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Doom - Target cannot be healed and not revived. Debuff can't be purged or reflected. Note: It lasts for 3 turns in PvP. In Age Of Chaos dungeons is doesn't expire. Alrakis Skullkeeper can remove it.

Type: debuff - Category: Death, Health, Crowd Control

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Rune.png Dragon Runes can apply doom on Basic Attacks.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Doom:

Draconic Anger Icon.png Draconic Anger (Special Attack): Ranged Spirit attack on all enemies. Enemies who have the Doom debuff receive additional Chaos Damage. All enemies gain the Doom debuff. Starts Powered.
Order from Chaos Icon.png Order from Chaos (Special Attack): Cleanses target ally of the Doom debuff, then heals them. This Hero then does a ranged Dark attack on a random enemy. That enemy gains Doom, a debuff that prevents the target from recovering health or being resurrected for 3 turns.

Epic Heroes with Doom:

Pyre Heart.png Pyre Heart (Epic): Chance to attack all enemies for 2x damage with a chance to apply Superheated and Doom on hit.


Doom ignores all immunities. Even Constructs can suffer from Doom debuff. Though, Foresight Icon.png Foresight can prevent this debuff.