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The target resist the debuff to be applied.


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Damage Reduction vs Damage Penetration

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Damage Types

In Dungeon Boss attacks can do different damage types. It's basically either physical or caused by magic, often corresponding to the Element of the hero: Known damage types are:

Resisted by Natural



Physical Armored 0% most basic attacks with weapons, claws, and arrows (Swing Icon.png Swing, Swing Icon.png Claw, Swing Icon.png Bite, Bite Icon.png Bite, Shoot Icon.png Shoot)
Nature Magical 0 - 33% debuffs like Poisoned Icon.png Poisoned and Wounded Icon.png Wounded
Water Magical 0 - 33% All attacks of Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring, and some of other Water Heroes
Fire Magical 0 - 33% Fire attacks of Fire Heroes, and debuffs like Burned Icon.png Burned, Wildfire Icon.png Wildfire, etc
Light Magical 0 - 33% a few Special Attacks of Light Heroes
Dark Magical 0 - 33% Attacks of Zomm token.png Lord Zomm and Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo
Lightning Magical 0% Shocked Icon.png Shocked and Special Attacks of Ekko token.png Ekko, Agnon token 0.png Agnon, and Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei
Spirit Magical, Spirit Resistance 0 - 6% most basic attacks with Wand Icon.png Wands used by Arcanes,Casters, Healers, and their Special Attacks
Chi Abs Of Steele,

Titan Skin

0% (can't be resisted) a few Special Attacks of Assassins
Chaos damage Chaos Runes 0-20% by Runes Age of Chaos dungeons, Chaos Runes, Alrakis Skullkeeper

Hero Damage Type Overview

Token Hero Damage Type
Abigail the Brutal Token.png Abigail the Brutal Physical Melee
Admiral Kreel token 2.png Admiral Kreel Physical Melee/Ranged
Agnon token 2.png Agnon Lightning/Physical Melee/Ranged
Alexandros token 2.png Alexandros Physical Melee
Alrakis Skullkeeper token 2.png Alrakis Skullkeeper Chaos/Dark/Spirit Ranged
Emily token 2.png Archangel Emily Physical Melee
Archon token 2.png Archon Physical Melee/Ranged
Aria token 2.png Aria Physical Melee
Augustus the paladin token 2.png Augustus Physical Melee
Balog token 2.png Balog the Loud Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Balur token 2.png Balur Light Ranged
Bauble token 2.png Bauble Physical Melee/Ranged
Black Diamond token 2.png Black Diamond Physical Melee/Ranged
Bovus token 2.png Bovus El Doro Physical Melee
Nubnub token 2.png Chief NubNub Spirit Ranged
Cobressa token 2.png Cobressa Fire/Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Craw token 2.png Craw Dark/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Crucible token 2.png Crucible Fire/Spirit Ranged
Cruel King token 2.png Cruel King Bramble Physical Melee
Dagrund token 2.png Dagrund Blacksmoke Physical Melee
Deadeye token 2.png Deadeye Physical Ranged
Dhaegon token 2.png Dhaegon Stonecrusher Lightning/Physical Melee
Drakk the Warlord token 2.png Drakk the Warlord Physical Melee
Ekko token 2.png Ekko Lightning/Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Ella token 2.png Ella Ametryst Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Ember Sanguine token 2.png Ember Sanguine Fire/Spirit Ranged
Emperor Zulkodd token 2.png Emperor Zulkodd Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Ferno token 2.png Ferno Fire/Nature/Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
General Krexx token 2.png General Krexx Physical Melee
Goretusk token 2.png Goretusk Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Grettle token 2.png Grettle Nature/Spirit Ranged
Grog Gnog token 2.png Grog-Gnog Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Grondar token 2.png Grondar Physical Melee
Hagrim Felhorn token 2.png Hagrim Felhorn Physical Melee
Hansuke Undying token 2.png Hansuke Undying Physical Melee
Harbinger token 2.png Harbinger the Terror ???/Dark/Physical ???/Melee
High King Valkin token 2.png High King Valkin Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Hopper token 2.png Hopper Dark/Physical Melee/Ranged
Icebloom Token 2.png Icebloom Spirit/Water Ranged
Icepick token 2.png Icepick Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Ignus token 2.png Ignus the Mad Fire/Spirit Ranged
Igorok token 2.png IGOROK Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Indigo token 2.png Indigo Physical Ranged
Iris token 2.png Iris Dark/Spirit Ranged
Jabber.png Jabber Clenchjaw Physical Melee
Jibber token 2.png Jibber Clenchjaw Lightning/Physical/Physical ?? Melee/Melee ??
Jin Lei token 2.png Jin Lei Light/Lightning Ranged
Julius token 2.png Julius Physical Melee/Ranged
Jumbeaux token 2.png Jumbeaux Nature/Physical Melee/Ranged
Kai Makani token 2.png Kai Makani Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Kelpy Shells token 2.png Kelpy Shells Water Ranged
Yorick token 2.png King Yorick Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Kobal token 2.png Kobal the Pestilent Dark/Spirit Ranged
Koros token 2.png Koros Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Kozar Bonebreaker token 2.png Kozar Bonebreaker Physical Melee/Ranged
Nimriel Token 2.png Lady Nimriel Physical Ranged
Leonidus token 2.png Leonidus Light/Physical Melee/Ranged
Brom token 2.png Life Reaper Brom Dark/Physical/Spirit Melee
Lily Blossom token 2.png Lily Blossom Spirit Ranged
Zomm token 2.png Lord Zomm Dark Melee/Ranged
Lorelei token 2.png Lorelei Light Ranged
Lumin the Radiant token 2.png Lumin the Radiant Light/Spirit Ranged
Lupina token 2.png Lupina Fire/Physical/Spirit Melee
Malice Token 2.png Malice Physical/Spirit Melee
Mangle jaw token 2.png Mangle Jaw Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Marrow token 2.png Marrow Lightning/Physical Melee/Ranged
Masuta token 2.png Masuta Kira Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Miko the Marvelous token 2.png Miko the Marvelous Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Mire token 2.png Mire Nature/Spirit Ranged
Moriko token 2.png Moriko ???/Elemental/Nature/Physical Melee/Ranged
Nitpick.png Nitpick Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Niveous token 2.png Niveous Chaos/Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Overlord token 2.png Overlord Executum Physical Melee
Phemus token 2.png Phemus Physical Melee/Ranged
Phenol token 2.png Phenol Thoxian Nature/Physical Melee/Ranged
Pignius Maximus Icon.png Pignius Maximus Physical Melee
Pontifex token 2.png Pontifex Mortis Dark/Lightning Ranged
Reyla token 2.png Reyla the Lightbringer Physical/Spirit Ranged
Rocky token 2.png Rocky the Shiitake Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Rogar token 2.png Rogar Stonecrusher Physical Melee
Takumi token 2.png Samurai Takumi Physical/Water Melee
Selwyn token 2.png Selwyn the Enduring Water Ranged
Serenity token 2.png Serenity Physical Melee
Shade token 2.png Shade Spirit Melee/Ranged
Daeris token 2.png Shadow Queen Daeris Physical Ranged
Shadowblade Token 2.png Shadowblade Physical Melee/Ranged
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 2.png Shieldmaiden Astrid Physical Melee/Ranged
Sifu token 2.png Sifu Jianzhi Chi/Physical Melee
William token 2.png Sir William Physical Melee
Solaris token 2.png Solaris Fire/Spirit Ranged
Spitfire token 2.png Spitfire Fire/Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Squinch Token 2.png Squinch Fire/Physical Melee
Stonefist token 2.png Stone Fist Physical Melee/Ranged
Sun Wukong 2.png Sun Wukong Physical/Spirit Melee/Ranged
Sybil token 2.png Sybil Elemental/Nature/Physical Ranged
The Furnace token 2.png The Furnace Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Fiddlestrom token 2.png Therand Fiddlestrom Physical Melee/Ranged
Torchy token 2.png Torchy Fire/Physical Melee/Ranged
Tsume token 2.png Tsume Physical Melee/Ranged
Thraxx token 2.png Underlord Thraxx Physical Melee
Undine token 2.png Undine
Viperia token 2.png Viperia Physical Melee/Ranged
Vulcan token 2.png Vulcan
Willow.png Willow Swift Physical Ranged
Yan Luo token 2.png Yan Luo Dark Ranged
Yasmin token 2.png Yasmin Bloom Spirit Ranged
Yokozuna token 2.png Yokozuna Physical Melee/Ranged
Zen token 2.png Zen Spirit Ranged
Zola token 2.png Zola Physical/Water Melee/Ranged
Zurk token 2.png Zurk Physical Melee


Damage Intensify Burn Icon.png Gauge 4.png (4/9)
1 - harmless, minimal
Lowest damage output, "hits like a wet noodle". This hero can only deal damage with Basic Attacks and has no damage boosting Traits or Buffs. Example: Zen token 0.png Zen (and most other Healers), Yokozuna token 0.png Yokozuna
2 - very low
This hero can deal damage with Basic Attacks and with at least one Special Attack (Ability), or has a Trait or Buff to boost their damage. But the result is usually not impressive. Example: Overlord token 0.png Overlord Executum is a Light Hunter Icon.png Light Hunter, the healer Yasmin token 0.png Yasmin Bloom has PWN Undead Icon.png PWN Undead.
3 - mediocre
This hero can do a lot of damage with Basic Attacks and Special Attacks. But you always think the hero could do better.
Most dedicated Healers and Tanks are in the range 1 - 3.
4 - common / average
A rating of 4 means that the hero has good potential to cause damage. Not bad, but not outstanding either. Example: Rogar token 0.png Rogar Stonecrusher, Warrior, has an AoE attack (Whirlwind Icon.png Whirlwind, a multi-hit attack Skull Cracker Icon.png Skull Cracker, and a team-buffing Rage Strike Icon.png Rage Strike. Sound's good, is good. But drawback is that Rogar can only deal Physical Damage.
Rating 4 and higher is where you find Warriors and Rogues.
5 - superior
a hero with this rating can inflict serious damage. They have a large arsenal of special attacks, damage-boosting and multiplying Traits and/or Buffs, and their Debuffs can deal Damage over Time (DoT). Often they can deal different Damage Types like e.g. Physical and Fire. Example: Squinch token 0.png Squinch can inflict the Burned Icon.png Burned Debuff, deals boosted damage against burned targets with Pyromaniac Icon.png Pyromaniac, and his Cheap Shot Icon.png Cheap Shot multiplies damage for each debuff on the target.
6 - overpowered
This hero has to power to seriously injure or even kill a target with a single atack, or can deal huge damage to a group of enemies.
7 - destructive
This hero has the potential to clear most dungeon rooms on their own, either with powerful AoE attacks, or when on rampage, or doing a lot of revenge / follow-up attacks. Or the hero has the power to kill a target with a single attack.
8 - devastating
This hero not only has powerful Passives and impressive Special attacks, but could have also destructive debuffs that can lead to imminent death, or they could also invite their allies to join a killing spree.
9 - maximum overkill
The hero can wipe out a whole enemy team in a raid on their own. Eats epic bosses for breakfast.