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ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG What do hammers do? When you're The Furnace, they smash your Enemies into tiny fun-sized pieces and win lots of battles.

What are Hammers for?

Hammer Icon.png

Hammers are a resource in Dungeon Boss which are found in many different locations. They are gained mostly by completing Dungeons, opening small chests in Dungeons or by simply quick-looting levels, which guarantees hammers as one of the rewards.

In My Dungeon these hammers are used to protect the gold chest for a while, preventing attackers from stealing a good portion of your precious gold and Honor.

The gold chest can be protected up to 20 hours by spending an increasing amount of hammers. A bar and countdown show for how long the gold chest is protected. A protected chest appears armored in My Dungeon.


Many Seekers often ask what hammers are for in the game's many different chat channels, mostly by players who are new to Dungeon Boss.

Since the Boss Mode Update there you can earn an Achievement and the corresponding Title.png title "Knows what are Hammers for".