin's Exterminator (Trait): Takes 25% less damage from Goblin enemies and deals 2x damage to Goblin enemies. When this Hero kills a Goblin, gain Haste and increased ATK.

To War Infantry Icon.png To War! (Infantry) (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack on all enemies that grants team Haste.

Second Wind Icon.png Second Wind (Trait): Gains +1 energy and Haste after dealing a killing blow.

Spore Cloud Icon.png Spore Cloud (Special Attack): Grants team Haste, giving a second action and +Dodge Chance.

Adept Strikes Icon.png Adept Strikes (Trait): Allies and self gain Haste after using a single target Melee Physical attack once per round.

Impaling Barrage Icon.png Impaling Barrage (Special Attack): 3 Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attacks on target enemy. If target dies, Astrid gains Haste.

Warrior's Chi Icon.png Warrior's Chi (Special Attack): Heals self, then grants self and allied Assassins and Warriors DEF+ buff, +1 Energy and Haste.

Epic Heroes with Haste:

Hugin and Munin.png Hugin and Munin (Epic): Chance to do an attack for 2x damage, and add Haste to self and all other Dwarf allies + Epic Passive: Epic Lead By Example.