Some Epic Heroes have a trait that is accompanied with their Epic

Many Legendary Heroes have a trait that becomes improved by their Epic. At times, Gold Heroes may receive a new trait once they become Epic.

Epic Passives
Hero          Epic         Trait Epic trait description
Cruel king token Cruel King Bramble
The Main Clubba

The Main Clubba

Critical Goblin Odor Icon

Critical Goblin Stench

Goblin allies attack a random enemy on CRIT. Goblin allies attack a random enemy when Bramble lands a CRIT. (This trait replaces Critical Goblin Odor when Bramble's Epic is unlocked.)
High King Valkin token 0 High King Valkin
Hugin and Munin

Hugin and Munin

Lead By Example Icon

Epic Lead By Example

All allies will follow-up any attack made by this Hero with a basic attack. (This trait replaces the trait 'Lead By Example' when the Epic is unlocked. It makes non-Dwarven allies do follow-up attacks, too.)
Fists of Fury

Fists of Fury

Shattering Team Icon

Epic Shatter Team

Self and allies deal boosted damage against Frozen targets and Lifesteal a % of the damage dealt when attacking Frozen targets.
Jin Lei token 0 Jin Lei
Arc Khakkhara

Arc Khakkara

Veil of Voltage Icon

Epic Veil of Voltage

All allies gain 25% Damage Reduction and gain +1 Energy whenever they deal damage to a shocked enemy. Honorbound allies gain double this effect and chance to shock on CRIT. (This trait replaces the trait 'Veil of Voltage' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Zomm token Lord Zomm
Staff of Horrors

Staff of Horrors

From the Grave Icon

Epic From the Grave

Summons up to 3 Zomminions if there are dead allies at the start of Zomm's turn, and Zomminions can attack right after being summoned. This ability replaces From the Grave III.
The Furnace token 0 The Furnace
Pressure Cooker 2.0

Pressure Cooker 2.0

Dwarven Forged Team Icon

Epic Dwarven Forged Team

Allies gain a 15% damage reduction from attacks. Armored allies gain 15% extra damage reduction. (This trait replaces 'Dwarven Forged Team' when the The Furnace' Epic is unlocked.)
Pontifex token 0 Pontifex Mortis
Skull of Unlimited Power

Skull of Unlimited Power

Arcane Assault Icon

Epic Arcane Assault

All allies deal 25% additional damage. Arcane allies deal 50% damage and gain +1 Energy on kill. (This trait replaces the trait 'Arcane Assault' when the Pontifex' Epic is unlocked.)
Aria token 0 Aria
Staff of the Wind

Staff of the Wind

Acrobatic Technique Icon

Epic Acrobatic Technique

Allies gain 25% reduced damage from melee attacks. Assassin allies gain another 25% damage reduction from melee attacks. Enemies deal 25% less damage when Dazed, Paralysed or Off-balance. Also, Aria's Epic gives a chance to deal 4x damage on a counter. (This trait replaces 'Acrobatic Technique' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Jumbeaux token 0 Jumbeaux
The Racket

The Racket

Rapid Regrowth Icon

Epic Rapid Regrowth

Allies heal at the end of the round for each stack of Growth on this character. Plant allies also heal for each stack of Growth. (This trait replaces 'Rapid Regrowth' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Archon token 0 Archon
Molten Sword

The_Molten Sword

Combat Prowess Icon

Epic Combat Prowess

Allied warriors gain 100% chance to apply Impair debuff on hit (This trait replaces 'Combat Prowess' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Reyla token 0 Reyla the Lightbringer
Sol Caller

Sol Caller

Darting Defense Icon

Epic Darting Defense

All allies take 25% reduced damage from Basic and Epic attacks. Ranged allies gain double this bonus. (This trait replaces 'Darting Defense' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon Dhaegon Stonecrusher


Forgotten Might Icon

Epic Forgotten Might

Allies gain 25% damage penatration. Dwarves gain 10% chaos damage.
Emperor Zulkodd token 0 Emperor Zulkodd
Claws of Madness

Claws of Madness

Scourge Hide Icon

Epic Scourge Hide III

Cleanses 3 Debuffs on all Demon and Fire allies at the start of this Hero's turn.
Malice Token Malice


Abandon All Hope Icon

Abandon All Hope

While this hero is alive, all non-demon enemies lose 1 Energy on each enemy death. Can't be stolen, copied or purged. (This trait is added when the Epic is unlocked.)
Agnon token 0 Agnon
Granite Harbinger

Granite Harbinger

Stone Etcher

Stone Etcher

Boosted Damage (3x) against Stoned (petrified) targets. Stoned targets are statues that have an highly increased DEF stat.
Yan Luo token 0 Yan Luo


Immortal Bond Icon

Epic Immortal Bond

All allies gain 25% Damage Reduction and 20% ATK against Silenced targets. Dark and Honorbound allies gain double this bonus, and gain Shrouded for one turn. (This trait replaces 'Immortal Bond' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Drakk the Warlord token 0 Drakk the Warlord


Unbridled Rage Icon

Epic Unbridled Rage

Self and allied Barbarians are immune to Fear and if they would die, ignores death but grants a shield for a turn (like Ethereal Spirit, HP does not drop below 1). Ignores Shield Piercing & Chaos Damage, happens once per dungeon. (This trait replaces 'Unbridled Rage' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Serenity token 0 Serenity
Spell Eaters

Spell Eaters

Sanctified Spell Absorption Icon

Epic Spell Absorption

Allies take significantly reduced damage from non-physical and Chaos attacks. Assassin allies take even less.
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