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Cleanse - This effect instantly removes 1+ debuff(s) from the target ally.

Type: effect - Category: Status Effect

See also: | Buff Steal Icon.png Buff Steal | Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse | Derision Icon.png Debuff Transfer | Honor Guard Icon.png Parry | Purge Icon.png Purge | Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse (self)

Cleanse is the ability to remove one or more negative status effects, the so called Debuffs, from self and allies. Most Healers have this ability. It happens instantly with an animation. When there are stacked debuffs Cleanse removes the whole stack of that debuff.

A few Heroes have the ability to auto cleanse debuffs from themselves, see Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse (self).

Important: Some hero Abilities have a Heal Ally Icon.png Heal and Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse component, such as

to name a few. The order in which Heal and Cleanse occure is important when the ally suffers from Wounded Icon.png Wounded, Nerve Damage Icon.png Nerve Damage, or Diseased Icon.png Diseased, or a similar heal-blocking debuff.

The following example describes the consequences of the order:

Because Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine trys to heal first, Wounded Icon.png Wounded, Nerve Damage Icon.png Nerve Damage will block the use her Cauterize Icon.png Cauterize and she can't help! In case Diseased Icon.png Diseased she only will heal with half power because of the disease and then remove the debuff. The target will not have full health.

Emily token 0.png Archangel Emily's Cleansing Wave Icon.png Cleansing Wave has the same problem. Wounded Icon.png Wounded will block the use of her Ability for the wounded ally. But she can target any other ally because Cleansing Wave Icon.png Cleansing Wave affects the whole team. (That selected ally must not be Wounded, of course.) If Emily targets a not wounded ally, her team will be healed except the wounded ones. Then the debuff is removed. But the wounded target will not have gained full health!

Yasmin token 0.png Yasmin Bloom can remove 1 or 2 buffs with her Cure Wounds Icon.png Cure Wounds first and then heal. If Wounded Icon.png Wounded (or any other heal blocking debuff) is removed then the target will gain full heal power. The ally can have full health again! (Skill increases the amount of heal.)

Tip: Cleansing Regeneration Icon.png Cleansing Regeneration is a buff that can remove debuffs as well. Derision Icon.png Debuff Transfer is another way to get rid of unwanted debuffs.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Cleanse:

Cleansing Wave Icon.png Cleansing Wave (Special Attack): Recover health split between all allies and cleanses all debuffs on all allies.

Lay on Hands Icon.png Lay on Hands (Special Attack): Cleanses all debuffs and heals an ally. At level 61+, cleanses all debuffs, fully heals an ally, and buffs their DEF.

Craw token 0.png Craw
Nevermore Icon.png Nevermore (Trait): On death, Craw heals all allies and cleanses debuffs on them equal to the number of Souls +1.

Cleansing Aura Icon.png Cleansing Aura (Trait): If the Hero can act at the end of the round, cleanses 1 Debuff on all allies.

Cauterize Icon.png Cauterize (Special Attack): Heals target ally and cleanses all debuffs on them. If targeted on an enemy, ranged fire attack that purges all buffs on hit. On killing blow or targeting a corpse, the corpse is removed. Ignores Taunt when targeting.

Scourge Hide Icon.png Epic Scourge Hide III (Trait): Cleanses 3 Debuffs on all Demon and Fire allies at the start of this Hero's turn. (This trait replaces the trait 'Scourge Hide III' when the Epic is unlocked.)

Cleansing Aura Icon.png Cleansing Aura (Trait): If the Hero can act at the end of the round, cleanses 1 Debuff on all allies.
Growth Swell Icon.png Growth Swell (Special Attack): Ranged Water attack on all enemies. Purges two buffs from enemies, cleanses one debuff from all allies, and Grows allied Plants.
Algae Wash Icon.png Algae Wash (Special Attack): Recovers health split between all allies and cleanses all debuffs. Grows allied Plants and Water allies become Plants. Starts Powered.

Phoenix Rising Icon.png Phoenix Rising (Special Attack): Heals and cleanses all allies, and grants team Phoenix Feather to prevent their corpses from being removed, lasting 3 turns.

Cloud Hop Icon.png Cloud Hop (Special Attack): Melee Spirit attack on all enemies. Applies Tranquility to all allies, gaining increased Dodge Chance and Retaliation on dodge. Snow Day: Cleanses all debuffs on allies.

Shadow Purge Icon.png Shadow Purge (Trait): Purge a debuff on the lowest DEF Hero after each turn. If there are no debuffs on that Hero add 50% +DEF for 3 turns.

Cure Wounds Icon.png Cure Wounds (Special Attack): [One/two] debuff(s) is/are removed from selected target, followed by a heal for [117% SKL]. Upgrading increases the amount healed. Amount of debuffs removed depends on the rank (I/II) of this trait.

Zen token 0.png Zen
Safe Haven Icon.png Safe Haven (Special Attack): Cleanses all debuffs from target ally and grants them Invincibility for 1 turn.

Epic Heroes with Cleanse:

Mire token 0.png Mire
Bog Torch.png Bog Torch (Epic): Chance to do 3x damage, add Foresight, +1 Energy, and cleanse 1 debuff from all allies.

Craw token 0.png Craw
Soulthresher.png Soulthresher (Epic): Chance to attack for 3x damage, cleanse 1 debuff from all allies, and applies Foresight to all allies.

Chroma Bow.png Chroma Bow (Epic): Chance to deal 3x damage and shifts to the target's element. Cleanses all debuffs and gains Chroma Fortify.