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Demonfire - Target has reduced DEF and takes Fire damage each turn for 3 turns. Cannot be cleansed.

Type: debuff - Category: Damage over Time, Defense

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Demonfire is very similar the Burned debuff. It deals Fire.png Fire Damage every round, loweres target's Defense stat for the duration, and with the difference to Burned it cannot be Cleanse Icon.png Cleansed.

Demonfire shares most properties with Burned Icon.png Burned. It can be spread, targets can take boosted damage from pyromaniacs, etc. Check out the summary for Burned for details.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Demonfire:

Infernal Inferno Icon.png Infernal Inferno (Special Attack): Shield-Piercing Ranged Fire attack on all enemies that ignores Damage Reduction and inflicts Demonfire Burn on hit (damage over 2 turns, cannot be cleansed).

Demonfire Bite Icon.png Demonfire Bite (Special Attack): Melee Physical Bite attack with a 100% base chance to inflict Demonfire Burn. Gives +1 Energy to all Flying allies.
Infernal Blaze Icon.png Infernal Blaze (Special Attack): Ranged Armor-Piercing Fire attack with 90% splash damage and a 100% base chance to inflict Demonfire Burn. When dealing a death blow, the corpse is removed.
Spitfire Icon.png Demonfire Puff (Basic Attack): A Basic Ranged Spirit attack with a chance to inflict Demonfire Burn on CRIT.

Feel the Burn Icon.png Feel the Burn (Basic Attack): Melee Physical attack against all enemies for [50% ATK] base damage with a chance to apply a random Burn debuff (Burned, Wildfire, Demonfire, or Soulfire burned) to targeted enemy, and [0/50/100]% base chance to apply a random Burn to the rest. The % depends on the rank (I-III) of this trait.

Epic Heroes with Demonfire:

Pressure Cooker 2.0.png Pressure Cooker 2.0 (Epic): Chance to attack all enemies for 2x damage with a chance to apply a random burn (Burned, Wildfire, Demonfire, Soulfire) on all enemies and Wound the target. Deals additional damage based on Pressure.