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Flying creatures and Heroes like Torchy token 0.png Torchy have a 25% or 50% damage reduction from melee attacks. That damage reduction can be increased on Hero's 2nd Ascension to 50% with Flying Icon.png Flying II.

Note: Not every hero in Dungeon Boss who has wings is a Flying hero but those who have the Flying Icon.png Flying trait. Emily token 0.png Archangel Emily and Malice Token.png Malice do not have this trait.

Flying Heroes and Enemies are immune to Mangle jaw token.png Mangle Jaw's Hot Coals Icon.png Hot Coals attack.

Flying Heroes can synergize with each other with abilities like Ferno token 0.png Ferno's Dive Bomb Icon.png Dive Bomband Agnon token 0.png Agnon's Dark Skies Icon.png Dark Skies.

Boosted damage vs Flying

Icon Ability Effect Heroes
Elven Grace Icon.png Elven Grace Takes significantly reduced damage from CRITs and deals 2x damage to Flying enemies. All Elf Heroes:
Willow token 0.png Willow Swift
Nimriel token 0.png Lady Nimriel
Indigo token.png Indigo
Daeris token 0.png Shadow Queen Daeris

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