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Lumin Becomes Legendary!

Lumin the Radiant token 0.png Lumin the Radiant is now joining the Legendary group! He gets increased ATK and Damage Penetration, as well. The Dungeon Boss team thinks Lumin is good enough to be classified as a Legendary. Also, Lumin the Radiant token 0.png Lumin the Radiant gets another trait, Electrostatic Field Icon.pngElectrostatic Field, which used to be only what Alexandros had.

Fast and Slow Trait Rework

Fast and slow trait rework.jpg

The most recent update changed the Fast and the Slow traits that control the hero's Attack Speed.

  • Fast Icon.png Fast heroes now get -20% attack (reduction) and +20% skill boost.
  • Slow Icon.png Slow heroes now get a +25% Defense boost in addition to the previously existing boosts

This can affect the outcome of battles in raids.

Player Survey! (April/May 2020)

Town fountain.png

Boss Fight is running a rewards-focused survey, so please make sure to respond!

The survey contains a few short questions with choices about your preferences regarding event rewards. As in the past, the survey will run for one week and the link will also be available in-game soon.

State of Dungeon Boss (March 2020)

Emoji Brom winks.png

(The following text was posted on the official DB Discord Server by Joel on March 2, 2020)

Logo200.png Joel: "Hey everyone! Here's the much-anticipated 'State of the Game'! When we first had this as a concept, the guild summits weren't as forward-looking as they are now, which is why we had essentially scrapped the concept of a post like this for a while, but it's clear that players wanted a more holistic post from us about the game and our plans for it, so here it is. The things discussed here are ones that will be worked on over the course of the coming year, not necessarily in the immediate future, and things are always subject to change. With that said, we hope you can appreciate and enjoy this glimpse into our plans."

Valentine's Day Event & 100th Hero (Feb 2020)

Frostfire Valentine event.jpg

Heart Icon.png Love is in the air, and so are Dragons! Heart Icon.png

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! February 14, 2020 marks the start of a new event and the release of our 100th hero, Niveous token 0.png Niveous!

This 10 days long event has a Hero Calendar to open a door every day and a special dungeon Tunnel of Love.

Note: The doors will reset and can be opened in any order again if you open them all on day 10.

Player Survey! (January 2020)

Guru thumbsUp.png

On January 27, 2020, there was an official survey done by Boss Fight Entertainment. Here are some stats about your opinions.

Thanks for Your Survey Feedback!

The developers got your feedback and shared it with the players during the Guild Summit (discussion with players). You can read it on Discord or just here:

We won’t go through every single data point, because there were a lot of them, but we’ll talk about a few of the more interesting points.Emoji Brom winks.png

  • Opinions regarding both the most powerful hero, and the one most in need of a rework was very split. This is exciting for the most powerful hero, because it means there isn’t a single, oppressive force (at least not according to overall player perception). It’s a bit trickier for us on the ones in need of a rework, because it’ didn’t quite give us a standout for our next project, but we’ll likely be picking from the top few candidates.
  • Opinions on the strongest families was a bit more decisive, but not overwhelming, with 19.2% of respondents saying they think Dwarves are the most powerful, followed by 17.6% for Assassins, and then 11% for Demons., and things descend from there, with 3 other families getting over 5%, and all families getting at least a handful of votes.
  • Weakest family was much less decisive, with Constructs getting the largest proportion at 11.5%.
  • The top candidates for the next hero to get an Epic had 9% and 8.7% of the vote, so nothing overwhelming, but we’re still looking at those two closer than others. No spoilers to share there. *winks*
  • Similar to the heroes wanted for Epics, there were split opinions on who people want an alternate Skin for. The top candidates had 10.3% and 9.3%.
  • The top 3 Rune requests were Enabler, Tainted, and Healing, in that order.
  • Favorite part of the games was relatively decisive with 31.8% saying events based on Guild cooperation and 24.4% saying campaign.
  • PS: did anyone notice that Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png Emperor Zulkodd wasn't in the list of choices for Epics? Emoji Phenol laughs.png

(That's all we know! Nothing to read more. Sorry, Boss!)

A Very Serene Winterfest (December 20, 2019)

DB holiday card signed.jpg

Bushido.jpg Snow on the ground, colorful lights everywhere, and that wonderful fresh pine scent! It’s Winterfest again!

As with past Winterfests, this event features a whopping two weeks of festivities, with Wreath.png wreath collecting, and a calendar of Gold Key v2.png doors filled with loot!

This event also features the new Legendary Hero Serenity token 0.png Serenity and the exclusive Skin icon.png Hearth Stone Furnace! Skin (in-app purchase).

Wreath.png Event quests, leaderboards, and wreath drops end on Friday, January 3rd at 7:59am (CST time)
Gold Key v2.png Calendar ends on Saturday, January 4th at 7:59am (CST time)
Shop Icon.jpg Event shop closes on Monday, January 6th at 7:59am (CST time)

Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!


Game Update (December 18, 2019)

"Hey everyone. We’ve got one more app-store update for you before the end of the year!

We have some backend changes that will help improve our error tracking and make it easier for us to solve problems as they arise. But that’s not inherently something that you’ll notice as you play, so let’s get to the stuff you will notice.

Portal Summon Gem.png
VIP Exclusive Portal Boost
First off, we’re making a change to the Vip Icon.png VIP 5+ weekly portal boost system that will go into effect next week (today’s VIP portal is not changing mid-day). We are changing the system such that the four heroes that players can choose to have featured on Wednesdays will not be a static set of the four most recent heroes, but a varying selection of four legendary heroes, as well as recently released gold heroes.

This change allows us to give players chances to get great drop rates on more heroes over time, particularly on heroes that were released before the previous version of the VIP portal. That said, we also understand that this change may come as a disappointment to some, and we know that this is the season of giving. So, with this update, we’re giving players something they’ve been requesting for a while.

Star5 Icon.png
Star ascension requirements have been removed. Not reduced. Removed.

Winterfest will be starting on Friday with a new legendary hero that you'll be able to fully ascend at one star. Happy holidays from everyone at Boss Fight." ~Joel (Boss Fight)

Alrakis' Assault (October 15, 2019)

Draconids Celebration.png

To celebrate the arrival of the Draconids, Dungeon Boss started a special event which features unique event dungeons and quests related to those dungeons. By completing Quests and Dungeons players can earn Dark Moons which grant them points on global and daily leaderboards. Available rewards for this event include tokens for Lily Blossom token 0.png Lily Blossom, Reyla token 0.png Reyla the Lightbringer, Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper, Miko the Marvelous token 0.png Miko the Marvelous as well as Heroic Summons.

Alrakis' Assault (October 10, 2019)

Alrakis Assault.png

The new special event features Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper. By completing event quests and dungeons, players can earn event tickets that can be collected to compete on leaderboards and to buy additional loot in the event shop. Among other things, the available rewards include tokens for Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png Emperor Zulkodd, Archon token 0.png Archon and Reyla token 0.png Reyla the Lightbringer, as well as Inhibitor Runes, Heroic Summons and Gems.

Dungeon Dash (October 7, 2019)

Dungeon Dash.png

Its Dungeon Dash again, so Players can earn rewards by completing Dungeons or PvP Raids. There is a Leaderboard for Players as well as a Community-Wide Leaderboard, giving Players the possibility to earn Tokens for Grondar token 0.png Grondar, Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine and Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei as wells as Special Community Runes.

Read on for a list of rewards.

Special Event Token Trials (September 30, 2019)

Token Trials.png

It's time for the Token Trials again. Players can earn rewards by collecting hero tokens, thereby competing on global leaderboards and reaching daily thresholds. Additionally, all tokens collected by the whole player community are accumulated and will provide each player a reward at the end of the event, depending on the number of tokens collected by the community. The event includes several Quests that can be completed to acquire even more hero tokens.

The available rewards include tokens for heros of different quality, e.g. for legendary heroes like Solaris token 0.png Solaris, Lily Blossom token 0.png Lily Blossom, Miko the Marvelous token 0.png Miko the Marvelous, Grondar token 0.png Grondar, Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo, Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei and High King Valkin token 0.png High King Valkin.

Read on for a complete list of rewards and event quests:

New Hero Alrakis Skullkeeper (September 25, 2019)

Alrakis Skullkeeper.png

Meet the newest Hero in the Game, Alrakis Skullkeeper. Beeing the second Dragon in the Game, Alrakis mechanics mainly focus on the new Chaos Damage Type, added with the recently introduced Age of Chaos. He is able to reduce the amount of Chaos damage received and inflict Chaos damage himself. He can also cleanse and apply the Doom debuff, which is going to be a big help when trying to complete the Age of Chaos Dungeons.

See the official announcement here: Hero Spotlight: Alrakis Skullkeeper

Read on for a complete breakdown of Alraki's Skills, Traits, Evolution Costs and Synergie Effects with other Heroes.

Dungeon Dash (September 24, 2019)

Dungeon Dash.png

Its Dungeon Dash again, so Players can earn rewards by completing Dungeons or PvP Raids. There is a Leaderboard for Players as well as a Community-Wide Leaderboard, giving Players the possibility to earn Tokens for Grondar token 0.png Grondar, Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine and Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei as wells as Special Community Runes.

Read on for a list of rewards.

Portal Party (September 10, 2019)

Portal Party.png

With the current Event Players can earn additional rewards by summoning Heroes at the Portal Summon Gem.png Heroic Portal. Each Summon will count as 1 Point on the threshold-based and global player leaderboards. Available Rewards include Tokens for High King Valkin token 0.png High King Valkin, Iris token 0.png Iris and Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo. Probably most mentionable is the possibility to earn Guild Gems Gems Pile.png when finishing as one of the Top 100 Players, thereby rewarding every member of the player's guild an amount of Gems.

Read on for a list of rewards and quests.

Rune Mania is back! (September 3, 2019)

Rune Mania.png

The recurring event Rune Mania has started and offers the players a possibility to craft up to 5 unique Runes by spending collected Event Ticket.png Event Tickets. Players can create the runes by freely choosing the Element, Stats and special passive ability of said Rune. The needed Tickets can be earned by completing several Quests, including a Scavenger hunt and by running or quick looting any kind of Dungeon. Additional Rewards may be earned by competing in global and daily threshold-based leaderboards.

Read on for a list of rewards, quests and solutions to the scavenger hunt.

Happy 4th Anniversary Dungeon Boss! (September 2, 2019)

4th Anniversary.png

Dungeon Boss turns 4 today and celebrates this special Event with some nice rewards that can be acquired by completing related Quests until September 7th. Compete on PvP Battles to earn up to 3500 Gems.png Gems or loot Dungeons to earn Tokens for legendary Heroes Miko the Marvelous token 0.png Miko the Marvelous, Reyla token 0.png Reyla the Lightbringer, Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo, Archon token 0.png Archon, Aria token 0.png Aria and Jumbeaux token 0.png Jumbeaux.

Read on for a full list of Quests.

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