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Evading - Target has a boosted Dodge Chance for 3 turns.

Type: buff - Category: Dodge, Defense

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The affected character has a very high chance to dodge attacks, and therefore, a very low chance of being hit while the buff is active. This buff provides a defensive edge for heroes that have very low life or defense and would've been killed by a devastating attack. When facing enemies that have an increased evasion, these targets should be ignored until the effect wears off, or else the attacks have a chance of missing. The only exception are units that have the Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing or similar passives, or an Perfect Swing Icon Undodgeable attack, which hits the target all the time, such as Dwarven Resolve Icon Dwarven Resolve of the Dwarfs. In this case, heroes that have this particular passive should focus on heroes that have the potential to evade in order to quickly focus damage dealt towards one enemy at a time.


The following heroes can inflict/apply Evading:

Eat and Run Icon Eat and Run (Special Attack): 2 Melee Physical Bite attacks that Wound target enemy and grant this Hero Evasion.

Pollen Cloud Icon Pollen Cloud (Special Attack): Ranged Nature attack on all enemies that grants team Evasion and buffs their DEF for 2 turns, Grows allied Plants.

Jack in the Box Icon Jack in the Box (Trait): When in a team with Cruel King Bramble all Goblins in the team have increased dodge chance and have a chance to apply paralyzed or dazed on hit. This hero can't be cloned.

Forbidden Technique Icon Forbidden Technique (Trait): Self and allied Assassins start dungeons with Evasion lasting 1 turn.
From the Shadows Icon From the Shadows (Special Attack): Critical Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attack that purges 1 buff and grants self Evasion.

Evasive Shot Icon Evasive Shot (Special Attack): Armor-Piercing Ranged Physical attack that grants self Evasion.

Twinkle Toes Icon Twinkle Toes (Trait): +Dodge Chance on CRIT.


Perfect Swing Icon Undodgeable

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