ThaliaPortrait Small Spirit creatures aren't part of the physical world. Don't confuse them with the Undead!
Lost Spirit

There is very little known about Spirits except that they are typically immune to spirit attacks from heroes like Chief NubNub and Pontifex Mortis, love to play around with Possession Icon Possessed dead bodies and laugh at every Shocked Icon Shocked (literally) living creature.

All Spirits have the family trait Ethereal Icon Ethereal , immunities, and sneaky Traits like War Incarnate Icon War Incarnate and Dark Shroud Icon Dark Shroud to help them survive as they have generally low HP and DEF but a high damage potential.

The Nature Healer Mire token 0 Mire is the latest spirit hero in the game.

In Dungeon Boss there are also Materials called Primal Spirit Spirits. These resources are used to upgrade Epics and craft Runes.

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