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Official FAQ

as taken from the DB forum

Hey everyone! We see a lot of questions on the forum, some more commonly than others, so we've made a FAQ! If you're new to the forum and have a question, check these out before posting a new thread, we might already have the answer your looking for.

If you have any suggestions of things to add to the FAQ, send me a private message. :)

ThaliaPortrait Small My purchase didn’t go through/I didn’t get my tournament rewards/my account got deleted! What do I do?
If something has gone wrong regarding the contents of your account, please contact customer support here, they’ll be able to help you. Please note that they can take up to 72 hours to respond. If you don’t hear back from them in that time, send @Joel a direct message with your incident number (a number, sometimes called a ‘question reference’ that will be in the automated email you’ll receive when you first contact customer support).
ThaliaPortrait Small My Hero’s attack order got messed up in the middle of a battle!

In all likelihood, you’re probably seeing the effects of an ability that changes a Hero’s speed or turn order.

  • Icebloom and Indigo both have abilities that slow their enemies.
  • Pontifex goes from a normal speed Hero to a slow Hero when he resurrects, this changes the turn order accordingly.
  • A hero leaving the battlefield from Fear or being eaten/destroyed (for example, Hopper using 'Hoppy Ending' to destroy a corpse) can reorder things.
ThaliaPortrait Small What does it mean when a Hero is “featured” in the Portal?
Featured Heroes have a higher chance than normal to appear in the Portal. Exact probabilities and which Portals featured Heroes appear in vary by event.
ThaliaPortrait Small I didn’t get a new Hero from my 10x portal pull!
A 10x portal pull doesn’t guarantee a new Hero each time, but it does guarantee that you’ll get a bunch of tokens for at least one Hero (usually 10-25).
ThaliaPortrait Small In PVP, Bovus used Stampede and took energy from my opponents, but they were immediately able to use their specials the next round. Is this a bug?

Nope! One of two things could have happened:

  • If your opponent has Ekko on their team, they won’t lose energy.
  • Energy is regained at the beginning of every round, meaning the energy loss will only impact Heroes that move after Bovus. For example, if your opponent has a Willow and has a fully charged Sniper Shot when you use Stampede, her energy was indeed reduced, but she regained it at the top of the next round, meaning she’s able to use her Sniper Shot.
ThaliaPortrait Small I found a bug! Where can I report it and when will it be fixed?
First, glance around the Bugs & Technical Issues area of the forum and see if someone else has already reported it. If nobody has, start a new discussion, we read everything that’s posted here! Some fixes take longer to fix than others, and we can’t always give a timeline on when things will be changed, but the sooner we know about something, the sooner we can fix it!
ThaliaPortrait Small I saw someone saying nasty things in the chat room, how can I report them?
We have set up a comprehensive chat filter, but some people will inevitably find a way around it. If you encounter any unsavory things in chat, send Joel or EEJ a direct message with the player’s username, and we’ll take appropriate action, ranging from sending out warnings to banning people from chat altogether.
ThaliaPortrait Small I think you should add/change something in the game!
Awesome, we love getting suggestions and feedback! We don’t always comment on suggestions, but rest assured that we read every single piece of feedback we get. In general, we won’t make promises on if or when suggestions will be implemented.
ThaliaPortrait Small When is your next big update? When will you be releasing a new Hero?
We’ll always let you know when we’re about to make a huge update or release a new Hero, but we usually don’t announce things like that more than a few days in advance. Keep an eye out for announcements!
ThaliaPortrait Small What are Orbs for?
Collected Orbs can be used to complete special quests that will unlock “Blessings of the Seeker”, which are special upgrades that you can give to a Hero of your choosing! Blessings increase the elemental advantage a Hero gets when attacking. Be careful though! Once you apply a Blessing, it’s permanent!
ThaliaPortrait Small What are VIP Levels and how do I get them?
When you make in-game purchases, you gain VIP points, which can give you various benefits. Consider them an extra thanks from us for supporting the game! One US Dollar will grant you 8 VIP points. Please note that we set all prices in USD and give the same prices to both Google and Apple, but those prices can vary in other currencies depending on current exchange rates. In addition, Google does not always use the same conversion rates as Apple. Your VIP level is visible to you and only you.} → Main article: VIP Level

New Boss Questions

ThaliaPortrait Small What are Hammers for?
Hammer Icon Hammers are used to secure and protect the gold chest in My Dungeon so your gold and honor does not get stolen. Your personal dungeon is unlocked at level 10.
ThaliaPortrait Small What are these Keys for?
The Loot Key Loot Keys are used to Quick Loot a dungeon that you have already gotten 3 stars on beginning at level 8.
ThaliaPortrait Small My heroes touched an little creature and it exploded in a fireworks. What happened?
Congratulations! You just collected your first Nature Evo Larva Evo. It's needed to ascend your heroes. You can have a look at it in the Craft Menu.
ThaliaPortrait Small I've just earned a Portal Summon Gem free Portal Summon! How many do I have now?
Touch your Player Level Player Icon on the main screen ("The Town") and have a look a the Currency tab, scroll down a bit. Et la voila!
ThaliaPortrait Small I didn't find an answer to my question here. What can I do?
You can edit this page and add your question here.
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