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Event Quests

Event Quests are available during Events and offer the chance to complete different tasks to earn various, great rewards, such a special event Runes, Hero Tokens, Materials, Event Ticket Event Tickets and more. The quests expire when the related event has ended. Event Ticket Event Tickets can be used in the Shop to buy Runes, Materials, Skins and other rewards.

Daily Quests

Daily quests provide a source of Gold Gold, Player Level player level experience, Light Evo Monarch Evos, Honor Icon Honor, Binders and Shards to craft Runes.

Daily quests are listed on Daily tab in the quests window. They are marked with a small clock icon at the left upper corner and are reset at midnight (12:00AM local time). A running countdown at the bottom of the screen displays the remaining time.

Quest Objective Rewards
Call a Friend Use a Friend's Hero Ability in a Dungeon! Player Level +40 Player XP, Heal Potion Icon 1x Health Potion, Energy Potion Icon 1x Energy Potion, Gold 40,000 Gold, Crown 3x Crowns
Shop Smart Purchase 1 Item in any Shop! Player Level +40 Player XP, Light Evo Monarch 1 Light Evo Monarch, Crown 3x Crowns
Catacomb Creep Complete or Quick Loot 3 Crypt Dungeons! Player Level +40 Player XP, Dark Evo Monarch 1 Dark Evo Monarch, Crown 3x Crowns
Wooded Walk Complete or Quick Loot 3 Forest or Dark Forest Dungeons! Player Level +40 Player XP, Nature Evo Monarch 1 Nature Evo Monarch, Crown 3x Crowns
Magma Pool Meander Complete or Quick Loot 3 Fire Dungeons! Player Level +40 Player XP, Fire Evo Monarch 1 Fire Evo Monarch, Crown 3x Crowns
Ice Cavern Climb Complete or Quick Loot 3 Ice Dungeons! Player Level +40 Player XP, Water Evo Monarch 1 Water Evo Monarch, Crown 3x Crowns
Raid Training Attempt 4 PVP Raids! Player Level +40 Player XP, Honor Icon 250x Honor, Raid Ticket Icon 1x Raid Ticket, Gold 40,000 Gold, Crown 3x Crowns
Rune Refiner Upgrade Runes 5 times! Player Level +40 Player XP, Greater Light Binder 2x Rune Binders (various), Crown 3x Crowns
Rune Recycler Salvage 3 Runes! Player Level +40 Player XP, Greater Attack Shard 4x Rune Shards (various), Crown 3x Crowns
Getting Crafty Craft 3 items! (Runes, Evos, Materials, etc.) Player Level +40 Player XP, Greater Light Binder 3x Rune Binders (various), Crown 3x Crowns

Crown Quest

When you have joined a Guild the Daily Quests reward additionally crowns for the weekly Crown Tournament. To collect all Crowns for the Guild all of the above Daily Quest have to be completed.

After finishing all Daily Quests the player can complete the Quest "Guild - Daily Completion", which provides the following rewards:

That is, to collect all 40 crowns you have to complete 10 quests. This automatically completes the 11th quest with the final 10 crowns.


In February, 2019 with the release of New Portal Update (Feb-2019), the Daily Quests have been changed. There are now 10 different tasks that pay out various rewards. Like in the past every day offers the same 10 quests with fixed rewards. The biggest change is the removal of Gems Gems, Leonidus token 0 Leonidus tokens and Magic Tome Magic Tome, but massive increase of Player XP and Gold Gold.

The Daily and Guild Quests were revamped in February, 2018 (Official Announcement). With this update, each day the same Daily Quests would be available and all Daily Quests have to be completed to get the Guild Crown rewards. Before this Update, Guild and Daily Quests where more separated.

Campaign Quests

Beside these Daily Quests there are other long-term quests like the following examples. The list claims not to be complete. Many of these quests are series with increasing requirements and rewards.

Lady Nimriel tokens are only available as quest rewards.

Quest Objective Gems Hammers Gold Player XP Honor Scrolls Others
Expert Summoner Spend 1200 more Gems 12,000 150 2x 400 XP
Champion Summoner Spend 3000 more Gems 30,000 500 1x 1600 XP
Grand Summoner Spend 6000 more Gems 60,000 700 1x 1600 XP
Champion Recruiter I Collect 18 Heroes 29,000 1x 1600 XP
Ultimate Recruiter II Collect 35 Heroes 43,000 1x 5000 XP
Boss Recruiter Collect 40 Heroes 45,000 2x 5000 XP
Veteran Boss Obtain Player Rank 40 200,000 8x Lady Nimriel
Grand Boss Obtain Player Rank 70 500,000 8x Lady Nimriel
Expert Ascender Ascend 4 more Heroes 20 10,000 200
Elite Ascender Ascend 8 more Heroes 40 14,000 350 3x 400 XP
Champion Merchant Spend 4,000,000 more Gold 250 8x Lady Nimriel
Master Merchant Spend 10,000,000 more Gold 500 8x Lady Nimriel
Boss Merchant Spend 30,000,000 more Gold 750 8x Lady Nimriel
Complete Chapters (Series) Complete: Chapter x x times 10,000 8x Lady Nimriel

Unholy Kingdom

Complete: Chapter 9

90,000 8x Lady Nimriel
Dragon Lord Summit Complete: Chapter 16 160,000 8x Lady Nimriel
Veteran Trainer Gain 300 more Hero levels 50,000 200
Elite Trainer Gain 400 more Hero levels 125,000 250
Elite Collector Collect 250 more tokens from Dungeons 125 77 65,000
Master Collector Collect 2000 More Tokens from Dungeons 200 132 200,000 1x Honor Summon
Chapter All Star (Series) 3 Star all the dungeons of a chapter 20-100 3-5x Bovus/3-5x Rocky the Shiitake + 10-30 Quick Loot Keys
Veteran Star Seeker 3 Star 50 Dungeons 1,000,000 4x 5000 XP
Elite Star Seeker 3 Star 100 Dungeons 1,250,000 8x 5000 XP
Novice Hero Master (part of Series) Get 30 Heroes to Level 10 50 40,000
Superior Hero Guide (part of Series) Get 20 Heroes to Level 20 50 90,000
Veteran Hero Guide Get 20 Heroes to Level 30 60 140,000
Expert Hero Handler Get 5 Heroes to Level 50 40 200,000
Champion Hero Handler Get 5 Heroes to Level 60 50 300,000
Hero Advisor (Series) Get 10 Heroes to Level 10/20/30/40/50/60 ?/?/?/?/80/100