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Earth Jewel

Crafted material, tier 1, belongs to the Jewel materials in the game.

How to craft Earth Jewel?

The material Earth Jewel needs various other materials to be crafted. The list on the left shows the ingredient list as displayed in the game. Higher tier materials often require other lesser tier crafted materials which on the other hand require other crafted materials and raw materials. A click on [show/hide] reveals the whole ingredient tree. For tier 2 (and higher) materials the list on the right shows all the needed raw materials to craft the required crafted materials and finally Earth Jewel, including gems and gold.

Materials needed:

Where to get Earth Jewel?

There are no known sources of Earth Jewel.

What is it used for?

The following items need Earth Jewel to crafted or upgraded.

2 Crafted Materials

2x for Ancient Source (Ancient, tier 3)
1x for Elemental Jewel (Elemental, tier 2)

8 Epics

20x for Bovus El Doro (El Matador)
20x for Chief NubNub (Chief Of Staff)
20x for Cruel King Bramble (The Main Clubba)
20x for Hansuke Undying (Dragon Tongue)
20x for Jabber Clenchjaw (Claws of the Lycan)
20x for Lily Blossom (Force of Nature)
20x for Tsume (Howling Saber)
20x for Willow Swift (Swiftwind)

9 Superior Runes

4x for Superior Aegis Rune (Nature)
3x for Superior Battle Rune (Nature)
7x for Superior Corruption Rune (Dark)
4x for Superior Destruction Rune (Nature)
7x for Superior Guardian Rune (Light)
7x for Superior Incineration Rune (Fire)
3x for Superior Life Rune (Nature)
4x for Superior Power Rune (Nature)
7x for Superior Survivor Rune (Water)

9 Greater Runes

5x for Greater Aegis Rune (Nature)
4x for Greater Battle Rune (Nature)
4x for Greater Corruption Rune (Dark)
5x for Greater Destruction Rune (Nature)
4x for Greater Guardian Rune (Light)
4x for Greater Incineration Rune (Fire)
4x for Greater Life Rune (Nature)
5x for Greater Power Rune (Nature)
4x for Greater Survivor Rune (Water)