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Diamond Evo.jpg

Evos are used to ascend your Heroes. One Ascension requires few different Evos and varying amounts of each. Single colored Evos can be found in almost every dungeon and almost always appear, whereas double colored Celestial Evos (called Celestial class materials) only appear in select dungeons and have a very low chance of appearing.

The Diamond Evo is needed 60 times to fully ascend all 20 Heroes currently in the game that use this Evo.

You can buy this Evo for 800 gems. On the Ascension tab of the Hero's profile you can tap the Evo to see in which dungeon it is available and to buy it for gems. ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Check out the PWN Shop and Honor Shop for more daily offers! (No gems needed)


If you're lucky you can find this Diamond Evo.jpg Diamond Evo in the following Dungeons. In campaign dungeons Celestial Evos are rare and hard to find. Some Rare Celestial Evos (those for 800 gems) are even harder to find!

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Visit Evo Island to collect these rare and shy beings, Boss!

Chapter Dungeon Name Token(s) Evos
14-8 Emperor's Palace Admiral Kreel token 0.png Light Evo Larva.pngLight Evo.pngLight Evo Monarch.pngDiamond Evo.jpg
17-1 Harrowing Cliffs Ella token 0.png Light Evo.pngLight Evo Monarch.pngDiamond Evo.jpg
Evo Island 1 to 5
(Light.png Light)
Sunbathed Island
(Evo Island on Friday)
Celestial.jpgDiamond Evo.jpgIncendiary.jpgShadow.jpgJewelled.jpgSpirit.jpgSubterranean.jpgValkyrie.jpgLight Evo Larva.pngLight Evo.pngLight Evo Monarch.png
Evo Island 1 to 5
(Water.png Water)
Frostbite Island
(Evo Island on Tuesday)
Caveborn.jpgDiamond Evo.jpgMoonlight.jpgStormwind.jpgBrawny.jpgColdfire.jpgMind's Eye.jpgSpirit.jpgWater Evo Larva.pngWater Evo.pngWater Evo Monarch.png


You can craft Evos in the Craft menu. This Evo can be combined using the following materials:

Water Evo Monarch.png Water Evo Monarch 20
Light Evo Monarch.png Light Evo Monarch 20
Runed.jpg Runed Evo 2
Gold.png Gold 500,000
Gems.png Gems 70

Ascensions used for

This Evo is needed to ascend the following Heroes:

Token Hero Ascension 1 Ascension 2
Alexandros token 2.png Alexandros Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Light Evo Monarch.png x30
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Water Evo.png x45
Augustus the paladin token 2.png Augustus Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Jewelled.jpg x8
Light Evo Monarch.png x15
Nature Evo.png x25
Drakk the Warlord token 2.png Drakk the Warlord Brawny.jpg x8
Diamond Evo.jpg x4
Nature Evo Monarch.png x45
Subterranean.jpg x6
Hagrim Felhorn token 2.png Hagrim Felhorn Dark Evo.png x40
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Nature Evo Monarch.png x33
Icebloom Token 2.png Icebloom Coldfire.jpg x10
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Fire Evo.png x30
Water Evo Monarch.png x35
Jin Lei token 2.png Jin Lei Diamond Evo.jpg x4
Jewelled.jpg x6
Light Evo Monarch.png x45
Stormwind.jpg x8
Koros token 2.png Koros Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Fire Evo.png x42
Moonlight.jpg x8
Nature Evo Monarch.png x30
Nimriel Token 2.png Lady Nimriel Dark Evo.png x44
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Fire Evo Monarch.png x27
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Zomm token 2.png Lord Zomm Dark Evo Monarch.png x36
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Light Evo.png x36
Runed.jpg x8
Lumin the Radiant token 2.png Lumin the Radiant Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Light Evo Monarch.png x40
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Nature Evo.png x25
Miko the Marvelous token 1.png Miko the Marvelous Caveborn.jpg x5
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Nature Evo Monarch.png x20
Water Evo.png x30
Niveous token 2.png Niveous Celestial.jpg x8
Coldfire.jpg x8
Diamond Evo.jpg x8
Spirit.jpg x8
Takumi token 2.png Samurai Takumi Dark Evo.png x45
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Water Evo Monarch.png x29
Daeris token 2.png Shadow Queen Daeris Dark Evo Monarch.png x20
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Fire Evo Monarch.png x18
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Sifu token 2.png Sifu Jianzhi Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Light Evo Monarch.png x31
Runed.jpg x8
Water Evo.png x45
The Furnace token 2.png The Furnace Diamond Evo.jpg x3
Fire Evo Monarch.png x30
Light Evo.png x30
Runed.jpg x8
Thraxx token 2.png Underlord Thraxx Coldfire.jpg x8
Dark Evo Monarch.png x60
Diamond Evo.jpg x5
Nature Evo.png x40
Undine token 2.png Undine Dark Evo.png x40
Diamond Evo.jpg x8
Mind's Eye.jpg x5
Water Evo Monarch.png x60
Zen token 2.png Zen Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Light Evo Monarch.png x17
Mind's Eye.jpg x8
Nature Evo.png x25
Zola token 2.png Zola Dark Evo.png x40
Diamond Evo.jpg x2
Stormwind.jpg x8
Water Evo Monarch.png x35