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ThaliaPortrait Small Epic Weapons not only increase your Hero's stats but also add special effects!

How to Get an Epic

Epics are unlocked once you have fully ascended a hero and if that hero is level 50 or higher. By taking the hero to their elementally respective Boss Island Dungeon and beating said dungeon, the hero's epic may drop. Then, within the hero's "Epic" menu, you can apply the epic to the hero, using raw materials and the epic itself.

Epics allow your hero to gain extra stats, and may add special effects, where when using a basic attack, there will be a 10%+ chance (depending on the Epic's level) that there will be an Epic attack, that which can cleanse/buff the team, deal extra damage, debuff the enemy team/target, or cleanse them.

Upgrading Epics

Upgrading Epics often requires Totems and Raw Materials. As the levels upgraded progress higher and higher, more materials will be needed.

ThaliaPortrait Small Epic only have a chance to drop if you bring that Hero into its Elemental Dungeon!

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