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Attacks last, but ATK, DEF and Max Health are increased by [25%]. Also will revenge Physical attacks. Percentage increases with Skill. (Heroes sharing the same speed trait go in order of positioning, left to right, as chosen at the beginning of the battle. See Attack Speed for details.)

The Slow trait ensures that this hero is the last to attack. Since the Heroes Revamped! update slow heroes get a permanent +25% attack and +25% health boost. With the release of the Challenge Mode the Slow Icon.png Slow trait got an additional effect which adds a chance to retaliate against any physical attacker (Revenge attack). Later the chance was increased from 25% to 100%. Revenge attacks don't work against heroes like Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus due to their Flying in the Face Icon.png Flying in the Face trait. See Retaliation Immune (Effects) for more details.

Slow Enemies in dungeon and boss fights don't have the ATK and Health boost, nor they do revenge attacks. Heroes with the Slowed Icon.png Slowed debuff have it neither. But all heroes in Dungeon Raids and defenders in The Tower of Pwnage have it.

The opposing trait of Slow is Fast. Any hero that is not identified as Fast Icon.png Fast nor Slow Icon.png Slow in their Hero Card is Normal speed. Knowing the order of attack is important when you plan a Dungeon Raid or check out the The Tower of Pwnage.

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG I like to get things done slowly, too!

Boosted damage vs. Slow Heroes

Icon Ability Effect Heroes
Mystical Icon.png Mystical Boosted damage to Tanks and Slow targets. All casters

Defense from Slow Revenge

Icon Ability Effect Heroes
Flying in the Face Icon.png Flying in the Face Cannot be Retaliated against. Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus

The following Heroes that have the Slow trait.

Phemus token 0.png Phemus
Stonefist token 0.png Stone Fist
NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub
Zomm token.png Lord Zomm
Brom token.png Life Reaper Brom
Phenol token 0.png Phenol Thoxian
Pontifex token 0.png Pontifex Mortis Returned*

(*more info can be found on Pontifex Mortis and his reincarnated form.)

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