Element ineffective

Every Hero and enemy is one of the five Elements in the game. The elements are Nature Nature, Fire Fire, Water Water, Dark Dark and Light Light. They are easily distinguished by the color of their attire or the color of their portraits. Element types not only play an essential part in synergy and elemental passive benefits like Willow's Nature Heart Icon Nature Heart or The Furnace' Legacy of Flame Icon Legacy of Flame, it also provides advantages and disadvantages over other elements.

When starting a fight in the dungeon, you will notice that arrows are either red or green. Red arrows indicate that your hero will deal 25% less damage to that specific enemy. Green arrows indicate that you will deal damage without any modification with elemental types.

Super effective

You will also notice that some enemies will have double green arrows over them. This means that your Hero has an elemental advantage over them and will deal bonus damage. The following have elemental advantages over the second: Nature Nature beats Water Water, Water Water beats Fire Fire, and Fire Fire beats Nature Nature. Dark Dark and Light Light deal additional damage to each other. They will deal an additional 30% damage.

It is important to note that you can not land critical hits (CRIT) on an enemy with an elemental disadvantage. This means Fire Fire can't CRIT Water Water, Nature Nature can't CRIT Fire Fire, and Water Water can't CRIT Nature Nature. But Dark Dark and Light Light can land crits on each other.

Bonus and penalty in battle

The following table gives an overview about the bonus and penalty given when one element fights another. The rows represent the elemental type of damage and the Defending columns represent the hero or the enemy that will recieve the damage. For example, a Fire Fire source dealing damage to another Fire Fire Hero will not gain any benefit and will deal 0% additional damage, wheras the same Fire Fire source dealing it to Nature Nature will deal an additional 30%.










Fire Fire Nature Nature Water Water Light Light Dark Dark
Fire Fire +0% +30% -25% +0% +0%
Nature Nature -25% +0% +30% +0% +0%
Water Water +30% -25% +0% +0% +0%
Light Light +0% +0% +0% +0% +30%
Dark Dark +0% +0% +0% +30% +0


ThaliaPortrait Small Psst! Guess what. Nature Nature Heroes have way more resistance to Poison than the other Elements. Because, you know, green!
Every element has a increased resistance (30%) to the element specific negative status effect (debuff) and an increased resistance (15%) to the opposing element specific debuff, in addition every Hero has a 3% Spirit resistance. Each star ★ that a Hero gains increases the resistance a little bit (about 0.5%, primary element resistance for each star is: ★ = 30%, 2★ and 3★ = 31%, 4★ and 5★ = 32%, 6★ = 33%).

So Fire Fire Heroes resist better Fire. They take less Fire damage and have a better chance to avoid being Burned. They also have some poison resistance because Nature Nature is the opposing element.

Light Light Heroes resist better Lighting and being Shocked but have no increased Disease resistance.

The following table shows the resistances for each Element.

Element Fire Poison Cold Freeze Lightning Disease Spirit
Fire Fire +30% +15% +0% +0% +0% +0% +3%
Nature Nature +0% +30% +15% +15% +0% +0% +3%
Water Water +15% +0% +30% +30% +0% +0% +3%
Light Light +0% +0% +0% +0% +30% +0% +3%
Dark Dark +0% +0% +0% +0% +0% +30% +3%
ThaliaPortrait Small Water Water Heroes have a better chance resisting Frozen and Chilled. You know, cause they are already blue! I made that last part up.
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