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The Champion, a chosen Hero, can be shared with player's friends. The purpose of the champion is to bring in an additional hero to execute a special move and change the tide of battle. The choice which Hero to share can be made in the friend's list. Using a friend's champion in a campaign dungeon battle will reward both you and your friend with one Quick Loot Key.

Friends can be added in a variety of methods. Clicking on the name of the individual through the Chat feature will bring up the option to add that person as a friend. After clicking add friend, the other party has the option to either Accept as a friend or Decline the offer. Once both parties have committed to adding the friend, they will populate in the list of friends available to choose from. Visit Level Progression to find out how many friends could be added onto the list. Visit Shop to check out the VIP benefits for additional friends that be added into the list.

Change Champion.jpg
Friends Icon.png

The shared champion can be modified by accessing the Friend button in the town homepage. Within the Profile tab, clicking 'Change Champion' will bring up your list of available heroes to choose from. 

A friend's Hero can be summoned once a day for free in a dungeon battle by tapping the yellow Hero icon at the right bottom of the dungeon screen. It is the silhouette of the hero against the yellow background. Clicking it will bring up the list of your Friends' heroes. Choosing one will briefly describe the ability of the hero and who it targets. The summoned Hero uses his/her special ability against the Enemies or supports the party, e.g. with a healing buff, etc.

Friends Hero Summon Icon.png

Once a hero is used in a dungeon battle, subsequent summons for another hero within the same battle will cost gems. In addition, Gems are required to summon that same Hero again within 24 hours. This cooldown time reset automatically after 24 hours.

Both players receive a Quick Loot Key when the hero is summoned and used in battle. These Keys are tallied up at the end of the dungeon run, and an in game mail is sent to the owner of the hero to claim their key.

After a friend's hero have been used, that friend stays on your list for at least 24 hours before any changes to their status can be made. During this time, using that same hero again will cost additional gems to use, and the friend cannot be defriended during this period.

Champion Skills

This is the list of available abilities found in the game for shared heroes. Each hero has a unique aspect, and will all provide some benefit in defeating specific bosses and enemies.

Hero Skill Description
Abigail token 0.png
Abigail the Brutal
Furious Charge Icon.png
Furious Charge
Buff team +ATK and does a Melee Physical attack. Self and Barbarian allies gain 2 Rage.
Admiral Kreel token 0.png
Admiral Kreel
Raging Rapids.png
Raging Rapids
Melee Physical attack on target enemy with splash damage, with a chance to inflict Back Splash and 4 Venom stacks on all enemies hit.
Agnon token 0.png
Plummeting Doom Icon.png
Plummeting Doom
Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attack that Dazes the target and deals 5x damage to Tanks and enemies with high DEF.
Shield Slam Icon.png
Shield Slam
Melee Physical attack with a chance to Provoke and knock the target Off-Balanced.
Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png
Alrakis Skullkeeper
Order from Chaos Icon.png
Order from Chaos
Cleanses target ally of the Doom debuff, then heals them. This Hero then does a ranged Dark attack on a random enemy. That enemy gains Doom, a debuff that prevents the target from recovering health or being resurrected for 3 turns.
Emily token 0.png
Archangel Emily
Angelic Resurrection Icon.png
Angelic Resurrection
Bring an ally back from the dead with a % of their HP, [Haste] and 3 [Energy].
Archon token 0.png
Burning Berserk Icon.png
Burning Berserk
Melee Physical attack on target and 3 random enemies that inflicts Soulfire Burn on hit.
Aria token 0.png
Sand in the Eyes Icon.png
Sand in the Eyes
Melee Physical attack that knocks all enemies Off-Balanced. Can't be dodged.
Augustus the paladin token 0.png
Smite Icon.png
Smite I
Melee Physical attack that purges Buffs and deals boosted damage against Demons.
Balog token.png
Balog the Loud
Thunder Shout Icon.png
Cry Havoc
Silencing Ranged Spirit attack on all enemies that Provokes the target. Triggers Dogs of War if on a team with Abigail the Brutal.
Balur token 0.png
Eradicating Firebreath Icon.png
Eradicating Firebreath
Ranged Light Attack on target enemy for [??% ATK] base damage and chance to Sunfire Burn. The attack cannot be mitigated (but dodged and miss).
Bauble token 0.png
Unstable Bomb Icon.png
Unstable Bomb
Ranged Physical Attack on target enemy that applies up to 3 random status effects. Cooldown of this special attack is reduced for each status effect missed.
Black Diamond token 0.png
Black Diamond
Blade Storm Icon.png
Blade Storm
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies.
Bovus token 0.png
Bovus El Doro
Stampede Icon.png
Melee Physical attack on all enemies with a chance to Wound the initial target.
NubNub token 0.png
Chief NubNub
Voodoo Chant Icon.png
Voodoo Chant
Buff team +CRIT, heals the team and recovers HP for the team split over the next 3 turns.
Cobressa token 0.png
Acid Spit.png
Acid Spit
2 Ranged Fire attacks on all enemies with a chance to inflict 4 Venom stacks.
Craw token 0.png
Dark Designs Icon.png
Dark Designs
Ranged Dark attack on all enemies that recovers HP split between all allies and grants the team Foresight.
Crucible token 0.png
Superheated Blaze Icon.png
Superheated Blaze
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies with chance to apply Superheated to all enemies.
Cruel king token.png
Cruel King Bramble
Goblin Dance Party Icon.png
Goblin Dance Party
Buffs team +ATK and +CRIT.
Dagrund token.png
Dagrund Blacksmoke
Energy Rune Icon.png
Energy Rune
Heals self and target ally (healing is doubled if applied on self), and +3 Energy on target ally.
Deadeye token 0.png
Bring it Down Icon.png
Bring It Down!
Ranged physical attack for [85% ATK] base damage that marks the target (mark increases ranged damage dealt to that enemy), and all allies with ranged basic attacks do a follow-up attack against the target.
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon.png
Dhaegon Stonecrusher
Electrified Whirlwind Icon.png
Electrified Whirlwind
Melee Lightning attack on all enemies with a chance to Shock, reduces the first enemy's energy by 1.
Drakk the Warlord token 0.png
Drakk the Warlord
Pillage Icon.png
Melee Physical attack and all allies each attack a random enemy, with a chance to steal Buffs on hit. Rage increases the number of Buffs stolen.
Ekko token.png
Energize Icon.png
Grants the team +2 Energy, Electric Skin, and buffs team +CRIT.
Ella token 0.png
Ella Ametryst
Charm Icon.png
Ranged Physical attack that Charms the target into attacking their allies with Basic Attacks. Target enemy is also Dazed after the Charm effect has expired. The Charm never misses although the damage done can.
Ember Sanguine token 0.png
Ember Sanguine
Fire Mend Icon.png
Fire Mend
Buffs team +ATK, then does a Ranged Fire attack on all enemies that Lifesteals for the team.
Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png
Emperor Zulkodd
Infernal Inferno Icon.png
Infernal Inferno
Shield-Piercing Ranged Fire attack on all enemies that ignores Damage Reduction and inflicts Demonfire Burn on hit (damage over 2 turns, cannot be cleansed).
Ferno token 0.png
Wildfire Breath Icon.png
Wildfire Breath
Armor-Piercing Ranged Fire attack with a chance to inflict Wildfire Burn. Purges all debuffs on Ferno.
General Krexx token 0.png
General Krexx
Tail Strike Icon.png
Tail Strike
Melee Physical attack that Provokes the target and doubles the number of Venom stacks on the target (minimum 2 stacks are applied).
Goretusk token 0.png
Sweeping Charge Icon.png
Sweeping Charge
Melee Physical attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze the initial target for 1 turn, gains Momentum.
Grettle token 0.png
Lil Bunny Icon.png
Lil Bunny
Ranged Nature attack on target enemy for [??% ATK] base damage. Enemy becomes a "Lil Bunny!" for 3 turns. Ignores vigilance and bodyguard effects.
Grog Gnog token 0.png
Strike Icon.png
Melee Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Slow and inflict Choked CRIT (reduces CRIT to 0%). Snow Day: +chance to Frostbite.
Grondar token 0.png
Daunting Gleam Icon.png
Daunting Gleam
3 Melee Physical attacks that lower defense by 25% for 2 turns. Gives allies and self Reflective Plate, a buff that reflects the next debuff on the hero back at the character who tried to apply it. Cannot be copied, purged of stolen. Lasts until consumed.
Hagrim Felhorn token 0.png
Hagrim Felhorn
Buzz Saw Icon.png
Buzz Saw
Melee Physical attack on target enemy with 75% splash damage that inflicts Nerve Damage on hit. Deals 3x damage to Flying and Plant enemies.
Hansuke Undying token 0.png
Hansuke Undying
Iaijutsu Strike Icon.png
Iaijutsu Strike
Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attack with a chance to Wound, and purges Taunt on the target enemy (if any).
Harbinger token 0.png
Harbinger the Terror
Conqueror's Strike Icon.png
Conqueror's Strike
A Melee Dark attack for [??% ATK] base damage on all enemies, with a chance to apply Terror and inflict CRIT Choked for 2 turns.
High King Valkin token 0.png
High King Valkin
To War Artillery Icon.png
To War! (Artillery)
Ranged Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze.
Hopper token 0.png
Just a Taste Icon.png
Just a Taste
Melee Physical Bite attack on all enemies with a chance to Mark the enemy with the most HP. Marked enemies take 2x damage from Bite attacks.
Icebloom token 0.png
Let it Snow Icon.png
Let it Snow
Ranged Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze allies and enemies, allies are Frozen for 1 turn whereas enemies are Frozen for 2 turns. The Frozen Debuff cannot be Dodged.
Icepick token 0.png
Hailstorm Icon.png
Ranged Water attack on all enemies that hits twice, with a chance to Frostbite.
Ignus the Mad
Fire Nova Icon.png
Fire Nova
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies, with Rage adding an additional chance to Burn. Grants team Burning Touch (chance to Burn on Basic attacks).
IGOROK token 0.png
Polar Pounding Icon.png
Polar Pounding
Ranged Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze.
Indigo token.png
Rapid Fire Icon.png
Rapid Fire
3 Ranged Physical attacks on target enemy with a 20% chance of triggering an extra attack each hit, and a chance to Silence each hit. Maximum of 5 attacks, and the duration of Silence can stack each time it is applied.
Iris token 0.png
Eyes of the Beholder Icon.png
Eyes of the Beholder I
Buffs team +ATK, then does a Ranged Dark attack on enemies.
Jabber token 0.png
Jabber Clenchjaw
Beast Mode Icon.png
Beast Mode
Buffs +ATK for self and allied Beasts, then does 4 Melee Physical attacks on target enemy.
Jibber token 0.png
Jibber Clenchjaw
Lightning Fury Icon.png
Lightning Fury
3 Melee Physical attacks on each enemy.
Jin Lei token 0.png
Jin Lei
Storm of the Ancestors Icon.png
Storm of the Ancestors
Shield-piercing ranged lightning attack on all enemies, consumes all stacks of Storm Power, dealing 10% more damage for each Stack of Storm Power. Adds a Buff to all allies that increases their damage to Shocked or Paralyzed targets.
Julius token icon.png
Barrel Toss Icon.png
Barrel Toss
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that inflicts a random Debuff on each enemy hit, then buffs team +DEF.
Jumbeaux token 0.png
Ace Icon.png
Ranged Nature attack on all enemies that Poisons on hit and Grows allied Plants.
Kai Makani token 0.png
Kai Makani
Surf's Up Icon.png
Surf's Up! I
Undodgeable Ranged Water attack on all enemies and causes all AOE attacks to do less damage. Any active Taunt abilies on enemies will be purged.
Kelpy Shells token 0.png
Kelpy Shells
Waterlogged Field Icon.png
Waterlogged Field
Ranged Water attack on all enemies, lifestealing for all allies. Reduces enemy healing and a chance to add Drenched for 3 turns.
Yorick token 0.png
King Yorick
Marked for Death Icon.png
Marked for Death
Marks target enemy, increasing taken damage and reducing healing for all enemies by 50%.
Kobal token.png
Kobal the Pestilent
Pandemic Swarm Icon.png
Pandemic Swarm
Ranged Dark attack on all enemies with a chance to Disease.
Koros token 0.png
Purging Pyre Icon.png
Purging Pyre
Purges 3 Buffs, then does a Ranged Fire attack on all enemies with a chance to Burn. Consuming Burns reduces the cooldown of this ability.
Kozar Bonebreaker token 0.png
Kozar Bonebreaker
Home Run Icon.png
Home Run
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that lowers their DEF.
Nimriel token 0.png
Lady Nimriel
Get Over Here Icon.png
Get Over Here
Ranged Physical attack that deals 2x damage to Flying enemies and Dazes the target.
Leonidus token 0.png
Sun Worship Icon.png
Sun Worship
Ranged Light attack on all enemies with a chance to inflict Magnified Light (takes 2x Light damage).
Brom token.png
Life Reaper Brom
Doom Blade Icon.png
Doom Blade
Melee Dark attack on all enemies that deals unhealable damage.
Lily Blossom token 0.png
Lily Blossom
Sapping Vines Icon.png
Sapping Vines
Ranged Nature attack on all enemies for [40% ATK] base damage and absorbs health for allies, reduces enemy healing, and Grows allies Plants for 3 turns.
Zomm token.png
Lord Zomm
Taste for Brains Icon.png
Taste for Brains
Ranged Dark attack that purges all Buffs, heals self and allied Undead and buffs their Max HP. When dealing a killing blow or targeting an enemy corpse, the corpse is removed.
Lorelei token 0.png
Gift of Flight Icon.png
Gift of Flight
Ranged Light attack on all enemies that grants Flying and heals split between all allies. Knocks enemies Off-Balance and this attack is Undodgeable.
Lumin the Radiant token 0.png
Lumin the Radiant
Radiant Burst Icon.png
Radiant Burst
Ranged Light attack on all enemies with a chance to inflict Magnified Light and Fear.
Lupina token.png
Chaos Howl Icon.png
Chaos Howl
Spirit howl on all enemies with a chance to Fear.
Malice Token.png
Theft of Grace Icon.png
Theft of Grace I
Melee Spirit attack for [150% ATK] base damage, will purge up to [1/2/3] buffs on target and add [1/2/3] elemental buffs to all allies. The number of purged and added buffs depends on the rank (I/II/III) of this special attack. The elemental buffs are I=Hunter, II=Resistance, III=Touch. The elemental buffs will be the same type as the target. Example: If a Dark enemy is attacked the buffs will be: Dark Rancor I, Disease Resistance, and Disease Touch.
Mangle jaw token.png
Mangle Jaw
Hot Coals Icon.png
Hot Coals
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies with a chance to Burn, as well as Slow non-Flying enemies. As long as the coals are present, enemies can Burn on any turn if not immediately after this attack.
Marrow token 0.png
Lure Icon.png
Undodgable Melee Light attack on target enemy that Consumes all Buffs, healing and gaining 1 Energy for each Buff Consumed, and Paralyzes target enemy for 3 turns.
Masuta token 0.png
Masuta Kira
Death Blossom Icon.png
Death Blossom
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that purges 1 buff on hit.
Miko the Marvelous token 0.png
Miko the Marvelous
Chaotic Bounce Icon.png
Chaotic Bounce
Ranged Water attack on target enemy for [??% ATK] base damage with a ball, and then a number of additional attacks (bounces) on random enemies based on Bounce Attack trait. Enemy Heroes take damage and bonus damage based on total hits per Hero. Applies frozen to all enemies hit. If only 1 enemy Hero is alive, bounces will not occur.
Mire token 0.png
Verdant Vitality Icon.png
Verdant Vitality
Recovers health split between all allies, applies Cleansing Regeneration to all allies for 3 turns, and all Spirit allies gain another turn of Ethereal Spirit (shield buff).
Moriko token 0.png
Sapling Siege Icon.png
Sapling Siege
Summons saplings that attack all enemies for [??% ATK] base damage, and lower defense for 2 turns.
Nitpick token 0.png
Meteor Storm Icon.png
Meteor Storm
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies twice with a chance to Burn.
Niveous token 0.png
Cold Summons Icon.png
Cold Summons
Summons a horde of Ice Golems who attack each enemy for [??%] Melee Physical base damage and chance to add Chaos' Bite debuff. Revives any allied Dragons, then replaces dead allies with Ice Golems. Chaos Day modification: powers up minions.
Overlord token 0.png
Overlord Executum
Vigilance2 Icon.png
Enters a defensive stance in which he has a chance to jump in front of any ally being attacked, with a chance to parry and halve the attacker's CRIT.
Phemus token 0.png
Earthquake Icon.png
Undodgeable Ranged Physical attack with splash damage, enemies hit become Off-Balanced.
Phenol token.png
Phenol Thoxian
Jelly Shot Icon.png
Slime Shot
Ranged Nature attack on all enemies with a chance to Poison, and Provokes the initial target.
Pignius token 0.png
Pignius Maximus
Sucker Punch Icon.png
Sucker Punch
Melee Physical attack that deals +100% damage for each Debuff on the target.
Pontifex Mortis
Chaos Storm Icon.png
Chaos Storm
Ranged Dark attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze, Burn, Disease, Wound, or Paralyze.
Reyla token 0.png
Reyla the Lightbringer
Hail of Arrows Icon.png
Hail of Arrows
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that knocks them Off-Balance and purges all buffs.
Rocky token 0.png
Rocky the Shiitake
Spore Cloud Icon.png
Spore Cloud
Grants team Haste, giving a second action and +Dodge Chance.
Rogar token 0.png
Rogar Stonecrusher
Whirlwind Icon.png
Melee Physical attack on all enemies.
Takumi token.png
Samurai Takumi
Frost Katana Icon.png
Frost Katana
Armor-Piercing Melee Water attack on target enemy with splash damage, chance to apply Frostbite on all enemies hit.
Selwyn token 0.png
Selwyn the Enduring
Northern Gale Icon.png
Northern Gale
Ranged Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze.
Serenity token 0.png
Void Assault Icon.png
Void Assault
Melee Physical Attack on each enemy with a chance to Wound and add Null-Magic to each enemy, preventing the next buff on the enemy. This ability is considered single target.
Shade token 0.png
Haunted Past Icon.png
Haunted Past
Ranged Spirit Attack that Haunts the enemy team, with a chance to Fear the initial target (Haunted enemies receive 2x damage from Dark Heroes).
Daeris token 0.png
Shadow Queen Daeris
Purple Rain of Sorrow Icon.png
Purple Rain of Sorrows
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that deals unhealable damage.
Shadowblade token 0.png
From the Shadows Icon.png
From the Shadows
Critical Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attack that purges 1 buff and grants self Evasion.
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 0.png
Shieldmaiden Astrid
Boomerang Shield Icon.png
Boomerang Shield
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that knocks them Off-Balanced, lowering their ATK and increasing their chance to Miss. Damage from this Special Attack increases with each Ascension.
Sifu token.png
Sifu Jianzhi
Feet of Fury Icon.png
Feet of Fury
5 Armor-Piercing Melee Physical attacks on target enemy.
William token.png
Sir William
Bring It On Icon.png
Bring It On
Taunts, forcing all enemies to target this Hero with attacks, buffs DEF, and gains a Pumped Buff (will Revenge all attacks done on him).
Solaris token 0.png
Fire Bird Icon.png
Fire Bird
Ranged Fire attack on all enemies with a chance to Burn, heals all allies and doubles the heal on a killing blow. Snow Day: also purges all Buffs from all enemies.
Spitfire token 0.png
Demonfire Bite Icon.png
Demonfire Bite
Melee Physical Bite attack with a 100% base chance to inflict Demonfire Burn. Gives +1 Energy to all Flying allies.
Squinch token 0.png
Playing with Fire Icon.png
Playing with Fire
Melee Fire attack on all enemies with a chance to Burn, and grants team Pyromania (1.5x damage against Burning targets).
Stonefist token 0.png
Stone Fist
Fist of Justice Icon.png
Fist of Justice
Ranged Physical attack on target with splash damage that Weakens all enemies hit (-ATK and -DEF).
Sun Wukong token 0.png
Sun Wukong
Whirling Staff Icon.png
Whirling Staff
Melee Physical attack on all enemies. Apllies Monkey Business to all allies, preventing the next attack with a Sun Wukong clone and retaliating if the clone survives. Snow Day: Purges a buff from all enemies.
Sybil token 0.png
Tongue Lash Icon.png
Tongue Lash
Ranged Nature attack on all enemies that never misses and can't be dodged. Purges all buffs on each enemy hit and adds one random buff for each purged buff on all allies. These buffs last until this Hero's next turn.
The Furnace token 0.png
The Furnace
Under Pressure Icon.png
Under Pressure
Ranged Fire attack for [150% ATK] base damage at normal Pressure, plus extra damage depending on the Pressure built up. Attack all enemies if Pressure is high.
Fiddlestrom token.png
Therand Fiddlestrom
Thermal Detonator Icon.png
Thermal Detonator
Ranged Physical attack on target enemy, then on all enemies that Dazes the initial target.
Torchy token 0.png
Bat Out of Hell Icon.png
Bat Out of Hell
3 Ranged Fire attacks with a chance to Burn each hit.
Tsume token 0.png
Soul Shred Icon.png
Soul Shred
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies twice that purges 1 Buff on hit.
Thraxx token.png
Underlord Thraxx
Rough Em Up Icon.png
Rough 'Em Up
Melee Physical attack on all enemies for [??% ATK] base damage, each enemy is attacked by a random ally.
Undine token 0.png
Viperia token 0.png
Snakes on the Plains.png
Snakes on the Plains I
[2/3/3] Melee physical attacks on all enemies for [?% ATK] base damage that purges [1/1/2] buffs from each target with a chance to add Venom. The number of attacks and purged buffs depend on the rank (I-III) of this special attack.
Vulcan token 0.png
File:??rage machine??
??rage machine??
??rage machine??
Willow token 0.png
Willow Swift
Sniper Shot Icon.png
Sniper Shot
Critical Armor-Piercing Ranged Physical attack that purges 1 Buff.
Yan Luo token 0.png
Yan Luo
Gloom Cage Icon.png
Gloom Cage
Undodgable Ranged Dark attack that reduces ATK of Melee enemies by 50% for 3 turns and deals 2x damage against Ranged enemies. Reduces target's Dodge Chance to 0% for 3 turns (Caged). The Basic attack of the target determines if it is a Ranged or Melee enemy.
Yasmin token 0.png
Yasmin Bloom
Mend Icon.png
Team Mend
Recovers HP split between the team.
Yokozuna token 0.png
Sumo Stomp Icon.png
Sumo Stomp
Ranged Physical attack on all enemies that Daze on hit, then buffs team +DEF.
Zen token 0.png
Safe Haven Icon.png
Safe Haven
Cleanses all debuffs from target ally and grants them Invincibility for 1 turn.
Zola token 0.png
Icy Glare Icon.png
Icy Glare
Ranged Water attack on all enemies with a chance to Freeze or Stone each target. Purges all Venom on the targets for boosted damage.
Zurk token 0.png
Dragon Punch Icon.png
Dragon Punch
Melee Physical attack that Dazes the target.

Notes and Tips

To encourage other friends to use your champion in battle, choose a popular hero that does a lot of area attacks on the entire enemy party, or a hero that adds a buff to your entire party. In addition, keep it leveled up to your maximum player level.

Acquire a large variety of friend heroes to choose from, so that there is a large arsenal of abilities to strategize with.